Vivah Panchami : Know the Pujan Vidhi, Shubh Muhurat & Associated Legends!

Lord Rama and Mata Sita got married during Margashirsha month’s Shukla Paksha. After this, the tradition of celebrating this day as the festival of Shri Ram Vivah has been followed. This day is also known as Vivah Panchami at certain places.

Whereas, on one side, Lord Rama is considered to be an epitome of consciousness, on the other, Mata Sita is considered to be the symbol of power. In this pretext, the union of  power and consciousness makes this day highly auspicious. A person who arranges the marriage of Lord Rama and Mata Sita, gets blessed with all desires of his/her life on this very day. 

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Date and Muhurat of Vivah Panchami

Vivah Panchami on Saturday, December 19, 2020

Panchami Tithi Begins – 02:22 PM on Dec 18, 2020

Panchami Tithi Ends – 02:14 PM on Dec 19, 2020

How to Arrange the Marriage of Lord Shri Ram and Mata Sita?

  • Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and take an oath to arrange the marriage of Mata Sita and Lord Shri Ram.
  • After a bath, arrange the program of marriage.
  • Install the idol of Lord Shri Ram and Mata Sita.
  • Adorn Lord Shri Rama with yellow clothes and Mata Sita with red clothes.
  • Further, recite the Path of Bala Kanda in the wedding affair before the idol and also, recite ओम जानकी वल्लाभय नमः / oma jānakī vallābhaya namaḥ.
  • Tie the knot of Mata Sita and Lord Shri Ram and perform the Aarti.
  • Lastly, keep all the knotted clothes along with you forever. 

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Benefits Which Can Be Attained on the Day of Vivah Panchami

  • If hindrances crop up in one’s wedding, the same will get eradicated on the day of  Vivah Panchami. 
  • In addition to this, a person is blessed with the most desired fruit of his/her life.
  • If problems are occurring in a married life, the worship of this can fix the same. 
  • All the hindrances pertaining to marriage do vanish with the worship of the joint form of Lord Shri Ram and Mata Sita on this day. 
  • Further, reciting the Path of Bala Kanda in the wedding affair before the idol, holds high significance.
  • Besides this, reciting the path of Ramcharitmanas makes the family life blissful.

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Remedy for an Early Wedding

If you wish to marry in the soonest possible time, some rituals have been prescribed owing to which, the hurdles will vanish and thus, the marriages are arranged. Wear yellow colour clothes on this very day. Recite couplets or Mantras with the rosary of Tulsi or sandalwood (Chandan). After the recitation, pray for the earliest wedding or married life. 

Recite the following couplets given below:

प्रमुदित मुनिन्ह भावँरीं फेरीं। नेगसहित सब रीति निवेरीं॥ राम सीय सिर सेंदुर देहीं। सोभा कहि न जाति बिधि केहीं॥

पानिग्रहन जब कीन्ह महेसा। हियँ हरषे तब सकल सुरेसा॥ बेदमन्त्र मुनिबर उच्चरहीं। जय जय जय संकर सुर करहीं॥

सुनु सिय सत्य असीस हमारी। पूजिहि मन कामना तुम्हारी॥ नारद बचन सदा सुचि साचा। सो बरु मिलिहि जाहिं मनु राचा॥

pramudita muninha bhāvam̐rīṃ pherīṃ। negasahita saba rīti niverīṃ॥ rāma sīya sira seṃdura dehīṃ। sobhā kahi na jāti bidhi kehīṃ॥

pānigrahana jaba kīnha mahesā। hiyam̐ haraṣe taba sakala suresā॥ bedamantra munibara uccarahīṃ। jaya jaya jaya saṃkara sura karahīṃ॥

sunu siya satya asīsa hamārī। pūjihi mana kāmanā tumhārī॥ nārada bacana sadā suci sācā। so baru milihi jāhiṃ manu rācā॥

Along with this, if you call a new couple at home and respect them, it is considered to be highly auspicious. Serve them with food and give a gift as per your financial ability and take their blessings. There are possibilities of marriages to take place in the soonest possible time. 

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Legends Associated with Vivah Panchmi

It is believed that King Janaka got Mata Sita from the earth. Once, King Janaka was ploughing the field and all of a sudden, he found a girl crying. He brought the girl home and started looking after her. She was named as Sita and she is also known by the name of Janak Nandini.

It is said that Mata Sita lifted the bow of Lord Shiva and after which, king Janaka decided that whosoever god would lift the same i.e. Dhanush, he would arrange the marriage of his daughter with the same god. After this, no god could lift the same besides Lord Shri Rama.

The Swayamvar of Mata Sita was arranged and prince(s) from far off places came but nobody could lift the bow (Dhanush). At the end, King Janaka got upset and asked, “Is nobody capable of marrying my daughter?”

Then, Maharishi Vashistha asked Lord Rama to place the arrow on Shiva’s Dhanush. Obeying the orders of Guru, he tried to do the same but Dhanush got broken and thus, Mata Sita got married to Lord Rama.

Vivah/Marriage not to be Performed on this Panchmi 

Although Vivah Panchmi holds immeasurable significance in the realm of Hinduism, you will be surprised to know that marriages are not arranged on this very day. This thing is highly considered in Mithilanchal and Nepal as the tradition of not arranging marriages has been followed over the years. 

The belief stated behind this that the married life of Mata Sita was extremely painful and therefore, people avoid marrying on the day of Vivah Panchami. After the exile of 14 years, Lord Shri Rama sacrificed pregnant Mata Sita and she never had the privilege of becoming a queen and therefore, marriages are not arranged on this very day. 

There is a belief among people pertaining to this very day that if a marriage ceremony is arranged on this day, a person’s married life becomes as painful as that of Mata Sita. 

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