Vyatipata Yoga on 31st May: Disaster Ahead For These 4 Zodiacs!

Vyatipata Yoga 2023: Vyatipata Yoga is the 17th Yoga out of all the 27 yogas. It is an inauspicious yoga and is said to bring negativity, misery, illness and bad fortune to the people if any new work is started on this day. Vyatipata Yoga is ruled by Rudra. Mahurat, as we all are aware, holds great importance in Vedic astrology and in the Hindu religion as well and all auspicious tasks are done only after taking into account the kind of yoga or mahurat forming on a particular day.

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This Yoga is considered unfavorable as it can bring various challenges and hurdles in a person’s life. All four Ghatis of Vyatipata yoga are considered inauspicious from the start. Its effect can be described as a potent danger or disaster, a calamity. Vyatipāta. An astronomical phenomenon when the sum of the longitudes of the Sun and the Moon amounts to half a circle.

Vyatipata Yoga: These Zodiacs May Suffer The Most

Aries: Aries natives may lose money or be cheated by someone close. You could face a financial crunch or your mother could be ill and it could be a cause of trouble for you. Even in case of any minor issues seek medical help as precaution.Take financial matters very seriously. There is a possibility of theft as well. Your home environment could be disturbed.Get Best Career

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Cancer: Cancer natives may face issues at their workplace. So much so that they may end up getting fired from their jobs. They could be dragged into office politics and could earn a bad name and reputation amongst their peers. They may not be able to leave a good impression on their authorities or bosses. Cancers could also feel stuck in their jobs or may face a lot of ups and downs in their careers.

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Virgo: The Virgo natives may experience losses in business and may also encounter fights, conflicts and arguments with family which may disturb the home environment and disrupt your mental peace. Financial losses or theft could be encountered. You may encounter the ugly side of someone from your social networks. Be wary and do not sign any business deal or any important papers on this day as you may be cheated. Your investors in business may cheat you or cancel a deal with you or your company. 

Scorpio: Scorpio natives must be careful of how you interact with others during this yoga as your enemies may also try to over power you. Letting your anger out of control may result in losses, so much so that you may even end up getting in trouble with your authorities at work and in extreme cases one could even lose their job. Refrain from any kind of investment during this yoga. This yoga may also result in ill health or injury for you and disrupt your mental peace. 

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Vyatipata Yoga: Impactful Remedies

  • Offer prayers to lord Shiva and chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’
  • Donate clothes to the poor
  • Feed the poor or donate food to the needy
  • Recite the Bajrang Baan and offer prayers to Hanuman ji
  • Perform pranayama or yoga to bring in mental peace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Vyatipata is an inauspicious yoga?

Yes, it is an inauspicious yoga which brings in disaster and sorrow.

Which deity rules this yoga

Rudra rules Vyatipata Yoga.

Does this yoga impact the health of an individual negatively?

Yes, this may bring in injuries and accidents.

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