Venus Transit In Virgo: Big Changes Await World, Nation, & Stock Market!

Venus Transit, 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus will enter the sign of Virgo on 3rd November, 2023. Let’s find out what impacts Venus Transit In Virgo will have on the country, world and the zodiac signs.

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Venus, the planet synonymous with beauty, luxury, and arts will enter the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Venus is considered debilitated in Virgo and is said to be extremely uncomfortable in this very practical and analytical sign. When Venus enters the earthy sign of Virgo, a person becomes more sensible in their relationships and less flashy. As the planet Venus represents our relationships and Virgo is the analytical sign that concentrates on life’s more practical issues, this transit allows us to focus more on our connections. This is a moment to get down to business so we can find out what is and isn’t working in our relationships. However, we must not forget that Venus is debilitated here and will have a negative impact on our relationships, wealth and all other things that are represented by venus. 

Venus Transit In Virgo: Timing

Venus is set to enter the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Sadly enough, Venus is considered debilitated in this particular zodiac sign ruled by its dear friend. Venus will enter the sign of Virgo on 3rd November, 2023 at 04:58 hrs. Let us now focus on the characteristics of Venus In Virgo and then move on to the impacts worldwide and on the zodiac signs. 

Venus In Virgo: Characteristics

Venus in Virgo indicates that there is a strict code of conduct in relationships. Venus is a planet of harmony, beauty, and love. It controls how they interact and includes all manifestations of harmony and collaboration. Every year, Venus spends some time reaching out to each sign of the zodiac with his message of love and beauty. These locals are modest and reserved. They can be an extremely devoted friend or spouse who would stand by you no matter what. 

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They may not appear to be highly emotional, yet they are conscious of what others may be thinking. This does not stop them from giving constructive criticism to those they care about in an effort to always help them improve. They are prejudiced and prone to exaggerating minor issues. Once they decide to be in a relationship, they will give it their full attention and put up a lot of effort to keep it beautiful.

Venus Transit In Virgo: Worldwide Impacts

  • Venus transit in Virgo will impact the Banking and Finance sector. We may see some not so pleasant changes happening in the banking sector within the country during this time period. 
  • Writers, poets, and occult specialists would flourish during this transit.
  • Bloggers and speakers around the world could make good use of this transit for their benefit.
  • The fashion industry and the textile industries globally may experience a slower period for some time.
  • People involved in journalism, media, and public relations could face backlash from people and may not do very well at this point.
  • Vocalists and singers across the country and the world may also flourish during this time. 

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  • Designers, web designers, people engaged in fine arts, etc may experience a lul during this period as Venus transits into Virgo. 
  • The cosmetics industry and the skin and hair care industry may too go through a slower pace and demand.

Venus Transit In Virgo: Stock Market Report

Planet Venus will now transit in the zodiac sign of Virgo from 3rd November, 2023 and like every other event in the country it will also impact the stock market. Astrosage presents to you the Stock Market predictions  as Venus transits into Virgo and what changes it may bring in each and every industry related to Venus.

  • Hospital management, Leather, Perfume and Cosmetics industries are expected to perform well.
  • Transport Corporation and Telecommunication industries are also expected to perform well.
  • Public sector and the Pharma sector industries are expected to do well too.
  • The Insurance sector and Mining corporation sector would do well. 

Venus In Virgo: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Negatively Impacted


Venus rules the 2nd and the 7th house for Aries natives and will be transiting to the 6th house. A debilitated Venus can impact your relationship with your spouse and you may encounter increased fights between you and your spouse. You may encounter additional difficulties during this transit in the form of challenges and work pressure, which could be harmful to your ambitions in advancing your profession. 

A sense of excellent pleasure may be severely lacking for you during Venus Transit in Virgo, and you may also be experiencing relationship issues with your supervisors and coworkers during this period. Therefore, you would need to organize your working methods and make an effort to build a solid reputation, which is regarded to be the most crucial factor. Additionally, you might have the possibility to change jobs, which you might not like right now. If you are conducting business, then now is the right moment. If you are in business, this period may offer you lower profits and possibly the possibility of losing money. If you’re in a partnership, there’s a chance that things aren’t going well, and if you try to form new partnerships, you’ll almost certainly lose a lot of money. So, you might need to use additional caution.


Your Lagna lord and the 6th house lord transiting to the 5th house in a debilitated state can spell trouble for people who are in a relationship. This will not be a favorable time for romantic relationships. You can experience increased work pressure from your superiors and roadblocks in your career. You might be experiencing some distress, which you will likely notice while working. As a result, you must use caution and care. You might need to exercise and make plans in advance if you want to reach your goals successfully.

During the Venus Transit, business-wise you may have both gains and losses in Virgo, which you may find difficult to handle. If you don’t exercise the caution that is necessary at this time with your business partner, you risk losing a lot of important things in your life. You might be running your business at a No-Profit/No-Loss ratio, and as a result, you might need to adjust your business methods to keep up with the latest business trends. In other words, you will need to adjust to new trends. 

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Venus becomes the 3rd house lord and the 10th house lord for you Leo natives and will become debilitated in the 2nd house. It may brew troubles and conflicts in your relationships and you may find it hard to strike a balance with your spouse and other family members as well. Your words could be misinterpreted. You could experience ups and downs in your career during this transit. There might not be much job satisfaction, and this is because your bosses might not be giving you much credit for your accomplishments. You might be experiencing career-related disappointment. You can be receiving criticism from both your superiors and your subordinates. You might be growing more concerned as a result of this irritation.

During Venus’ transit through Virgo, you can also experience frequent changes in your professional life, such as being compelled to relocate for a position that you may not like. This may be making you feel depressed. If you run a business, the Venus transit in Virgo may not result in significant financial gains. Profits can be lost, and occasionally you might even experience a loss, which can be upsetting. There may be times when you might have business losses that you are unable to handle.


Venus becomes the 4th house and the 9th house lord for Aquarius natives and will be placed in the 8th house. These individuals could be involved in extra marital affairs, they may also earn a bad reputation because of the opposite gender. You may be dealing with increased workplace pressure and some career-related challenges. During this time, you can encounter more issues from superiors and coworkers. These issues might reduce your job satisfaction and push you to look for better opportunities elsewhere.

If you run a business, this trend might not result in the good success and reliable revenues you were hoping for at this point in time. You might need to make extensive plans and implement fresh business tactics for this to be successful and profitable. Additionally, your rivals might present you with extra competition. Therefore, in order to succeed, you must adjust to the scenario at hand.


Venus becomes the 3rd house and the 8th house lord for Pisces natives, hence it is a functional malefic for Pisces. Venus will transit to the 7th house in a debilitated state. It will for sure rock their marriage and their relations with their spouse may turn bitter. This is not a good period for your personal relationships at all. You might be experiencing a number of difficulties at work and a general lack of happiness on the professional front. 

Coordination issues with your supervisors and coworkers could also exist. All of these issues could hinder your professional success. So in order to succeed, you may need to exercise in relation to this. If you run a business, it’s possible that you won’t be able to make more money from the same. Your competitors might be posing more of a threat to you, which could hurt the success of your company.

Venus Transit In Virgo: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Positively Impacted


Venus rules the 5th and the 12th house for Gemini natives. It will now transit to the 4th house of luxury. Your love relationships will now improve and become better. Your relationship with your spouse and your mother will improve. On the career front, you can be in a position to reap all the rewards during this period, which could result in your complete contentment. Additionally, you can be given new career opportunities that could end up being sufficient. Because of your diligent efforts, you might advance in your position. You might be able to demonstrate leadership traits at work and develop them further.

In terms of business, if you are operating a business, you will be making new contacts and earning advantages from those contacts. Although you may have a strong probability of getting a new business, it’s possible that you won’t be able to fully realize the benefits from your activities. Despite your best efforts, you might only be making modest profits from your firm. During Venus’ transit in Virgo, you might be having relationship issues as well, which would prevent you from giving your business more attention.

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Venus rules the 4th house and the 11th house for Cancer natives. Venus will transit to the 3rd house at the beginning of November, 2023, therefore your relations with your spouse and your partner will improve. You may even go on short trips with them. During Venus’s transit through Virgo, you may experience additional career rewards and receive positive feedback for your demonstrated skills. Unexpectedly, you might be earning the respect of your superiors. You might change employment as a result of the aforementioned reason if it will lead to improved possibilities and more job satisfaction.

If you are in business, this transit may result in good success. If you anticipate aiming for great earnings, it may be possible for you to do so with regard to your company. You can be making good money and so increasing your level of contentment. Although there may be fierce rivalry you must deal with from rivals, you will still be in a position to benefit. 


Venus rules the 6th house and the 11th house and will now transit to the10th house in the debilitated state. This will help you better your relations with your partner or spouse and gain material luxury as well. You may even be a part of some celebrations at home. On the career front, during Venus Transit In Virgo, you may be gaining satisfaction in your job or you may be getting new abroad job chances that may fulfill your desires. You may be facing more satisfaction in your job during this time and you may be in a position to secure appreciation for the hard efforts that you are putting in.

If you are in business, then this movement may bring very good success in business in terms of profit. You may be carried out by intense competition, but at the same time, you may be in a position to gain more profits with your sound technique and the functioning style of business. You may also operate multiple businesses.

Venus Transit In Virgo: Impactful Remedies

  • Offer 5 red flowers to maa lakshmi
  • Perform Rudrabhishek every Friday
  • Keep fasts on every Friday
  • Wear white and pinks colored clothes often
  • Wear perfume everyday and maintain personal hygiene
  • Recte the beej mantra of Shukra ‘Om Draang Dreeng Drong Sah Shukraya Namah’

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