Weekly Horoscope (1-7 August): Know Predictions, Festivals, & 2 Major Transits Of The Week!

Weekly Horoscope 01 August to 07 August, 2022 by AstroSage is an insightful blog curated especially for the natives of 12 zodiac signs. As we all know, the eighth month of 2022 is here, which comprises many prominent Hindu fasts and festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Naag Panchami, etc. But do you know that besides this, there are many planetary movements that impact your life and bring life altering changes? If you are also curious about these planetary movements falling during this week, this blog is for you. 

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Here, we are not only providing you with a weekly horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs, but also with planetary transits, retrograde, combust, etc., along with prominent fasts and festivals falling between August 01 and August 07. Let us tell you that this blog has been prepared by our learned astrologer and consists of every information you need to know about this week!

Let us begin by understanding the Hindu Panchang for this week.

Hindu Panchang & Astrological Facts For This Week

According to the Hindu Panchang, the first week of August 2022 will begin on the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha, under the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, i.e. 01 August. The week will end on the Dashami Tithi of Shukla Paksha, under the Anuradha Nakshatra, i.e. on 07 August. 

Fasts & Festivals Falling This Week

Only one prominent festival will be held during this week i.e. Naag Panchami 2022. To know more about this festival, like its auspicious timings, Puja Vidhi, etc., click here.

We hope this festival will fill your life with endless joy and happiness!

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Transits & Eclipses During The First Week Of August (01-07 August)

There will be 6 total transits taking place in August 2022, out of which, 2 will fall during the first week of August.

  1. Mercury Transit In Leo: Mercury, the benefactor of communication, speech, and sharp intellect, will transit in Leo on the first day of August, i.e. August 1, 2022. The timing for this transit will be 3:38 am.
  2. Venus Transit In Cancer: Venus, the governor of love and material pleasure, will enter the sign of Cancer on the last day of this week, i.e. 07 August, 2022. The timing for this transit will be 05:12 am.

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However, there will be neither Solar, nor Lunar Eclipse during this week of August 2022.

List Of Some Famous Personalities Born Between 01-07 August, 2022

1 August: Ira Dubey, Mrunal Thakur

2 August: Chetna Pandey, Ruslan Mumtaaz

3 August: Manish Paul, Sunil Grover

4 August: Arbaaz Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj     

5 August: Genelia D’souza

6 August: Swaroop Khan, Abhishek Kapoor

7 August: Akriti Kakkar, Sachin Joshi

AstroSage wishes all these stars a very happy birthday. If you want to see the birth Horoscope of your favorite star, then click here.

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Weekly Horoscope (01-07 August, 2022) For 12 Zodiac Signs 

This prediction is based on the Moon sign. To know about your Moon sign, click here: Moon sign calculator.

Weekly Horoscope (01-07 August 2022) For 12 Zodiac Signs 

This prediction is based on the Moon sign. To know about your Moon sign, click here: Moon sign calculator.


It will be better for your health if you avoid alcohol this week because the Moon will be in your sixth house at the beginning of the week.(read more) 

Love Life

Your love life will be fulfilling this week as a result of the Moon’s entry into your seventh house through your fifth house and (read more)


Mercury and the Moon will combine in your fourth house at the beginning of the week. Therefore, stress could have a negative(read more)

Love Life

Earlier this week, Venus was in your second house, which may have provided you with some favorable signs if you are still single(read more)


In terms of health, you can overcome many of your problems by doing pranayama in this time period. Because the moon will(read more) 

Love Life

You might experience some issues with romantic relationships at the beginning of this week due to Venus’ placement in your(read more)


In the beginning of the week, due to the presence of the Moon in your second house, this week, you may be able to get rid(read more)

Love Life

Due to the adverse circumstances going on in your workplace, this week you will appear to be excessively sensitive with(read more)

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Due to your poor health, you might notice a lot of lack of confidence at the beginning of this week with the Moon in your(read more)

Love Life

This week, your casual joking with your partner in front of others could make things worse. Because at the beginning(read more)


In the beginning, due to the presence of the Moon in your house, you will feel less energetic this week than you do every(read more) 

Love Life

This week will prove to be the best week for your love life. Because Venus will be moving from your tenth house(read more)


You will have to make many important decisions this week, due to which you may face stress and anxiety because the Moon(read more)

Love Life

This week will prove to be very favorable for you from the perspective of love. Because in the beginning, Venus will be in you(read more)


In the beginning, the Moon’s position in your tenth house is crucial for you from a health point of view as you will not face problems (read more)

Love Life

This week, there may be a lack of energy, freshness and enjoyment in the romantic life of some people in terms of love. Because(read more)


This week, alcohol consumption will be hazardous to your health. Because it will interfere with your sleep, you can deprive yourself(read more)

Love Life

If you have feelings of love and affection for someone and have been facing problems expressing the same for a long time, then you (read more)

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Do not ignore your health this week, and avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. The Moon being in your eighth house in the(read more)

Love Life

This time period will bring luck in your love life. Because during the beginning of this week, Venus will aspect your 12th house(read more)


Those who have a bad habit of alcohol and smoking, they will try to abandon their habits by following the advice of some elders. In (read more)

Love Life

n the beginning of this week, Venus will be in its fifth house and it is possible that a person of opposite sex might express their love(read more)


To improve your health, you will need to improve your diet this week. Otherwise you will find yourself suffering from numerous(read more)

Love Life

In the beginning of this week, Venus will be in your fourth house and then it will enter to your fifth house from August 7(read more)

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