Vighnaraj Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat Showers Blessings of Lord Ganesha!

In every lunar month, there is an existence of two Chaturthis. The Chaturthi that falls after Purnima during Krishna Paksha is called Sankashti Chaturthi and the Chaturthi that falls after Amavasya during Shukla Paksha is called Vinayak Chaurthi. The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi is observed every month. If Sankashti Chaturthi falls on Tuesday, then it is known as Angarki Chaturthi and is considered highly auspicious.

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On Saturday, the 5th of September, Vighnaraj Sankashti Chaturthi will be celebrated. According to traditions and conventions, Lord Ganesha is worshipped on this day. Fasts should also be kept to obtain his appeasement. 

The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi is considered highly significant in Western and Southern part of India. Before every auspicious work, there is a ritual to worship Lord Ganesha in Hindu religion. It is believed that one who worships Lord Ganesha with a pure heart and clear intention is blessed with all desires of life. On the day of Sankashti Chaturthi, one can achieve the most desired thing easily by worshipping Lord Ganpati. In addition to this, he/she is set free from all problems related to health. 

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Pujan Vidhi of Sankasthi Chaturthi 

  • Take a bath at dawn on this day.
  • Wear light yellow coloured clothes after the bath.
  • Place a photo of Lord Ganpati adored with a piece of red cloth at the place of worship.
  • One has to face East or North while worshiping Lord Ganesha.
  • After this, light a diya/lamp before Lord Ganpati and offer him red roses.
  • Keep sesame ladoos, roli, moli, rice, flowers, copper lotus filled with water, banana, and his favourite Prasad Modak at the time of worship. 
  • Recite this mantra.

mālyādīni sugandhīni mālatyādīni vai prabho |
mayāhṛtāni puṣpāṇi gṛhyantāṃ pūjanāya bhoḥ ||

माल्यादीनि सुगन्धीनि मालत्यादीनि वै प्रभो |
मयाहृतानि पुष्पाणि गृह्यन्तां पूजनाय भोः ||

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Legend Pertaining to Sankashti Chaturthi. 

Maa Parvati created Lord Ganesha from the dirt of her body and asked him to sit and went for a bath. While going for the bath, Maa Parvati said that he should not allow anyone to enter but during this, her husband, Shiv Ji, came. Since Maa Parvati had ordered Lord Ganesha not to allow anyone to come in, So he did not allow Shiv Ji to come in.

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Lord Ganesha did not allow Shiv Ji to come in despite the latter’s constant insistence. With this denial, Shiv Ji became furious and sliced his head. When Maa Parvati came to know about this, she felt highly sad. In order to relieve her from this grief, Shiv Ji fixed the head of a newly born elephant on Lord Ganesha. The sliced head of Lord Ganesh fell on the Moon. Since then, it is believed that the tradition of offering water to the Moon started. 

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