Weekly Horoscope 16-22 January 2023: A Week Of Splendour For These Zodiacs!

You will learn all the finer points in this weekly horoscope blog by AstroSage, and you will be familiar with precise solutions to all your questions. The issues include whether or not you will find love, and how will your financial life be for all zodiac signs. Which work chances will knock on your door or whether you’ll receive a promotion? How will native’s health and marital prospects be? Will their academic aspirations be successful? By accurately and expertly analyzing the planetary movements, our knowledgeable astrologers at AstroSage have created a list of treatments that one can use to alleviate the adverse impacts of the planets. 

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You will learn which fasts and transits will take place from 16th January to 22nd January, thanks to this enlightening blog. In addition to this, you will learn the dates of renowned people’s births and remedies that can help you solve your problems and live a more fulfilling and rich life. So let’s read it all now without further ado!

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Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang For The Week

In accordance with Hindu Panchang, this week will begin under Swati Nakshatra, on the Navami Tithi of Krishna Paksha i.e., 16th January 2023. Similarly, the ending of this week will be under Shravana Nakshatra, on the Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha i.e., 22nd January 2023. 

Fast & Festival Falling During This Week

We truly hope that these fasts and festivities bring prosperity and success into your respective lives!

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Transits Occurring During This Week (16th January to 22nd January 2023)

If we talk about the transits occurring during this week, then we will experience two transits of major planets and Mercury’s retrograde motion.

Saturn Transit In Aquarius: The planet of discipline and structure will transit into its own zodiac sign that is Aquarius on 17th January 2023 at 05:04 pm. 

Mercury Direct In Sagittarius: Mercury, the harbinger of intellect and speech will turn direct into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on 18th January 2023, at 06:18 pm. 

Venus Transit In Aquarius: The planet of love, beauty, and material pleasure will transit into the zodiac sign of Aquarius on 22nd January 2023, at 03:34 pm (afternoon). 

Famous Personalities Born During This Week

16th January: S.Jaipal Reddy, Jagadeesha Suchith

17th January: Sajal Aly, Nakuul Mehta, Calvin Harris

18th January: Vinod Kambli, Jay Mehta, Minissha Lamba

19th January: Pamela Crane, Claudio Marchisio

20th January: Axar Patel, Nick Anderson 

21st January: Sushant Singh Rajput, Master krishnarao Fulambrikar

22nd January: Aswini Kalsekar, Tukaram Sant

AstroSage extends its prosperous and greatest wishes to each of these incredible stars. If you wish to learn more about the horoscopes of famous people, feel free to check that out here!

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Weekly Horoscope for All 12 Zodiac Signs, 16th January–22nd January 2023

The Astrological Predictions Are Based On Your Moon Sign.To Know More About Your Moon Sign- Go To Our Moon Sign Calculator

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