Weekly Horoscope (5-11 September): These Signs Will Win A Lottery!

Let’s find out how the September week will go for the people of the twelve zodiac signs in terms of their love life, careers, education, health, businesses, etc. through this special blog by AstroSage. Which zodiac signs will be fortunate this week, and who will suffer because of bad luck? Who will eventually meet their soulmate and who will have to wait even longer? This blog will expose all of those facts and much more. For your information, our experienced astrologer used Vedic Astrology calculations to compile the comprehensive material in this blog.

In addition to this, if we were to discuss what makes this blog unique, we would say that this weekly horoscope blog will inform you about the forthcoming eclipse, transits, planetary placements, as well as other crucial details about the dates of fasts and festivals. Do you wish to know which famous people were born between 5 and 11 September? If yes, read this blog till the end to get all the information!

To make this week more fortunate, we will also give you some effective remedies. So, let’s get started by understanding all of the important details you need to know about this week.  

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Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang Calculation For This Week

The Hindu Panchang predicts that this week will start on September 5 under the Moola Nakshatra on the Navami Tithi of the Shukla Paksha. It will conclude on September 11 during the Pratipada Tithi of Krishna Paksha, which falls under the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

Let’s now look at the fasts and festivals for the coming week.

Fast And Festivals This Week

8 September, 2022 (Thursday)- Onam, Thiruvonam 

9 September, 2022 (Friday)- Anant Chaturdashi

We wish you happiness and a fresh sense of hope for all these fasts and holidays.

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Eclipse & Transit This Week (September 5- September 11, 2022)

This week, there will be only one transit, Mercury Retrograde In Virgo, and there will be no eclipses. You can learn more about this transit by clicking on the links below.

Mercury Retrograde In Virgo: On Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 8:42 a.m, Mercury will retrograde in Virgo; after that, Mercury will begin moving to its direct path in Virgo on Sunday, October 2, 2022. Now, let us know how this transit will affect each zodiac sign.

Know Your Moon Sign: Moon Sign Calculator

Renowned Personalities Birthdays Falling This Week

5 September – Ram Nath Kovind, Pragyan Ojha

6 September- Hardy Sandhu, Sargun Mehta, Rakesh Roshan

7 September- Mamta Sharma, Radhika Apte, Evan Rachel Wood

8 September- Digvijay Singh, Asha BhosleIndraneil Gupta

9 September- Akshay Kumar, Raj Kundra

10 September- Jack Ma, Karan Mehra, Manish Pandey, Anurag Kashyap

11 September- Eric Abidal, Tulip Joshi

Astrosage wishes a very happy birthday to all these celebrities. If you want to read your Favorite Celebrities Birth Horoscope, then Click Here.

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Weekly Prediction 5 September to 11 September, 2022

This Horoscope Is Based On Moon Sign. To Know Your Moon Sign, Click Here:
Moon Sign Calculator


In the First phase of the week, with Moon in the seventh house, your efforts to refine yourself will have a positive impact on your health and as a result, you will feel………(read more)

Love Life

In the case of love, making any decision by becoming overly excited this week can prove to be harmful for you because of the Sun and  Venus conjunction and Moon in the eight house in midweek. In such a situation,…….(read more)


This week, you will have a lot of extra time left on your hands after work, which you can use to fulfill any hobby that you have long wanted to pursue. Such as: dancing, singing, going on……….(read more)

Love Life

This week, you might be stressed due to several responsibilities at your workplace. At times, this will make you feel frustrated and you will like to spend your time with your lover and get lost in……….(read more)


Regular exercise this week will play an important role in keeping you fit. During this time, there are a couple of changes that will be observed in your health because of the Moon in the eighth house. Time will be……..(read more)

Love Life

For those natives in love, this time will turn out to be very good and bring happiness in your love life as Moon will be transiting in the seventh house. The auspicious position of the planets during….(read more)


As work pressure increases at the workplace, you will feel mental turmoil and anxiety getting to you this week. Due to this, irritability will also appear in your nature. During this week, the unexpected increase………(read more)

Love Life

This week is going to be a special week for exchanging gifts with your loved ones. During this week, you have to understand this very well that by getting angry and nurturing…….(read more)


This week, due to good health, your self confidence will be boosted as the moon is placed in the fourth house. Due to your better health, you will take special care of the health of your family members……..(read more)

Love Life

In terms of love and romance, the week will be normal. Because where single people can fail to find their true love during this time, lovers will be able to make a plan to spend a good time with…………(read more)


To keep yourself fit, you won’t have to struggle a lot during this week. Because this time you will be fortunate. Due to which you will be able to keep yourself healthy, even if you make……..(read more)

Love Life

This week, for your love life, will bring a major improvement in the communication between you and your sweetheart due to Mercury’s aspect on the seventh house. Because of this synergy, you will be able……….(read more)


This week, all the situations will be in your favor from a health point of view and you will be happy to enjoy a good and healthy life. Along with this,  the Moon is transiting in the fourth house, so the elders of this zodiac sign can get…….(read more)

Love Life

During this week, there are chances of some problems hovering in your family. But for the same, avoid taunting your partner for every trivial matter, otherwise your nature can make your lover angry, which will also……(read more)


If you look at your health horoscope, your health will be good this week due to Mars’ aspect in the first house. During this time you will be full of energy and will make every effort to complete your work with efficiency. In such a situation, you have to…….(read more)

Love Life

This week, you will appear very careless about your love & relationships. In such a situation, you will need to remain extremely loyal to your lover, otherwise your relationship may get in……..(read more)


To improve your health, you will need to improve your diet this week. Otherwise you will find yourself suffering from numerous serious diseases, which may cause you trouble. In terms of finances, this week you will have………(read more)

Love Life

According to the love horoscope, mutual understanding between you will remain very good this week and you will also give each other good gifts as the Moon is aspecting the seventh house and fifth house . You can also go for a walk……….(read more)


This week, you need to give rest to your body as you have recently experienced heavy mental stress because of the Moon and Ketu in the tenth house . In this pretext, taking rest will prove to be……….(read more)

Love Life

The week is going to bring some special changes for those who are single as there is a possibility that they might meet a person and fall in love with them. This may happen through the help of society. Therefore, they have to socialize………(read more)


Despite a busy schedule this week, your health will be better than normal. But do not be mistaken by it and assume it to be true. In such a situation, respect your life and health, and adopt a good, balanced routine……..(read more)

Love Life

This week, you will have to avoid raising controversial and old issues of the past in order to keep your relationship intact. Especially when your partner is in a good mood, then you have to…….(read more)


If you were troubled by diseases like acidity, indigestion and arthritis, then this week you will not get relief from these diseases as Moon and Ketu are in the eighth house. However, despite this, you are advised to protect yourself from minor problems……(read more)

Love Life

During this time, Mercury is in the seventh house, therefore, you and your lover will be unable to spend good time with each other, which can lead to distances in your relationship. In such a situation, take some time out of your………(read more)

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