Vijaya Ekadashi : Significance, Shubh Muhurat & Pujan Vidhi

The Ekadashi Tithi which falls during the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month is known as Vijaya Ekadashi. As per the legends and conventions prevalent about this Ekadashi, any native under the influence of this fast gets blessed with all kinds of success.

It has also been said that before taking Lanka and Ravana down, Lord Rama sat for this very same Puja. Mythological conventions also state that Sage Vakdalvya advised Lord Rama and his army to observe the Vijaya Ekadashi Fast. 

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In such a situation, it has been said that any person who worships on this day with true devotion and fulfills all the rituals of  Vijaya Ekadashi gets success in every work. It should be known that the story related to this day must be read during this day’s fast.

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When is Vijaya Ekadashi & What is the Shubh Muhurat? 

This year Vijaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on Tuesday, 9 March, 2021.

Vijaya Ekadashi Muhurat:

Vijaya Ekadashi Parana Muhurat : 06: 37: 14 to 08:59:03 on March 10

Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes

Note : The Muhurat given above will be applicable for New Delhi area only. Click Here to know the auspicious Muhurat for your city!

Vijaya Ekadashi : Significance

As per the Padma Puran, any individual who observes the Vijaya ekadashi fast gets listed with different kinds of monetary benefits and also acquires celebration after his or her death. It has been said about this fast that any native who takes an oath to observe this fast gets the benefits which can only be obtained after performing some severe austerity. One who observes the rites and rituals correctly associated with this fast earns a ticket to heaven directly. Apart from this, it should also be known by readers that to win over Lanka, Lord Rama also observed this very fast which is why it is also mandatory to worship lord Rama along with lord Vishnu on this particular day.

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Vijaya Ekadashi Pujan Vidhi

  • A person observing the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi should finish taking a bath during the Brahma Muhurat and take a vow to observe the Ekdashi fast.
  • Now, commemorate the Ghatasthapana.
  • Install a statue or picture of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on a clean pedestal. 
  • After this, sprinkle Rice and Roli mixed Gangaajal all over the pictures and offer it to the Lord.
  • Light a lamp of Ghee and offer Aarti to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on this day.
  • After this, recite the Vishnu Sahastranam Strotam.
  • A person observing the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi should meditate on Lord Vishnu in his mind throughout the day and should take a fruit only after performing the aarti in the evening.
  • On the next day i.e. on Dwadashi, worship Lord Krishna and Rama in the morning.
  • After this, provide food to the Brahmin or any other needy person as per your ability and also make some necessary donations and break the fast only after this. 

Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha/Associated Legends

Arjun was morbidly excited to listen to the importance of Ekadashi. In such a situation, he asked Lord Krishna and said, “He Pundarikaksha! What is the name of the Ekadashi which falls during the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. Please talk to me about this in detail. Then Lord Krishna replied, “O Arjun! The Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha which falls in the month of Phalgun is called Vijaya Ekadashi. With the effect of this fast, a person gets success in each and every work he/she undertakes. Reading or listening to the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi provides one with salvation and gives freedom from all kinds of sins. Let us now follow the legend related to this fast.

Once Devrishi Narad asked Lord Brahma,”O Lord Brahma, Kindly enlighten me with the rituals to follow on the Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha falling during the Phalgun month. On hearing Narada ji, Brahma Ji said, ‘O son! The fast of Vijaya Ekadashi is supposed to provide you redemption from all kinds of sins. I have not revealed the rules and rituals of this Ekadashi till date to anyone but you. Whosoever fasts on the day of Vijaya Ekadashi, archives success in each and every kind of work.

When Lord Shri Rama went into 14 years of exile, he started residing in Panchvati with Mats Sita and his brother Lakshmana. At the same time, the warlord Ravana had deceitfully kidnapped Mata Sita. When Lord Shri Rama and Lakshmana came to know about this, they became very sad and wandered one by one and started looking for Sitaji. While wandering in the forest they reached near the dying Jatayu, who told him how Mata Sita was kidnapped and Jatayu gave up his life in the lap of Lord Rama and departed towards heaven in the process. After this, Sri Rama and Laxmana became friends with Sugriva and they killed Bali there.

After this, Hanuman ji, the supreme devotee of Lord Shree Rama, went to Lanka to find Mata Sita and narrated about the friendship of Lord Shri Rama and Maharaj Sugriva to Mata Sita. After returning from Lanka, Hanuman ji once again narrated the story of Ashoka Vatika to Lord Shri Rama. After listening to all these details, Shri Ramchandra with the consent of Sugriva left for Lanka with the army of monkeys and the army of bears. On reaching the sea shore, Lord Rama saw the vast sea filled with crocodiles and expressed his concern in front of Laxman saying, “O Laxman! How will we cross this huge sea filled with many crocodiles and creatures?

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Upon hearing this, Lakshmana said, “Respected Brother! You are the Purushottam Adi Purush( the epitome of an ideal man/Maryada Purshottam). Nothing is impossible for you. Half a metre walk away from here is the Ashram/hermitage of Sage Vakdalbhya in the island of Kumari. He is a philogical expert. In such a situation, your victory will definitely be present with them.” After hearing all these things, Lord Shri Rama went to the Ashram of Rishi Vakdalbhya and bowed down to him. Then Maharishi Vakdalbhya asked, “O Shri Ram! For what purpose have you come to my hut? Then Lord Shri Rama replied to the sage Vakdalbhya, “O Rishivar! I have come here with my entire army and I am going to Lanka with the desire to conquer demon king Ravana but I could not understand any way to cross this sea. Could you perhaps help with me a solution?”

Then Maharishi Vakdalbhya replied, “O Rama! Let me tell you about one such fast which will guarantee you success in all of your tasks. Then Lord Shri Rama asked, which fast is this, which results in victory in all time zones? Maharshi Vakdalbhya replied, ” Observing a fast on the Krishna Paksha Vijaya Ekadashi of Phalgun month will help you cross the sea and you will get victory even in the grand battle.” After this, Lord Shri Rama asked for the rites and rituals associated with this fast. The sage then replied that you need to fill water in gold, silver, copper or clay vase on the day of Dashami and place the Pancha Pallava over it and install it on the Vedika/podium. Place seven kind of grains and barley above it and set a golden statue of Lord Vishnu above it.

On the day of Ekadashi, worship the lord with incense, lamps, Naivedya etc. Stay awake all night and spend time worshipping the Lords. After bathing on the banks of a river or a pond, retire from it and donate it to a Brahmin on the next day of Dwadashi. In such a situation, if you do observe this fast with your peers, then you will definitely get success in all of your works.

Shortly after listening to Maharshi Vakdalbhya, Lord Sri Rama fasted on Vijaya Ekadashi due to which he was able to rule over Ravana. In such a situation, it is said that any person who observes this fast by following all the rites and rituals gets victory in all kinds of aspects of life. 

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