Weekly Horoscope November 08 to November 14, 2021: Astrological Predictions!

In this blog on Weekly Horoscope for November 08 to November 14 by AstroSage, we will find out what this week beholds for the natives of different zodiac signs. This article consists of weekly predictions for all the 12 zodiac signs, important fasts and festivals falling during this week, eclipse and transitions of the week, and birthdays of prominent personalities falling in the second week of November. Read the blog further to find out more!

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Astrological Facts and Hindu Panchang of this Week

The calculations as per the Hindu Panchang suggest that the week will start with the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha under the Moola Nakshatra, i.e. on November 08, 2021. The week will end on November 14, 2021, i.e. Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha under the Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

Different fasts and festivals will be observed during the second week of November-

·        November 10, Wednesday- Chhath Puja

·        November 14, Sunday- Devutthana Ekadashi

·        November 14, Sunday- Children’s Day

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Transits of the Week

No transit will take place between November 08 and November 14.

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Eclipse of the Week    

Neither Solar nor Lunar Eclipse will occur in the second week of November.

Birthdays of some prominent personalities falling between November 08 and November 14

  • November 8– Sagarika Ghose (Writer), P.L. Deshpande (Writer), Usha Uthup  (Singer), Lal Krishan Advani (Politician)
  • November 9– Neelam (Actor), Muhammad Iqbal 
  • November 10– Ashutosh Rana  (Actor)
  • November 11– Abdul Kalam Azad (Politician), Talat Aziz (Singer), Mala Sinha (Actor), Jhony Walker (Actor), Robin Uthappa (Cricketer), Bony Kapoor
  • November 12– Amjad Khan (Actor)
  • November 13- Ambika Soni (Politician), Juhi Chawla (Actor), Herman Baweja (Actor)
  • November 14- Jawaharlal Nehru (Politician), Manoj Tiwari (Cricketer), S Karim (Cricketer)

Check out the horoscope of these great personalities.

AstroSage wishes a very happy birthday to all the above-mentioned personalities!

These predictions are based on your moon sign. For a more personalized prediction, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat


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