Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec): Fruitful Opportunities For Lucky Zodiacs!

Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec): Are you interested in getting accurate Tarot card predictions? AstroSage is here with details of accurate weekly tarot predictions to help viewers plan their days appropriately. Tarot Card experts analyze the weekly outcomes of different signs and also suggest accurate remedies to control different situations. Here you will get details of the lucky zodiacs of the week as per Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec).

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List Of Zodiacs According To Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec)


For Aries natives, the week will be rewarding in different ways and across different sectors. There are bright chances of positivity in the love life and there are chances of success in married life. The income levels will be stable but there are also chances of expenses. You will learn to do cost savings gradually and thus add to the overall wealth. 

As per Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec), there are high possibilities of business opportunities that can lead to profits. The health of the natives will remain protected for the entire week despite a few heckles. Leo sign will be the most compatible sign of the Aries zodiac. 

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For Leo natives, it will be the week to make the right strides toward business success & career growth. There will be passion & love in the relationship for the entire week. Get the fruits of your hard work timely and the natives will also get desired outcomes from specific business deals. The decision-making will be positive in the period that will yield positive results. 

The right effort at work will yield a great reputation in the workspace. You will also be hearing admiring words from the surrounding world. The health of Leo natives will be secured according to Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec). The most compatible zodiac sign of Leo will be the Aries sign. 


The Weekly Tarot Predictions 2024 (03 Dec-09 Dec) indicates that the Virgo natives will be successful in their careers. There will be great understanding among the partners for the entire week and there are chances of travel for both. You will be able to earn good profits from investments and the business partners will be able to acquire great deals. 

The health of Virgo natives will remain positive for the entire period. There are hardly any chances of health spending and thus will spend the amount on desirable tasks. The business people will gain profits from different deals and make large accumulation of wealth. The most compatible zodiac will be the Capricorn sign. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, it will be the right time to come out of troubled times. There will be understanding in the relationship and there are chances of traveling with your partner. You can receive a good amount of money from investments and also can accumulate unexpected wealth. The career progression will be in an upward direction and there are chances of salary hike. 

You will get appreciation from your seniors at work and thus get promotions due to your hard work. For business persons, it will be the best time to expand their operations and gain business profits from suitable deals. The health of the natives will remain protected for the entire week. Leo sign will be the most compatible zodiac of Sagittarius people. 

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Q1. What will be the financial outlook of the Capricorn zodiac?

Ans. There can be tensions in your financial life and the natives need to make careful strides across different deals. 

Q2. Will it be a healthy week for the Pisces zodiac?

Ans. There will be mixed results in the health sector for Pisces natives.

Q3. What are the career opportunities this week for Libra people?

Ans. There will be good opportunities for Libra natives this week to make progress in their careers. 

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