Weekly Horoscope (15-21 August): Horoscope, Festivals, Major Transits Of The Week!

The weekly horoscope provided by AstroSage will provide you with accurate solutions to all of your problems. You will learn about its favorable and unfavorable effects on all zodiac signs’ business, romantic, familial, and other aspects of life. AstroSage will assist you in making the following week even more pleasurable for you.

Additionally, you will discover information about the fast, festival, eclipse, transit, and birthdays of famous people that occur this week (15 August to 21, August 2022). Continue reading this blog if you’re interested in learning what the coming week has in store for you. 

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Astrological Facts & Hindu Panchang Calculation For This Week

As per the Hindu Panchang, this week will begin on Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha, i.e August 15, under the Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, and end on Dashami Tithi of Krishna Paksha, i.e on August 21, under the Mrigashirsha Nakshatra. 

Fast And Festivals This Week

15 August, 2022 Monday: Sankashti Chaturthi

17 August, 2022 Wednesday: Simha Sankranti

19 August, 2022 Friday: Janamashtmi 

We hope this festival will fill your life with endless joy and happiness!

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Eclipse & Transit This Week (15 August- 21 August, 2022) 

When it comes to the eclipse next week, there will be no eclipse this week, but there will be two transits instead. As the Sun will transit in Leo, and Mercury will transit in Virgo. To learn more about these transits, click on the links below.

  • Sun Transit in Leo: The Sun will transit to Leo on 17 August, 2022 Wednesday at 7:14 in the morning.

Know Your Moon Sign: Moon Sign Calculator

Famous Personalities Birthday This Week

15 August, 2022 Monday: Adnan Sami, Rakhee Gulzar

16 August, 2022 Tuesday: Saif Ali Khan, Manisha Koirala, David Dhawan, Arvind Kejriwal

17 August, 2022. Wednesday: Sharat Saxena

20 August, 2022  Saturday: Randeep Hooda

AstroSage wishes a very happy birthday to all these celebrities. If you want to read your Favorite Celebrities Birth Horoscope, then Click Here

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Weekly Horoscope 15 August to 21 August, 2022

This Horoscope Is Based On Moon Sign. To Know Your Moon Sign, Click Here: Moon Sign Calculator


Looking at others’ perspective towards you this week, you may feel that you are quite old now to learn new things. In such a situation,….. (read more).

Love Life

This week, all the personal relationships of the lovers will be sensitive and delicate. This can go on for a long time. So it would be better……(read more)


If you are non vegetarian, then this week you will get rid of the problem of weakness. However, it would be better for that instead of ordering…..(read more)

Love Life

So far, in your life, you were experiencing lack of true love, but now there seems to be some improvement. Because it is possible that……(read more)


This week, a significant increase will be seen in the expenses related to the treatment of households or family. Due to this,……(read more) 

Love Life

From the perspective of love, you will come across the chance of finding peace in your life. Also, you can meet someone special this week. This week will be good……..(read more)


This week, your nature will be seen as a little more vigilant about your health. Because of which you will be seen taking better food than before. So keep your standard of living……(read more)

Love Life

This week, you need to sit with your lover and try to talk about their habits which you feel uncomfortable with. Also, you should…….(read more)


The hard work you had to do in the last week for better health, will prove to bring better results this week. You will be able to get a……..(read more)

Love Life

During this week, you are advised to be cautious in front of your lover while talking to your friends. If possible, avoid such gatherings where……..(read more)


You will feel better this week, physically and mentally. Despite this, do not let the mental stress that comes over dominate you. Because……..(read more) 

Love Life

This week, you have to control yourself and there is no need for you to mention any other person while meeting your love partner. If any……..(read more)


From the health perspective, this week will be slightly lesser than average. So be careful about what you eat, and resort to yoga and exercise in your daily diet, avoiding…..(read more)

Love Life

This week, you will see positive changes in your love life. You can convert your idea of ​​making your loved one your life partner and can talk to them, to which there is a……..(read more)


You should avoid all kinds of travel this week, otherwise you will feel tired and stressed. The negative effect of this will also be seen……(read more)

Love Life

This week, natives who are in love will be able to communicate openly with their lover. Due to this, you will also realize that these things will work in your favor, and……..(read more)


Looking at others’ perspective towards you this week, you may feel that you are quite old now to learn new things. In such a situation, instead of overthinking……..(read more)

Love Life

By spending time with your beloved, you will forget all of your life’s troubles this week. Your soulmate will understand you completely and…….(read more)


If you are suffering from bad health, then this week you will need to work on such things and activities that can improve your health. So…….(read more)

Love Life

All the troubles popping up in love life will go away, because this week, you will be able to resolve every other problem with your partner. Happiness will return……..(read more)


This week, the Mercury quotient in your body can increase. Due to this, you will fall prone to headaches and you will be seen to be unnecessarily angry at……(read more)

Love Life

This week is going to be the most important for single natives since they are required to change their habit of falling in love with someone…….. (read more)


This week, you may feel tired mentally and physically. In such a situation, by taking a little rest and a nutritious diet, raise your energy level…….(read more)

Love Life

If you are thinking of proposing to a friend this week, it will be disadvantageous for you to do so. Because this will not only spoil the relationship of……(read more)

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