Weekly Horoscope 18-24 May 2020

This week of May brings in useful measures and life predictions for you to read and get prepared. Based on Vedic Astrology, we help you face the future challenges and obstacles by preparing you in advance for what’s coming amid the ongoing world pandemic. Since we all are extremely worried about our future and health, let us know what are the remedies that can help us surpass these difficult times.

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Not only it contains predictions related to your financial life and career, but you get detailed information related to your love and marital life, family life and health. This horoscope helps you make the best of your upcoming week. One of the highlights of this blog is that we have also provided you with effective remedies and solutions, that when put into action, can help you gain momentous success. Apart from predictions for the natives of all twelve zodiac signs, we also provide information about planetary transits, fasts, Hindu festivals, celebrity birthdays and much more. Read your weekly horoscope from May 18 to 24, 2020 and know how this week amid Corona Crisis will turn out for your zodiac sign.

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Hindu Panchang of the Week & Astrological Facts

Hindu Panchang states that the first day of this week of May falls on the Ekadashi tithi (May 18) during Krishna Paksha, whereas the last day will be observed on the Dwitiya Tithi (May 24) during Shukla Paksha. The festival of Apara Ekadashi will be celebrated at the beginning of this week, i.e. on May 18, Monday during Krishna Paksha Ekadashi. On the very next day, i.e. on Krishna Paksha Dwadashi (May 19), Pradosh Fast will be observed.

On the third day of the week, i.e. the Trayodashi (May 20) during Krishna Paksha, the holy festival of Masik Shivratri will be observed with devotion amongst devotees. On the 22nd of this month i.e. on the Amavasya of Krishna Paksha, Jyeshtha Amavasya and Shani Jayanti falls. On this day, Vat Savitri Vrat will also be observed.

Looking at the current circumstances, you are requested to organize any religious activity or ceremony within your own homes with minimum people. At this time, your priority should be your and your family’s health.

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Planetary Transits This Week

Talking about planetary transits taking place this week, the planet Mercury will be transiting in the zodiac sign Gemini on 24th May, Sunday. However, the Moon is changing its placement from one sign to another throughout this week. At the beginning, i.e. on 18 May, Moon remains posited in the zodiac sign Pisces, after which it will enter Aries during midweek, and then finally in Taurus at the end of the week. On 24 May, the planet Moon will be seen placed in Taurus upto 17:34:16.

Birthday Special

In this special segment, we reveal the birthdays of Bollywood stars and other famous personalities whose birthdays fall in this third week of May. Here we go: 

  • May 18: Manushi Chhillar, the winner of Miss World 2017, Indian actress and model 
  • May 19: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, one of the most celebrated actors in Bollywood, Vir Das, Indian Comedian and Actor
  • May 21: Aditya Chopra, respected and famous filmmaker-director and the husband of actress Rani Mukherjee

AstroSage wishes these artists all the best and encourages them to move forward.

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


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