Weekly Horoscope 10 – 16 August: Predictions Out Now!!

Once again, AstroSage brings to you the latest weekly horoscope for the second week of August. This horoscope forecast is based on zodiac signs and it is designed by our renowned astrologers. Now, if you are worried about your future and have any specific question related to anything, which is going on in your mind, then you can click here and take the necessary advice from our expert astrologers.

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After reading this weekly horoscope, you will get ideas and solutions to make your upcoming seven days better. This piece of information is given on the basis of movement of the Moon and other planets wherein we are giving you information on all aspects associated with the lives of all 12 zodiacs. 

Along with this, you will get all the information about local happenings that are going to take place in the coming week. Therefore, without any further delay, let us get going with the latest weekly predictions for August 10 to August 16, 2020.

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Astrological Facts along with Hindu Panchang

According to the calculation of Hindu Panchang, this week is going to begin with the Sashti Tithi (August 10) of Krishna Paksha and end on the Dwadashi Tithi (16 August) of Krishna Paksha. Among all the other fast and festivals, Janmashtami is going to be celebrated on Wednesday, i.e. August 12. People across the world celebrate Krishna’s birth anniversary with all religious beliefs and fervors. Independence Day is going to be celebrated on Saturday, i.e. August 15 along with observance of Aaja Ekadashi fast. August 16, Sunday is Pradosh Vrat and Singh Sankranti. We wish the readers all the very best wishes for this festive week!

Transits of this Week

If we look at planetary transits, then two big planets are going through a transitory period on August 16, Sunday. First, it is Mars in Aries and second Sun is in Leo. However, both these transits are happening on the last day of the week, therefore the effect of the relocation of these planets is going to be observed in the coming week. Besides this, the impact of the transit of the Moon will affect people of all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Birthday Special

In this birthday special segment, we will disclose the names of all Bollywood stars and Dignitaries whose birthday falls this week. Let’s see which celebrity birthday falls between August 10 to August 16. At the beginning of this week, it is the birthday of the famous actress  Jacqueline Fernandes. The renowned yesteryear actress of Bollywood, Vejayanti Mala celebrates her birthday on August 13 i.e. in the same week. Further, the famous singer, Sunidhi Chauhan celebrates her birthday on August 14 and followed by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Actor Saif Ali Khan’s birthday on August 16. AstroSage wishes all these personalities a very happy birthday and prays for their prosperous life ahead. 

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


During this week of August, the Moon will be moving through the ascendant, second and third house for the Aries natives…Read More

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This week is going to bring favourable results for the love birds born under the sign of the Ram as the Moon, which represents feelings and emotions will be aspected by Jupiter throughout this week…Read More


The Moon will be transiting through your twelfth, first and second houses this week. The start of the week will bring some promising news for Taurus natives looking for foreign gains and settlements, but only after necessary efforts and hard work...Read More

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The love birds under the sign of the Bull are likely to get mixed results during this week. The start of the week will be good, and as we approach towards the last phase, the aspect of Mars on both the Moon and Venus may make things complicated…..Read More 


Gemini natives will see the Moon transiting through their eleventh, twelfth and ascendant house this week….Read More 

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Love horoscope

The natives born under the sign of the Twins are likely to find favourable results in the matters pertaining to love and romance….Read More 


The natives born under the sign of the Crab are likely to host the luminary planet Moon in their tenth, eleventh and twelfth house through the course of the week….Read More 

Love Horoscope

Cancer natives will find this week favourable in matters pertaining to love and romance. The Moon, ascendant lord of your sign in an exalted state, will make you more playful in relationships…Read More 


The luminary planet Moon will be taking its nest in your ninth house at the start of the week and then move forward to your tenth and eleventh houses by the end of the week…Read More 

Love Horoscope

The position of the fifth house lord Jupiter in its own sign and in mutual aspect with Venus indicates that you will be full of creativity during this week, this will help you to keep the passion alive in the relationship…..Read More 


The natives born under the sign of the Maiden will see the Moon transiting in their eighth, ninth and tenth houses throughout the week respectively….Read More 

Love Horoscope

For the maximum part of the week, the Moon, which is the lord of emotions and sentiments and Venus, the lord of love and romance, is under the benefic influence of Jupiter…Read More   

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The Venus governed Libra sign will host the luminary planet Moon in the seventh, eighth and ninth house through this week….Read More 

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Natives born under the sign of the Scales are likely to get favourable results during the week….Read More


The planet of emotions and sentiments Moon will be transiting through sixth, seventh and eighth house for the Scorpio natives…..Read More   

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This week is going to bring mixed results for love birds born under the sign of Scorpio. The position of your ascendant Mars in the water sign makes you passionate and intense in your relationships….Read More  

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Sagittarians will host the Moon in their fifth, sixth and seventh house throughout this week….Read More

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For single natives, the position of the Rahu in your seventh house with Venus indicates that you may get many proposals in this duration from people with different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups….Read More  


Capricorn natives will see the Moon positioned in your fourth, fifth and sixth house throughout the week respectively….Read More 

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The lord of emotions Moon in the fifth house will make you sensual, caring, tender and romantic in relationships….Read More   


Son of Sage Atri the Moon will be transiting through your third, fourth and fifth house throughout this week. The start of the week will be on a positive note for the Aquarius natives as the Moon will pass through their third house, which represents courage, adventure and exploration….Read More  

Love Horoscope

Aquarians are likely to get desired results in matters pertaining to love and romance during this week. The position of Rahu and Venus in your fifth house and the aspect of Jupiter on it will make you a diehard romantic, unconventional and innovative in love…..Read More 


Pisceans will see the Moon positioned in their second, third and fourth house through this week. Pisceans will start this week with great aplomb as the Moon will be positioned in their second house of accumulated wealth, family and savings….Read More 

Love Horoscope

Love birds born under the sign of the fish are likely to find auspicious results in love matters. The position of the fifth lord in exalted condition and the aspect of the benefic planet Jupiter on it makes you adaptable and flexible in your relationships…..Read More 

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