Weekly Horoscope 10 to 16 April: Find Out If Your Zodiac Will Flourish This Week!

Weekly Horoscope April 2023: April is the month of new beginnings, warmer temperatures, and longer daylight hours. April is also known for its unpredictable weather patterns, from warm and sunny days to chilly and rainy ones. According to Vedic astrology, April is also a time of spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. April is also a time for astrological predictions and forecasts for the year ahead. Vedic astrologers analyze the movement of celestial bodies and make predictions about future events and trends.

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Hence, we are back with another weekly horoscope, this time for the week of April 10th to 16th. We shall learn how the time period from April 10th to April 16th is affecting all 12 zodiac signs through this AstroSage blog. With this horoscope, you will be able to determine what you should and should not do to improve your week.

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Weekly Horoscope April 10th to 16th, 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions And Remedies


For those born under the Aries sign, the period starting from the beginning of the week, i.e. 10 and 11 April, may be somewhat weak. Especially around 1:40 pm on April 10, there may be some concerns and worries. Maintaining good relationships with family is crucial during this time. However, conditions are expected to improve significantly after the 11th. 

The 12th and 13th will prove to be good days, despite possible expenses. Private relationships may be weaker until the early afternoon on the 12th, but the time after that appears promising. The 13th may be stressful and worrisome about offspring. 

The 14th and 15th should bring good results with the potential for success and recognition. However, it is advised to be cautious of flattery during this period. The week will end on April 16 with positive developments on the financial front.

Remedy: The natives of Aries should donate Chana Daal to a temple.


The horoscope for Taurus suggests positive results for the beginning of the week, specifically on April 10 and 11, with happiness coming from meeting loved ones and possible work or business proposals. 

From April 11 afternoon to April 13 evening, caution is advised due to possible health concerns and opponents causing trouble. It is best to avoid travel during this time or use a rented vehicle. 

From April 13 evening to April 15 evening, old problems may be resolved, and tasks related to government administration and personal relationships could be accomplished. Time with loved ones can bring enjoyment and entertainment. However, the last day of the week may be a mix of results.

Remedy: The natives of Taurus should feed milk and rice to older people and seek their blessings.


The horoscope for Gemini indicates a generally good beginning of the week, but caution is advised on April 10th until 1:40 pm due to the Moon being in a low state and influenced by Saturn. The first two days of the week, April 10th and 11th, are expected to bring good results. 

April 12th and 13th are likely to be better than average, with opportunities for success in work and purchases of luxurious items. However, April 14th and 15th may be relatively weak, and it is important to consider family members’ opinions, take care of their health, and avoid financial risks. 

The last day of the week is promising, but hard work may be required to achieve success. Overall, it is advised to continue working harder to achieve the desired results.

Remedy: The natives of Gemini should help the needy in the name of a patriarch or a father figure.

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For Cancer zodiac sign individuals, the week of April 10th to 15th can have mixed results. The start of the week is good for spiritual pursuits and making new friends, but one should be cautious in choosing friends to avoid future pain. Students can achieve success by focusing on their studies. 

From noon on April 11th to the evening of April 13th, seeking guidance from parents and elders will be beneficial, and hard work can lead to success in exams and legal matters. 

From the evening of April 13th to the evening of April 15th, this period is favorable for making good business decisions and family-related matters, especially on April 13th. Overall, the week may bring both positive and negative outcomes, and careful decision-making is advised.

Remedy: The natives of Cancer should promote the spirit of kindness and selflessness and gift stationery material to a poor child.


Leo natives may face some weakness at the beginning of the week, with potential sadness or unnecessary expenses due to the debilitated Moon. It is advised to avoid shortcuts for earning money and not pursue love relationships during this time. 

However, from April 11th to 13th, things will improve and provide opportunities to indulge in hobbies and entertainment, leading to happier times spent with loved ones. This period is also helpful for making significant work successful. 

The evening of April 13th to 15th is favorable for positive results and resolving money and court cases, especially in recovering borrowed money. It is advised to avoid arguments with siblings during this time.

Remedy: The natives of Leo should perform Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva with milk.


Virgos can expect a positive start to the week with good chances of success until the afternoon of April 11. Maintaining self-confidence and avoiding overconfidence can help achieve favorable results and receive good news. This period is also suitable for home decoration. 

From the afternoon of April 11 to the evening of April 13, there may be mixed results, and restraint in speech is advised on April 12 when communicating with family and life partners. The inclination towards religion and spirituality may bring mental peace, and good support is apparent through the father. 

The evening of April 13 to the evening of April 15 may bring good results, including the possibility of profits from different sources, although saving may be challenging. April 14th can bring special achievements, and the last day of the week can provide good results but avoid taking big risks.

Remedy: The natives of Virgo should avoid consuming non-vegetarian items and alcohol. Along with this, they should also donate yellow fruits to a temple.

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Libra signs may experience better-than-average results at the start of the week, but delays or obstacles in work may occur until the afternoon of April 11 due to the debilitated state of the Moon. 

However, the period after this could offer a chance to complete work and make plans. The native may be busy with household and social activities but should avoid inviting criticism. From the afternoon of April 11 until the evening of April 13, confidence and hard work could bring success, with patience being necessary for excellent results. 

The period from the evening of April 13 to the evening of April 15 may be mixed, with emotional behavior toward family members advised against. Balanced decisions and appropriate behavior are recommended during this time.

Remedy: The natives of Libra should offer sweets made of milk in the temple of Goddess Durga.

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The week ahead for Scorpio sign individuals is mixed with both positive and challenging outcomes. The beginning of the week until April 11th afternoon may bring better-than-average results with opportunities for completing work on time and participating in auspicious events. 

However, there may be some unknown fear in your mind, and your health may be weak. The period of April 11th afternoon to April 13th evening will require clear communication and resolution in financial and family matters. The period from April 13th evening to April 15th evening will balance your self-confidence, leading to better task accomplishment and financial matters. 

Despite some challenges, you can overcome them easily. This period can also work towards improving your health. The last day of the week, i.e., April 16th, could be comparatively delicate.

Remedy: The natives of Scorpio should offer water to the roots of a banyan tree regularly.


For the Sagittarius natives, the beginning of the week could be challenging until April 11th afternoon, when self-reliance is important as friends and siblings may not be able to support them due to circumstances. 

From April 11th afternoon to April 13th evening, unexpected outcomes can bring favorable results, and financial matters can be in your favor. It is advisable to avoid being too emotional. 

From April 13th evening to April 15th evening, there is a chance of better results, and being cautious in financial matters and preventing any family issues from escalating by being careful is important. If the issue has any negativity attached to it, you can succeed in preventing it from escalating by being careful and trying to stop the controversy. The last day of the week may prove to be good for you.

Remedy: The natives of Sagittarius should visit a temple regularly and recite Hanuman Chalisa there.

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According to astrology, people with the Capricorn zodiac sign can expect a positive start to the week, with potential benefits in various areas until the afternoon of April 11th. However, the Moon’s debilitation may cause some hesitation in business matters. Investments made prudently could prove profitable. 

The following days until the evening of April 13th could bring relatively weak results, with a lack of physical energy and a possibility of needless errands. Sleep-related problems may arise, but trying to sleep with a calm mind can bring peace. 

From the evening of April 13th to the evening of April 15th, good results can be expected, with success in most matters, including personal relationships. It’s recommended to avoid being too emotional. During this period, office work and personal/family matters may go well. The last day of the week, April 16th, may bring mixed results.

Remedy: The natives of Capricorn should perform Abhishek of Lord Shiva with the water of a holy place.


The natives of Aquarius may experience a favorable week ahead. From now until noon on April 11th, putting in extra effort may lead to achieving desired outcomes, and maintaining good relationships with seniors in the workplace is recommended. Avoid disputes with women to prevent negative consequences. 

From noon on April 11th until the evening of April 13th, there may be favorable results in creative fields, as well as improvements in business and finances. Good news may also come your way. 

However, from the evening of April 13th to the evening of April 15th, it is recommended to avoid activities that could harm your image in society, as opponents may try to exploit your weaknesses. Careful consideration of spending is advised to avoid financial problems. The last day of the week, April 16th, may bring some possibility of being favorable.

Remedy: The natives of Aquarius should visit temples regularly and help cleaning the premises.


According to the horoscope for Pisces, the beginning of the week could be average, and it is recommended to make important business decisions rationally due to the Moon being in a debilitated state. There may also be a need to improve the relationship with the father, but personal relationships could be satisfactory.

From April 11th to 13th, there could be fruitful opportunities to participate in celebrations or festive events, but work pressure may be slightly higher. However, success in work is possible.

From April 13th to 15th, there may be an increase in income, making the person financially stronger. Business deals may also be better, and personal relationships could be cooperative, with time spent enjoying with family members.

The last day of the week, April 16th, may involve unnecessary expenses, but keeping all of these things in mind, it is possible to achieve better results for the week.

Remedy: The natives of Pisces should feed rice grains to fishes.

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