Vrishabha Sankranti 2023; Remedies To Recieve Brilliant Outcomes!

Vrishabha Sankranti 2023: The transit of the father planet Sun from one zodiac sign to another is known as Sankranti. Under this situation, when Sun is leaving the zodiac sign of Aries and will transit into the zodiac sign of Taurus, that will be known and celebrated as Vrishabha Sankranti. So, through this blog, we will give you all the relevant information related to Vrishabha Sankranti 2023 including the significance of this day, and the remedies one can indulge in. The auspicious day of Vrishabha Sankranti will be celebrated on 15th May 2023 as the planet Sun will leave its exalted zodiac sign which is Aries and will transit in the second zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle, Taurus

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Vrishabha Sankranti 2023: Tithi And Punya Kaal

Vrishabha Sankranti Tithi: 15th May 2023

Punya Kaal: From 5:31 am to 11:48 am. 

Maha Punya Kaal: From 9:42 am to 11:48 am. 

Vrishabha Sankranti Dates Of Upcoming Years

Below-mentioned list provides you the dates of the upcoming Vrishabha Sankrantis. 

                                Years                      Day And Date
202315th May 2023, Monday
2024 14th May 2024, Tuesday
2025 15th May 2025,  Thursday
2026 15th May 2026, Friday
2027 15th May 2027, Saturday
2028 14th May 2028, Sunday

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The Significance Of Vrishabha Sankranti 

In Hinduism, Sankranti takes a very prominent place. It is believed that if on this auspicious day one does Tarpan, donation for ancestors and takes religious baths, etc, then that individual receives immense blessings. In astrology, the father planet Sun is considered to be the soul of the world and without the Sun life on Earth cannot be imagined. When the Sun is situated in a strengthened position in one’s horoscope then that person attains reputation in the society and also receives all kinds of happiness in life. 

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Vrishabha Sankranti 2023: Worship Methods

On the day of Vrishabha Sankranti special rules of worship and fasting have been explained. Individuals on this day must indulge in fasting, donations, and charity according to their allowances. By doing this one receives fortune and fame in their life. On the day of Vrishabha Sankranti one must worship the Rudra form of Lord Shiva and the Sun with complete and proper worship methods. After waking early in the morning one must offer Arghya to the Sun. By doing this, the graceful blessings of Lord Suryanarayan will always remain in your life and the ill effects caused by the Sun will be removed from your horoscope. 

If we talk about this day’s importance, then on this day the father planet Sun leaves its exalted zodiac sign, Aries and enters the zodiac sign of Taurus. The Sun on this day stays in Rohini Nakshatra for 15 days and for the first nine days it gives off intense heat. This is the reason why the first nine days are intensely heated. Due to the orbit of the Sun, these nine days are also called Navtapa, and this is the reason why the donation of water under such conditions is considered highly significant. If you want, you can install a drinking bowl outside of your house at this time, and arrange water for those in need; this will be a very auspicious thing to do. 

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Importance Of Donation On Vrishabha Sankranti

Donations on the day of Vrishabha Sankranti are given high prominence. On this auspicious day you can donate cows, sesame, land, jaggery, clothes, gold, honey, silver, salt, matki, and muskmelon etc. Apart from these things, one can also donate items that would help people find relief from the intense heat such as umbrellas, water bottles, pots etc. You can also install a water cooler. By doing these donations you will always attain the blessings of the Sun and all troubles will get eliminated from your life. 

Did You Know?

Vrishabha Sankranti is celebrated in different parts of India and is recognized by different names. In South India it is known as Vrishabha Sankraman and according to the Tamil Calendar it marks the start of Vaigasee season. According to the Solar Calendar, it marks the start of a new season as well. In the Malayalam Calendar it is known as Edam Masam, in the Bengali Calendar it is called Jyotto Mash and in Odisha it is recognized as Brash Sankranti. 

Attain Surya’s Graces With These Special Remedies!

  • Stay away from activities that are amative in nature and try to sleep on the floor as much as possible. 
  • Give donations to needy people. 
  • Worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and the Sun. 
  • Do Tarpan for the peace of your ancestors. 
  • Donate a cow, or donate essential items for the cow in a cow shelter. 

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Nautapa On Vrishabha Sankranti 

As we have discussed above, during Vrishabha Sankranti the Sun comes and stays in Rohini Nakshatra for 15 days. In the first nine days the atmosphere receives intense heat and it is known as Nautapa. If rain and cool winds don’t come in those nine days then it is said that the upcoming days will receive abundant rain. 

Global Effects Of Vrishabha Sankranti

  • The government benefits during Vrishabha Sankranti.
  • Stability and wealth comes in the country and lives of people.
  • The health of people gets better. 
  • International harmony increases and grains stock rises. 

Immense Benefits For 4 Blessed Zodiac Signs!


From Vrishabha Sankranti the natives of Cancer are going to receive the most benefits. During this time, all your work will be completed, you will get in touch with new people, and from such contacts you will gain definite benefits. Love will increase between you and your partner and in career you will gain favorable outcomes and promotion as well. You will also have financial  gains and your health will stay in the best shape. All-in-all Sun Transit in Taurus will give you benefits from all sides!


The father planet Sun, is the ruling lord of the zodiac sign of Leo and the period of this Sankranti is going to be pious and beneficial for you. With Vrishabha Sankranti strength will be there in your life, and those natives who are searching for a job will receive positive news. Working natives in their careers will receive a big position and you will also attain big benefits from the government as well. Fame and fortune will rise, and financial gains will be therefore you, Leo natives. Apart from this, your health will stay optimum as well!


For Virgo natives this period of Vrishabha Sankranti is going to be beneficial as well. During this period, you will indulge yourself in work related to religion and spirituality and your reputation will increase as well. You will go on pilgrimage and natives living overseas will also receive a lot of beneficial outcomes. Working natives could get a transfer, and this period will be ideal for pursuing higher studies. 


The last zodiac sign for which the period of Vrishabha Sankranti will be favorable is Pisces. During this period, you will get favorable outcomes in your career, and you will develop a new passion for writing. You will be honest regarding your work, and your money will increase as well. Your concentration will rise and you will travel in this period. Those travels that are done for business will give you benefits. For Pisces students, this period will be favorable and natives will enjoy a great time with their partners as their relations will be fabulous! 

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We hope that this Vrishabha Sankranti brings prosperity and peace to all your lives; thank you for visiting AstroSage!


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