Weekly Horoscope 18 July To 24 July: These Signs Will Be Lucky!

In this AstroSage Weekly Horoscope blog, you will get accurate answers to many questions related to your life, such as which zodiac signs will face ups and downs financially? The natives of which zodiac signs are going to be affected in their professional life? Who will get success in love? How will the students perform in their studies? Also, you will understand the remedies to overcome the negative impact of the planets, which have been provided by our expert astrologers by analyzing the movement and the position of the planets and Nakshatras. With the help of this AstroSage weekly horoscope, you can make the upcoming week better. 

Not only this, but you will also get to know the dates for fast, festivals, eclipses, transits, and birthdates of some celebrities that will fall between 18 July to 24 July. So, let’s move ahead and understand how this week of July will be for our daily life.

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This Week’s Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang Calculations 

According to the Hindu Panchang, this week will start on 18 July, which is Panchmi Tithi of Krishna Paksha based on Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra and will end on 24 July, which is Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna  Paksha based on Rohini Nakshatra.

Details Of Fast And Festivals Falling In This Week:

24 July, 2022 Sunday Kamika Ekadashi 

We hope that all these fasts and festivals bring a new ray of happiness and hope to your life.

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Eclipses & Transits Of This Week (18 July To 24 July, 2022) 

Talking about the eclipses and transits in this week of July, there will be no eclipses and transits  between July 18 and July 24, 2022.

Famous Stars Born This Week 

18 July: Priyanka Chopra, Bhumi Pednekar

19 July: Anaitha Nair

20 July: Naseeruddin Shah, S.J Surya, Gracy Singh 

22 July: Vishal Malhotra, Armaan Malik

23 July: Himesh Reshamiya 

AstroSage wishes all these stars a very happy birthday. If you want to see the birth Horoscope of your favorite star, then click here.

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Weekly Horoscope 18  July to 24  July, 2022

This prediction is based on the Moon sign. To know about your Moon sign, click here: Moon sign calculator.


If you were suffering from any problem, then this week, your health will be fine. Due to Rahu present(read more) 

Love Life

Due to Venus present in the third house with respect to your moon sign as the second house lord, (read more)


You have to find ways to overcome stress for mental peace and thus, you will be able to remain healthy and(read more)

Love Life 

Due to Venus present in the second house with respect to your moon sign as the first house lord(read more)


You will not have to face any challenges regarding health this week. Therefore, adopt yoga, exercise regularly(read more) 

Love Life 

To improve your relationship with your lover this week, you can offer them a sapling. With this, (read more)


Those people who live far away from their home will get some details about the ill health of a close family(read more) 

Love Life 

This week you will miss your sweetheart very much, but he/she will be unable to meet and communicate with.(read more)

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Due to the presence of Saturn in the sixth house as the sixth house lord with respect to your moon sign(read more)

Love Life 

Due to the presence of Venus in the eleventh house as the third and tenth house lord with respect to your moon(read more)


Due to malefic Rahu present in the eighth house with respect to your moon sign(read more)

Love Life 

Due to the auspicious combination of planets, there are chances of love married in the latter part of the(read more) 


This week, performing yoga will prove to be favorable for you for getting physical and mental(read more)

Love Life 

Due to Venus being placed in the ninth house with respect to your moon sign as the first and(read more)


Arguing with someone this week can spoil your good-natured behavior. So to change your mood (read more)

Love Life 

This week, the natives of this zodiac sign will make every effort to express his/her love to his/her(read more)


The natives of this zodiac will have little chance of getting any major disease this week, apart from(read more)

Love Life 

Due to the presence of Venus in the seventh house with respect to your moon sign as the sixth and eleventh house lord (read more)

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This week, habits such as eating highly spicy and fried food can cause you health problems. Due tot (read more)

Love Life 

Due to the presence of Venus in the sixth house as the fifth house lord with respect to your moon sign(read more)


Regular exercise this week will play an important role in keeping you fit. During this time, there are a couple of (read more)

Love Life 

This week you will realize that you are doing many things against your will to please your lover(read more)


This week, you have to exercise in the morning to keep yourself healthy and strong and you need to (read more)

Love Life 

This time will help you strengthen your trust in each other. Because during this time, your(read more)

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