Wednesday Remedies To Appease Lord Ganesha & Eliminate Budh Dosha

As you all are aware that Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesh, who takes away all our miseries and offers prosperity. This is why he is also given the title of the God of Riddhi-Siddhi or Affluence & Accomplishment. In case someone suffers from any illness, impoverishment, or distress, worshipping Lord Ganesha devotedly will be beneficial for them in order to get rid of such troubles. Through this blog, we have shed light on some remedies to be done on Wednesday by which you can appease Lord Ganesh, seek his blessings, and get rid of all the miseries prevalent in your life. Along with it, we are describing the tips to eliminate Budh Dosha as well.

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Attain Happiness in Life By Doing These Wednesday Remedies

  • To get rid of the obstacles and challenges occurring in life, offer Vermilion or Sindoor to Lord Ganesha. By doing this, all the troubles and difficulties in your life will fade away.
  • By going to the Lord Ganesha’s temple and venerating him, one attains prosperity in life.
  • You can attain beneficial results by offering Durva (green grass) to Lord Ganesha
  • If you have any desire in your heart, then visit any Ganesha temple on Wednesday and offer jaggery to the Lord. Doing so will definitely fulfill your wishes.
  • In order to get rid of obstacles popping up in the workspace and professional life, wear Ganesh Rudraksha. This will prove to be a great help in getting rid of all these challenges.
  • If students wish to succeed in the exam and score good marks, then they can offer Moong Ladoos to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • Feed green fodder to a cow on Wednesday, to gain success in various aspects of your life.

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Among all the navagrahas, the planet Mercury is considered to be the benefactor of skin, intelligence, and communication. Although it is considered to be an auspicious planet in Vedic Astrology, but it can also go the other way around with inauspicious effects when in conjunction with malefic planets. In case Mercury is in an inflicted state in one’s kundli, then such a native suffers from skin-related diseases, problems in writing, inability to concentrate and focus etc. In case you too, are suffering from these ominous effects of Mercury, following the below-mentioned remedies will be beneficial for you:

  • One can get rid of Budh Dosh by offering Modak or sweets to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • By wearing the Emerald gemstone on the little finger, one can get rid of the dosha inflicted by Mercury. However, before wearing this, it is advised that you seek astrological consultation.
  • To eliminate Budh Dosha, offer eleven bundles or knots of Durva at a Ganesha temple. Doing this will appease Lord Ganesha and you’ll gain his blessings.
  • It is beneficial to chant the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram early in the morning to eliminate Budh Dosha.
  • If you are undergoing the Mahadasha of Mercury, then installing or wearing Budh Yantra seems to be an advantageous remedy.
  • Pacify planet Mercury by gifting your sister something which desires or likes.
  • Along with this, wearing green colour on Wednesday also helps in pacifying Mercury and attaining prosperity in life.

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We hope that these Wednesday remedies will prove to be useful for you. Thank you for staying connected with AstroSage.


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