Weekly Horoscope 23-29 May, 2022: Lucky Signs By The Month-End

How will the last week of May be for all the zodiac signs? Who will grow economically? Natives of which zodiac signs will get success in jobs? And which zodiac signs might have to suffer health issues? If you are having the same questions then you are at the right page because in this blog by AstroSage on Weekly Horoscope, the predictions are made on the basis of your questions.

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Along with the weekly horoscope we will also tell you some easy and effective remedies and ways to make your week memorable and fantastic. Besides this, you will come to know about the upcoming festivals, fast, eclipse, transit, and your favorite celebrities’ birthdays this week. 

So, let us move ahead and learn about every important detail related to the last week of this month. 

Astrological Fact and Calculation of Hindu Panchang for This Week

According to the calculation of Hindu Panchang, this week will begin under the Shatabhisha Nakshatra on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha i.e. 23 May 2022, and this week will end under the Kritika Nakshatra on Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishan Paksha i.e. 29th May, 2022.

Now let us take an insight to the upcoming festivals and fast of this week. 

Fasts & Festivals Of The Week

26 May, 2022 Thursday Apara Ekadashi 

27 May, 2022 Friday Pradosh Vrat 

28 May, 2022 Saturday Masik Shivaratri 

We hope that these festivals and fasts will bring prosperity and happiness in your life. 

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Eclipse & Transit (23 May to 29 May, 2022)

If we talk about the eclipse and transit this week, then there will be no eclipse during these 7 days. But in this last week of the month, Venus will transit to Aries. The comprehensive information about this transit is provided below:

Famous Celebrities Birthdays This Week

23 May: Sameer Kochar 

24 May: Rajesh Roshan

25 May: Kunal Khemu, Gulshan Devaiah   

29 May: Pankaj Kapur 

Astrosage wishes a very happy birthday to all these celebrities. If you want to read your Favorite Celebrities Birth Horoscope, then Click Here

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Weekly Horoscope (23 May To  29 May, 2022)

This Horoscope Is Based On Moon Sign. To Know Your Moon Sign, Click Here:
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