Foreign Settlement In Kundli: Astrological Combination & Remedies

In today’s time, everyone seems ambitious about going abroad for professional or personal purposes and making a fortune for them. Although in times of Corona, many have put this dream on hold, the desire to visit foreign lands remain within. Through the birth kundli of a native, the possibility of travelling abroad can be determined. The sixth house, the eighth house, the ninth, the seventh house, and the twelfth house of any native’s kundli signifies foreign trips and journeys.

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Similarly, the third house of the horoscope can also signify journeys and travels in one’s life. The eighth house in the kundli symbolises the sea travels, and the ninth house indicates long foreign trips or foreign trade, business and long stay abroad. If a native is planning to establish his/her business abroad or work in a company abroad, then the result can be assessed on the basis of its evaluation.

Planets Responsible For Foreign Travels

From an astrological point of view, only certain special planetary placements in our kundli give rise to the possibility of a native working, travelling or settling abroad. The twelfth house in our kundli has been associated with travelling abroad and foreign connections, so even in today’s time, this house is seen as an opportunity for natives who wish to travel overseas.

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The Moon is considered a natural factor for foreign travels. The tenth house of our kundli represents our livelihood, whereas the planet Saturn is a natural benefactor of one’s livelihood. Therefore, the twelfth house of the kundli, the Moon, the tenth house and Shani hold special significance in regards to foreign travels, journeys and employment opportunities. Move ahead and know which yogas are responsible for foreign travels and journeys.

Rajju Yoga

If all planets are in the Char Rashi or Movable Signs (also known as Rajju Yoga), which are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Ashtamesh (eighth house lord) and Dwadshesh (twelfth house lord) in the Kendra gives rise to the possibility of foreign travels and journeys.

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Business in Multiple Countries 

If a strong Saturn is in the fourth house and Jupiter transiting and entering the Char Signs, then a native establishes his/her own business in several countries.

Employment Opportunites Abroad

  • If there is a conjunction of Rahu-Sun in 1-5-9-10 Houses, such a native gets employed and works overseas.
  • If the Dhanesh and Labhesh become strong and get placed in the eighth house or the house of expenses, then such a native attains income from foreign sources.
  • When the planet Moon is in the twelfth house, there are chances of either one going abroad or earning through foreign sources.
  • If the Dashmesh (tenth house lord) is in the twelfth house, and the twelfth house lord is in the tenth house, then also one can work overseas or earn his/her livelihood via foreign sources.
  • If the planet Moon is in the sixth house of kundli, then also there are chances of you going overseas.
  • If the planet Moon is in the tenth house or aspecting it, then you may go overseas.

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  • If Lagnesh is in the twelfth house and the Twelfth house lord is also in the Lagna, then also a native can visit abroad.
  • Rahu in the house of luck and fortune also leads to foreign travels.
  • If the Moon is in the seventh or Lagna house, then also such a native is expected to establish a foreign-related business.
  • Shani is the benefactor of livelihood, which is why if the planets Saturn and Moon are in conjunction, it indicates foreign journeys and earnings.
  • If Bhagyesh is in the twelfth house, and the lord of the twelfth house is in the house of luck and fortune (ninth house), that native is expected to visit overseas.
  • If the Saptamesh is in the twelfth house, and the twelfth house lord is in the seventh house, it indicates foreign travels and foreign-related business.

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Remedies To Strengthen Planetary Combination Behind Foreign Travels

  • Wearing Four to Six Ratti Gomed or Hessonite in Tridhatu helps to get rid of obstacles in terms of travelling abroad. Offer Bajra to pigeons for 49 days starting from Wednesday. Chant this mantra on a Tusli Mala:

अनन्याश्चितयंतो माये जनापयर्पासने।

नेषा नित्या मियुक्तानां योगक्षेम वहांम्यहम्।।

ananyāścitayaṃto māye janāpayarpāsane।

neṣā nityā miyuktānāṃ yogakṣema vahāṃmyaham।।

  • Install the idol of Maa Lakshmi by laying a red or white cloth on a wooden platform, and light a diya with Ghee facing West. Take a Conch, make a Swastika with a Saffron mixture and keep it next to the idol of Maa Lakshmi. Worship Maa Lakshmi and Shankha and offer Bhoga.
  • After their installation, chant the mantra on the Sphatik Mantra. The mantra is “ॐ अनंग वल्लाभाये विदेश गमनार्थ कार्य सिध्यर्थे नम:/oṃ anaṃga vallābhāye videśa gamanārtha kārya sidhyarthe nama:”. This mantra for five days for at least 11000-24000 times. 
  • After the ritual is over, keep the picture of Maa Lakshmi in the temple and wrap the Conch Shell in a cloth and place it where no one can touch it. Every obstacle regarding foreign travels will get eliminated.
  • Visit a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman daily and offer him prayers. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. After this, circumambulate around the statue of Lord Hanuman anti-clockwise. Circumambulate three times in such a way that the statue of Lord Hanuman is positioned in your left side. 

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Birth Date – 29/9/1980 
Birth Time – 4:15 AM
Place-  Bengaluru 

This kundli is of my acquaintance, Ashish Ji. Currently, Ashish Ji is a well-known businessman based abroad. Since childhood, he has completed his studies overseas and is earning his livelihood after establishing his business there itself. In his kundli, the ruling lord of the house of Karma is placed in the twelfth house, and the lord of the twelfth house, i.e. Moon, is in the tenth house of Karma.

Here, Venus and Moon are also creating the Vipreet Raj Yoga because of Venus being in the house of the Moon and Moon in the house of Venus, which directly indicates foreign works and full citizenship. There are certifiably many Yogas that indicate full citizenship along with business and jobs located entirely abroad.

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