Weekly Horoscope 13 – 19 April 2020

Which possible changes can the stars and planetary positions endorse this week. Additionally, find out which areas of your life should be paid attention to. Check out the predictions for 13 -19 April now!! 

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As the panic and the fear is gripping the minds of many, our weekly horoscope blog is here to help you breathe a sense of relief. With the help of this, you will not be able to keep track of your upcoming days, but also be able to keep the problems at bay. I am sure this is not a great time for any of us. So, the least we can do right now is to stay safe at home and wish the best for everyone. 

On this note, I would like to talk about the latest weekly forecast of AstroSage, which is determined to keep you safe, happy and relaxed. 

Our weekly horoscope contains the predictions for all the twelve zodiac signs to make your upcoming week more auspicious, with lesser problems. This forecast has a strong basis on Vedic astrology, which will help you to acquire notifications about the different arenas of your life. 

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For example, you can easily acquire updates about your health as that is the priority right now and also help you learn about your finances, academics, career, domestic life , marriage and the other important stuff.  

If any possible difficulties or problems have chances of ruining your  week, then we will provide you with some effective remedies to take care of them. So, without possible delays, let us get going with the weekly predictions and the forecast,but before that let us  take a quick look at the major festivals, events and planetary transits taking place during the course of this week

This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts 

According to the Hindu Panchang, the beginning of this week is taking place with the Sasthi date of Krishna Paksha i.e. April 13 and the week will come to an end with the Dwadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha i.e. April 19. The festival of Mesh Sankranti and Solar New Year (April 13) will be celebrated at the very beginning of this week i.e. on the Sashti Tithi of Krishna Paksha. After this, the festival of Baruthini / Varuthini Ekadashi (18 April) will be celebrated on the Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha on the weekend. 

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Planetary Transits this Week

If we talk about the planetary movements and transits taking place during this week, then the Moon’s position is what comes to our mind at first. So, the planet Moon will remain posited in the Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces signs and keep influencing the lives of natives. Moving on, the planet Sun will also be seen changing zodiac signs. 

It will move out of Pisces only to take a nest in the zodiac sign which comes under the Lordship of its friend, Mars and the sign is Aries. This transit will take place on the 13th of April. So, these are the two planets which will govern your week and be responsible for numerous changes in your life. 

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Celebrity Birthday Special 

This special section consists of the list of some favourite B- Town Celebrities, who will be seen blowing their birthday candles this week. Let us take a look at it

  • At the week’s beginning, Rajeshwari Sachdev’s birthday on 13th April. 
  • On 15th April – Mandira Bedi and Raghu Ram’s birthday. 
  • 16th April – Lara Dutta and Narayani Shastri’s birthday. 
  • 17th April – Siddharth Narayan’s birthday. 
  • 18th April – Poonam Dhillon
  • At the weekend, Arshad Warsi’s birthday is on 19th April. 

AstroSage wishes everyone all the very best for the upcoming days of the above mentioned celebrities. 

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


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