Breaking News: With Vikas Dubey Arrest, Astrology Reveals What’s Next For Him!

Vikas Dubey. The Gangster Vikas Dubey, whose whereabouts were entirely unknown to the Uttar Pradesh Police, Government and common people of the country! The only question one could come across was “Where is Vikas Dubey? When will he be arrested?” Even though the police was unable to answer this question, but the readers of AstroSage were already aware of the answer on 6 July itself! Reason – The recent article written by AstroSage’s expert astrologer Acharya Raman Ji, in which he had predicted about the arrest of Vikas Dubey. This prediction has proved to be 100 per cent accurate. You can read this article by clicking on the link below.


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Vikas Dubey Arrested On 9 July, Morning

Yes! After the brutal shootout resulted in the death of 8 policemen in Kanpur, the main accused Vikas Dubey, who had earlier escaped, was arrested from the Mahakal Temple in Ujjain on Thursday, 9 July. Now another big question arising is that what will be the future of Vikas Dubey?

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Vikas Dubey & His Fate: What’s On The Cards?

AstroSage’s scholarly astrologer Acharya Raman Ji asked the questioner to choose a number between 1 to 249 while answering this question. His question was simple: Whether Vikas Dubey would face an encounter just like his close accomplices or not? Although he is from UP and would prefer the encounter of Vikas Dubey, he is not above law.

Therefore the law of our country will decide what will be the fate of Vikas Dubey. However, Acharya Raman Ji has made an attempt to predict his upcoming fate according to the Prashan Kundli.

Prashna Kundli Reveals The Fate Of Vikas Dubey

The number furnished is 117. To see if the Police Encounter will happen or not is not really possible, but we can surely analyse the age and longevity, which will give a hint of what might happen. With folded hands in the feet of Shri KSK Shri Sahasane Ji and my beloved Guruji, I will now try to analyse the chart. 

Vikas Dubey arrest

The ascendant sub-lord is Mercury and in the star of Rahu. Both are in the 9th house. We will have to see the signification of Rahu here. Rahu is in Mars Nakshatra and the sub of Venus. 

The 12th cusp sub-lord is Rahu again. It is in Mars Nakshatra and placed in the 6th house in the Bhava Chart. Rahu is in the sub of Venus. Moon itself is in the 5th house in the star of Rahu, which is the significator of 6-8 houses. Hence the question is also justified. 

Rahu is connected with the 8th house of the mode of death and Mars is ruling that house. Venus is the Maraka Planet as it is the ruler of the second house. Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are the significators of the 12th Bhava. Jupiter is acting as the Badhak and in Retrograde motion. In such a situation, it is confirmed that Vikas Dubey is currently undergoing an inauspicious period to the point that his life is at stake. However, let us make it clear that we possess no personal interest in it. This is an astrological prediction based on the calculation of stars and planets.

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Upcoming Weeks Will Prove To Be Difficult For Vikas Dubey

One thing that is confirmed from this number and kundli is that the upcoming time will prove to be fatal for Vikas Dubey when the planet Moon will transit in the significators of the 12th house or from the 12th house. In such a case, as per Acharya Raman Ji’s prediction, “The dates 14th and 15th of July may inflict some kind of harm on him suddenly”. On the other hand, it is also predicted that something can happen in this case in the coming 14-15 days, that will take people by surprise. Taking a hint from it, it can be said that before September, a major mishap can happen in Vikas Dubey’s life.

Regarding such predictions, Acharya Raman states, “It is unethical to predict about someone’s age and longevity, but I have only given it a try, as he is a dreaded gangster and a black stain on the face of humanity. People like him should not remain on Earth for long. Rest God can only decide and I can only try with my limited knowledge.”

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We hope you like our article. Through this article, we have made a small effort to aware you with several major events lined up in the future. How fruitful and accurate will our efforts turn out will be revealed with time.

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