Budhaditya-Vipreet Rajyoga: Special Planetary Alignment Brings Changes for 4 Zodiacs!

Astrology describes various types of rajyoga, some of which have a significant impact on people’s lives. While some rajyogas are standalone, others require the alignment of multiple planets. In June, a crucial planetary transition occurred, leading to the formation of seven types of rajyoga, benefiting individuals belonging to different zodiac signs. During this period, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (Budhaditya rajyoga) can be observed in the Gemini sign.

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Budhaditya rajyoga:

The Gemini sign is blessed with the benefits of Budhaditya rajyoga due to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. Simultaneously, the Vipreet rajyoga is also formed. With Mercury’s entry into Gemini before the month of July, the Sun is already present in this sign. This combination forms the Budhaditya rajyoga and the Vipreet rajyoga, which can bring sudden and significant success in one’s life.

Formation of Vipreet Rajyoga:

The formation of the Vipreet rajyoga occurs when the lords of the sixth and twelfth houses establish a connection with each other. It can happen when the lord of the sixth house is related to the lord of the eighth or twelfth house.

Additionally, the influence of the sub-period of the lord of the sixth or eighth house in the third house creates this auspicious rajyoga, which is known for bringing unexpected and substantial success in life.

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Theses Zodiacs Will Benefit


Individuals born under the Cancer sign will benefit from the Vipreet rajyoga. With Mercury as the ruler of the third and twelfth houses, and the Sun positioned in the twelfth house, this rajyoga promises favorable outcomes. People will experience success in investments and export-import ventures. Additionally, they will receive recognition in their professional endeavors. The Sun will infuse them with active and positive energy. Moreover, students may consider pursuing education abroad. Business will witness growth, and financial investments will yield profits. Furthermore, Mercury will enhance their intelligence and decision-making abilities.

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Scorpio natives will receive the benefits of the Vipreet rajyoga. The formation of this rajyoga takes place in the eighth house. Mercury governs the eleventh and eighth houses and is placed in the eighth house, amplifying its influence. As a result, individuals can overcome past illnesses and diseases. Sudden financial gains can be expected in jobs and businesses. Promotion opportunities are on the horizon, and spirituality will become more significant. Research-oriented individuals may find this period particularly favorable. Moreover, they can expect an increase in reputation and respect.


Capricorn individuals will enjoy the benefits of the Vipreet rajyoga. In their transit chart, Mercury is the ruler of the sixth and ninth houses and is positioned in the sixth house. This placement strengthens Mercury in the eighth house, enhancing its effects. As a result, they may achieve success in court cases and legal matters. Courage and initiative will increase, leading to positive energy flow. Financial investments may bring gains, and the possibility of foreign travel may arise. Individuals may experience an elevation in reputation, honor, and prosperity.

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