Weekly Horoscope 23 – 29 March 2020

We are stepping into the last week of March and like always, AstroSage is here with all the necessary information about the upcoming days of your week.

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Moreover, we seem to get a better idea of our lives if we get a gist of what is going to happen shortly. To make things easier for you, we have brought for you this week’s horoscope, which will help you out thoroughly to put an end to the problems standing in your way.

Through this weekly horoscope of ours, you will get an idea of the changes which are yet to grace the various aspects of your life. Additionally, you can also get access to some interesting remedies so as to dodge the difficulties standing in your way. So, let us get going with the weekly horoscope of 23-29 March.

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Will the cosmic connections favour you this week? Will your finances be stable this week? Questions like these and numerous others have been answered in this special weekly horoscope. The astrological forecast that we have brought forward have a strict basis on Vedic astrology, which is why you can read the predictions and spend welcome this week in a stress free maner.

Queries related to your career, job, love, marital and family life, economic and various others have found a place in our weekly horoscope.

You will not only be granted the vital information, but also the remedies to combat the problems have also been mentioned here. So, without any further delay, let us find out what’s special about your week, but before moving on to that let us take a quick look at the planetary movements and festivals occurring this week.

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This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts

As it is stated by the Hindu Panchang, this week will begin with the Chaturdashi Tithi  of Krishna Paksha (23 March). Meanwhile the end of this week will take place with the Panchami Tithi (March 29) of Shukla Paksha. Also during this week, the festival of Chaitra Amavasya will be celebrated on 24 March. Afterwards, important festivals like Chaitra Navratri , Ugadi , Ghatasthapana , Gudi Padwa will be celebrated on March 25th. Chaitra Navratri begins on 25th March and will come to an end after nine days, i.e. 3rd April.

Planetary Transits this Week

Speaking of planetary transits taking place during this week, then we’ll begin with the Moon’s position. Moon this week will remain posited in the Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus zodiac signs. As the week begins, the Moon’s presence will be witnessed in the Aquarius zodiac signs. Significantly, when the week comes to an end, the planet will be seen in the Taurus zodiac sign. Along with the Moon, two other planets are also transiting this week. First of them is Venus, which will be transiting into Taurus on the 28th of March. On the very next day, Guru or Jupiter will transit to the zodiac sign Capricorn on the 29th of March.

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Birthday Special

In this particular section, we will talk about some special celebrities who will be celebrating their birthdays this week. Let us take a look at their names now.

  • Queen Kangna Ranaut’s birthday on 23rd March.
  • India’s firebrand politician, Smriti Irani’s birthday also falls on 23 March.
  • Emraan Hashmi’s birthday on 24th March.

AstroSage wishes all these celebrities all the very best for their upcoming days.

Let us now get going with the predictions for this week.

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


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