Vidhvansak Yoga In October Will Affect The World: Alert For 12 Zodiacs!

Vidhvansak Yoga In October 2023 is considered very inauspicious and it impacts all the 12 zodiacs as well as the person’s life in whose horoscope it is formed. Mars transited in the Libra zodiac on 3rd October where Ketu was already present forming a Mars-Ketu conjunction, which was a powerful Yoga. But now as Planet Saturn also comes in Libra, it is leading to the formation of a highly inauspicious and strong Yoga named Vidhwansak Yoga which impacts the whole world and all the 12 signs differently.

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What is Vidhvansak Yoga?

Vidhvansak Yoga is an astrological yoga that is generally known to bring negative effects.  It is formed when Mars and Saturn come together in a house or they form Samsaptak Yoga i.e. they are in the seventh house from each other.

Planet Mars is associated with aggression, anger, and violence in astrology and it is known as the Commander-In-Chief of the planets and Planet Saturn is known as the justice and giver of the deeds. It gives results to a native according to the deeds committed by him whether it is a virtue or a sin. Planet Saturn is also considered as a cruel planet.  When Mars and Saturn form any relation, it produces disastrous results.

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Effect Of Vidhvansak Yoga On India

According to Vedic astrology, this Vidhvansak Yoga is very dangerous and it can cause destruction and natural calamities. The transit of Planets like Rahu and Ketu in any zodiac or constellation produces negative events like firebreaks, pandemics, accidents, political unrest, caste issues, religious frenzy, etc.  Planets Rahu and Ketu always move in a retrograde movement. Planet  Ketu gives negative results similar to Planet Mars. Planet Ketu will transit into the Virgo zodiac on 29th November.  Some recent events that can be connected with these conditions are discussed below:

  •  As evident, on the eve of this Vidhvansak Yoga, sudden floods in Sikkim have occurred.
  • A few days ago, an Earthquake occurred in the northern states of India like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, etc, and its epicenter was in Nepal where it caused destruction.
  • Tensions are on the rise between India and Canada due to the rise of the Khalistan issue.
  • Political arrests continue when a leader of a major political party gets arrested.
  • This incident has led to mass protests by the AAP and other opposition parties.
  • Before Ketu’s transit in Virgo, the issue of the Caste Census was aggravated in the five election-led states.
  • Some terrorist activities or attacks can take place in the states of Jammu & Kashmir and North India as a result of this Vidhvansak Yoga.
  • The effect of these events may also be reflected in the Share market in October & November.

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Vidhvansak Yoga: Zodiac-Wise Impact!


The natives may face certain ups and downs in life and differences with the life partner may arise due to the effect of Vidhvansak Yoga. Drive any vehicle with utmost safety and care. This period will be good for the career or business aspect of the Aries natives.


The natives of Taurus should remain careful about their health. Drive your vehicle carefully. Do not get involved in any legal matters. You have to stay away from investing in the Share Market, Lottery, and speculative markets.


The Gemini natives may face stomach-related problems, so they have to take care of their food and drinking habits. They must take light and healthy foods.


The Cancer natives have to take care of their mother’s health. They may suffer from cough, cold, or throat-related problems, so they have to increase their immunity. They have to be very careful. This conjunction and Vidhvansak Yoga is very auspicious for your job/career.

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The natives of Leo will get the support of their good luck. Their courage and might will increase. You will complete the work entirely that you will take in your hands. Your self-confidence will increase.


The natives of Virgo may face financial loss. They have to control their speech.  Old diseases may reappear due to the effect of Vidhvansak Yoga.


Some unnecessary helter-skelter may happen. You may have to roam without purpose. The natives of Libra must take care of their health. They may have to undergo journeys. Stomach-related diseases may bother you due to the impact of Vidhvansak Yoga. Avoid changing your job or business.


The natives of Scorpio must take care of their health. must drive a vehicle very carefully. Avoid giving money on credit to anyone.

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This conjunction is well related to the earnings of the Sagittarius natives. You can start a new work and receive a new job offer. Happiness and peace will prevail in the home and family due to the effect of Vidhvansak Yoga and Mars-Ketu conjunction.


The conjunction of Mars and Ketu and Vidhvansak Yoga is beneficial for the natives of Capricorn. They will achieve success in work and business and also receive monetary gains. Unemployed natives may get a job. You have to stay cool at home and at the workplace. 


The natives of Aquarius may undertake many travels and journeys due to the Mars-Ketu conjunction and Vidhvansak Yoga. They can also undertake religious journeys. Your stuck work will gain momentum and you will receive the support of your destiny. Your courage and might will increase. 


The natives of Pisces must stay careful about their health. Do not invest your money and do not lend money on credit as you may face money loss. Do not change your job or business to stay away from the malefic effects of Vidhvansak Yoga.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What is Vasi Yoga?

Answer 1. Vasi Yoga is formed when Venus is in a kendra (quadrant) from the moon.

Question 2. Is Mars-Ketu Conjunction good?

Answer 2. It depends on the placement of stars and constellations in one’s horoscope. 

Question 3. What is Angarak yoga in astrology?

Answer 3. Angarak Yoga is formed when Mars and Rahu sit together in a horoscope or birth chart.

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