Debilitated Moon In Kundli: Know Its Impact & Remedies

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The fear of diseases and illnesses robs all kinds of material comforts from a person’s life. Mainly if we talk about the current situation and the second wave of the Pandemic, then surely every person is scared to their core.

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So let us tell you with the help of astrology in this time of crisis that, what can be some of the minor or biggest diseases caused by the amalgamation of the inauspicious effects of the planet Moon, which is called the benefactor of mind in one’s horoscope. Apart from discussing this, we will also let you know of ways to strengthen the lunar planet. You can also click here to know in detail about the impact of the planet Moon on your life from our expert astrologers.

“यातीति एकतो अस्त शिखरं पतिरोषधीनाम आविषकृतो अरुण पुरः सरः एकतो अर्कः.

तेजो द्वयस्य युगपद व्यसनोदयाभ्याम लोको नियम्यदिव आत्म दशांतरेषु.”

yātīti ekato asta śikharaṃ patiroṣadhīnāma āviṣakṛto aruṇa puraḥ saraḥ ekato arkaḥ.

tejo dvayasya yugapada vyasanodayābhyāma loko niyamyadiva ātma daśāṃtareṣu.”

Astrology holds great importance in human life. Everyone wishes to lead a life full of comfort and luxury, but at times, inauspicious placements of planets can state otherwise. Weak or debilitated placement of a planet can lead to several health-related troubles in the life of a native. Some of the main reasons why anyone falls sick can be irregular routine and unbalanced eating habits. But many times neither the doctor nor the person himself/herself can understand the cause of bad health or diagnose it. Astrology and planets can be one of the main reasons behind such sufferings, and their Mahadasha and Antaradha can majorly affect the lives of natives.

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Impact of Weak Moon In A Kundli

When the planet Moon becomes weak or is negatively aspected by any malefic planet in a native’s kundli, his/her mental peace is adversely affected, and he/she faces a downfall in comfort and luxuries. The Moon becomes powerless when being posited in the Scorpio zodiac sign. In addition to this, it can become weak due to its inauspicious placement in the horoscope and the influence of malefic planets.

The strong influence of the inauspicious Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope can weaken the Moon badly and make the native suffer from Mental Diseases, Insomnia and Restlessness. This can result in native suffering from sleeping problems. At times, such a situation can lead to natives facing problems in the areas under the dominance of the planet Moon.

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How Does The Planet Moon Become Weak?

  • When the Air Element within the house becomes polluted, the planet Moon is expected to become weak.
  • If the placement of water within the house is polluted, the planet Moon is expected to deliver inauspicious results.
  • Insulting your ancestors and not performing Shradh can weaken the Moon.
  • The planet Moon offers inauspicious results when a native gets into an argument with his/her mother or insults her.
  • If the Water Element in the body is contaminated, the Moon in a kundli becomes weak.
  • Family disputes and fraud also gives rise to a weak Moon.
  • The Moon offers inauspicious results when either placed with Rahu, Ketu and Shani or being aspected by any of them.

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Diseases Caused By Weak Moon

Today, we will talk about the planet Moon and diseases arising from its weak and inauspicious placement. Some of the illnesses are Heart and Lung Diseases, Left Eye Disorders, Insomnia, Asthma, Diarrhea, Anemia, Hemorrhage, Water-related or Deficiency Diseases, Vomiting, Kidney Related Diseases, Diabetes, Dropsy, Appendicitis, Phlegm Diseases, Urethritis, Mouth-related Diseases, Nasal Diseases, Jaundice, Mental Diseases etc. 

Riddance from any disease is attained only after when the Dasha-Antardasha of the significator planet comes to end. Apart from this, when the Dasha-Antardasha of the Lagnesh in a kundli begins and the Dasha-Antardasha-Pratyantardasha of the significator planet begins, one is expected to get rid of such illnesses and diseases.

The planet Saturn, along with Moon, becomes the main cause behind the bad health. This is because the planet Shani stretches the time of suffering for any native. Also, when the planet Rahu and Moon comes together, the diseases may remain undiagnosed for a relatively long period.

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Remedies To Strengthen Moon

If the Moon is inauspiciously placed in the horoscope, it affects both the mind and heart. On this note, here are some remedies you must perform:

  • To get rid of the inauspicious impact of the Moon, the native must take a dip in a holy river or reservoir.
  • Another remedy is that the native must sleep in a place serenaded with the moonlight.
  • To get rid of the malefic effects of the Moon, the native suffering must use the itra or perfume of Jasmine.
  • Recite the Durga Saptashati Path.
  • Natives must establish Parad Shivling within your house and worship it regularly to get rid of the malefic effects of the Moon.
  • Stay away from the colour Green, and throw coins in the river for the betterment of children. Use silver utensils to drink water or milk.

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