Weekly Horoscope 26 Oct to 1 Nov- Predictions Out!

Know your future for the week as per your zodiac sign. Read this weekly horoscope for the week 26th October to 1st November, 2020 and know how it is going to architect your life.

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We greet you with predictions based on the calculation of Vedic astrology for the week of October 26 to November 1, 2020. Through this weekly forecast prepared by esteemed astrologers, people of all zodiac signs will get information related to their career, finance, business, family, health, love etc. Besides predictions for the week, it also comprises the information related to Teej festivals, planetary movements, birthdays of prominent personalities and remedies for the natives of all twelve zodiac signs. Let us have a glimpse of all the special events of this week i.e October 26 to November 1. 

Astrological Facts and Hindu Panchang of this Week

As per the calculation of Hindu Panchang, this week is going to begin from Dashami Tithi of Shukla Paksha i.e. October 26 and will end on Pratipada Tithi of Krishna Paksha i.e. November 1. If we talk about festivals and fasts, then Durga Visarjan is going to be celebrated on October 26 i.e. Monday. The fast of Papankusha Ekadashi will be observed on October 27 followed by the fasts of Pradosh Vrat on October 28, Wednesday and Ashwin Purnima on October 31, Saturday. We wish you heartiest good wishes on all these festivals. 

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Transit of this Week

If we talk about transits of this week then we come to know that no big planet is going to transit this week. Thus, the transit of the Moon is going to take place in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, and will majorly impact the natives of all zodiac signs.

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Birthday Special

In this very special section of birthday, we apprise you of the names of those great personalities whose birthdays fall in between October 26 to November 1. So, let us know about those who will blow birthday candles this week. Know in detail about Celebrity Horoscope Now.

In the beginning of this week i.e. October 26,  actresses Asin and Raveena Tandon celebrate their birthdays. Anuradha Paudwal, Singer, blows her birthday candles on October 27. The birthdays of director Kunal Kohli and actress Aditi Rao Hydari fall on October 28. Vijendra Singh, boxer, celebrates his birthday on October 29 followed by the birthdays of  actress Annaya Pandey on October 30 and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Nita Ambani on November 1.

AstroSage wishes these great personalities a very happy birthday encourages them to move forward!

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


In the last week of October, the Moon will transit from your eleventh, twelfth and first house.In the starting of the week the moon will be in your eleventh house , which is also known as the house of gains…Read More 

Love Life

The love birds will have a favourable week. You will spend good time with your loved one and your relationship will enhance during this week…Read More 


The Moon will transit from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth house of taurus natives during this week…Read More  

Love Life

The native may face some problems in their love life during this week. You will face difficulty in conveying your concerns to your partner , which will create discrepancies in your relationship. You should discuss in length with each other, to remove your mis-understandings…Read More 


The Moon will transit through ninth, tenth and eleventh house for Gemini natives…Read More  

Love Life

The natives who are in a relationship will have a challenging week. You may get into fights with your lover on petty issues, due to the difference of opinions…Read More 

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The Cancer natives will witness the transit of the Moon from their eighth, ninth and tenth. During the beginning of the week, the Moon will be in your eighth house of uncertainties…Read More

Love Life

The individuals who are in a relationship may face some issues during this week. You will be too occupied with your work, due to which you will not be able to give time to your loved one, which will create distance in your relationship…Read More 


The Moon will transit in your seventh, eighth and ninth house this week. Moon will be in your seventh house at the beginning of the week…Read More 

Love Life

This time won’t be perfect for the natives in a love relationship because a third person can spread negativity in your life…Read More 


The Moon will transit in the sixth, seventh, and eighth house this week. The transit of the Moon in the sixth house will be good for you. During this time, you can get rid of an old chronic disease…Read More  

Love Life

The people of this zodiac who are in a love relationship will maintain a balance in their life. During this time, you can solve many problems in your life together with your partner…Read More

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The Moon will transit in your fifth, sixth and seventh house this week. With the Moon in the fifth house at the beginning of the week, your level of creativity will remain at its peak…Read More    

Love Life

For natives who are in a love relationship, their love life will touch new heights this week. You can impress your beloved with your creativity…Read More 


The Moon will transit in your fourth, fifth and sixth house this week. You can feel confused when the Moon is in your fourth house at the beginning of the week…Read More 

Love Life

The love life of the natives will be favourable this week. If you had a complaint about your beloved in your heart, then it may go away this week. With your partner, you can also spend some romantic moments by the end of the week…Read More  

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The Moon will transit in your third, fourth and fifth house this week and you will get results accordingly…Read More

Love Life

Natives who are in a love relationship can face problems in their love life. You will not understand the behaviour of your partner, nor will they be able to understand yours…Read More 


For the natives of Capricorn, the transit of the Moon will be in the second, third and fourth house this week…Read More 

Love Life

This week for natives in a love relationship lovers will not be the one that they expect. Your beloved may get annoyed with you on small-small things, and you will not be able to understand what to do to calm them down…Read More   


The transit of the Moon for the natives will be in the first, second and third house this week. Starting of the week will be beneficial for you…Read More  

Love Life

This week is favourable for the natives who are in a love relationship. If you want to get married to your beloved, then it would be a good time to talk about it…Read More   


At the beginning of the last week of October, the Moon will be in the twelfth house of Pisces and will then transit in the first and second house…Read More 

Love Life

This week is going to be very good for the natives who are in a love relationship. You can talk for hours with your beloved…Read More  

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