Venus Transit In Virgo (24 September) To Form Trinity With Sun-Mercury: 4 Signs Will Be Lucky

Vedic astrology regards Venus as a favorable planet. People who work hard for someone usually produce positive outcomes. A person may only acquire all kinds of arts, joys, beauty, love, fame, delight, etc. by their grace. As a result, its significance is increasingly apparent in everyone’s daily life. 

The location of Venus in the horoscope is always taken into consideration when an astrologer evaluates a person’s horoscope for love and comfort. Because if Venus is strong and fortunate in a horoscope, that individual will experience all of life’s happiness. Such people also never lack love in their lives. A person who has Venus in this favorable position is skilled in all artistic mediums, including acting, singing, poetry, painting, and music, and he or she finds great comfort in these mediums.

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Taurus and Libra are thought to be ruled by the planet Venus, sometimes known as the morning star. However, among the 27 constellations, Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Poorvashadha are the ones that Venus rules. In addition, they are low in Virgo and high in Pisces. In contrast, Libra is referred to as their original triangular zodiac. They view Mercury and Saturn as friends among the planets, whereas the Sun and Moon are viewed as enemies.

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Venus Planet Impact On Horoscope 

Venus is viewed as a representation of beauty and happiness whose horoscope compatibility results in a person with a lovely complexion. The second and seventh houses, which represent money and marriage in Kaal Purush’s horoscope, continue to be under their control. The location of Venus can therefore have a significant impact on both of these aspects of a person’s life. Only the position of Venus is known for obtaining information on marriage and financial life in a person’s life. Because if Venus is powerful in the horoscope, that individual will live a long life full of happiness and fortune. Along with this, they also enjoy a contented and happy marriage. However, a person may not be able to enjoy all of these fruits if Venus is weak in their horoscope. Therefore, after consulting astrology advice, you need to take practical steps for the peace of the planet Venus in order to reverse the negative effects of Venus in your horoscope.   

Here read how to make Venus powerful in your zodiac sign and remedies to make it calm.

Duration Of Venus Transit In Virgo 

Now, Venus, who brings material and worldly happiness to a person, will leave his astral state on Saturday, September 24, 2022, at 8:51 p.m. and enter Virgo, the sign of his friend planet Mercury. Venus will stay in this position through October 18 before making a second transit through its own sign, Libra. 

Astrologers claim that Virgo is also known as the debilitated sign of Venus and is not just the sign of Mercury, Venus’ friendly planet. In such a circumstance, this transit of Venus in its debilitated sign would undoubtedly manifest its impact on the nation, the globe, and all people. So without further ado, let’s learn about the expected changes brought on by this Venusian transit.  

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Impact Of Venus Transit In Virgo 

  • Venus-Sun-Mercury Trinity In Virgo  

Venus will be in conjunction with the Sun and retrograde Mercury already present in Virgo on September 24, when Venus transits Mercury’s sign in Virgo and exits its astral phase. As a result, the Virgo natives may experience stress as Venus, the Sun, and Mercury form the Tri Yuti Yoga, which can lead to an increase in ego. Many people’s lust will also surge due to this trinity of the planets. However, because of its close bonds, Mercury in Virgo can also corrupt a person’s mind while it is retrograde. Avoid engaging in further conversation with anyone other than your partner who is of the opposing sex during this period.

  • Formation Of Shadashtak Yoga Between Rahu-Venus

When Venus enters Virgo, Rahu, who is currently in Aries, will form a Shadashtak relationship with Venus. Venus and Rahu have a guru-disciple relationship in Vedic astrology. In such a situation, the emergence of Shadashtak Yoga, one of the most unfavorable yogas, will significantly increase public lust. Because of this, they will appear to be simply interested in enjoying themselves, ignoring all of their crucial responsibilities. This will cause them to be concerned about ruining their reputation in society.

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  • Ketu-Venus Will Make A Twelfth Relationship  

Venus will be in a twelfth connection with Ketu, who is in Libra, throughout Venus’ transit through the debilitated sign of Virgo. The residents’ expenses will go up as a result of this unfavorable and poverty-indicating Dwi Dwadash Yoga. Particularly at this time, married individuals are frequently observed engaging in extramarital affairs while spending a significant portion of their income on that individual. A well-known national figure may become embroiled in scandal as a result of this yoga.

  • Samsaptak Vision Relationship Will Be Formed By Jupiter-Venus

When Venus enters Virgo on September 24, it will join forces with retrograde Jupiter in Pisces to generate a Samaptak vision. Even though both Jupiter and Venus fall within the category of favorable planets in this case, they are at odds with one another, according to Vedic astrology. Due to the placement of these two planets in the samsaptak, in such a case, both the marital happiness of the couple and the marital happiness of the majority of the population will be impacted. The indigenous will have to wait longer if there is a delay in their marriage for whatever reason.

  • Venus Transit Impact On Nation

The horoscope of independent India has a Cancer ascendant, and now Venus will move into the third house from Cancer in accordance with this. As a result, a video clip about a wrongdoing or inferiority complex may spread over social media across the nation. Because of this, the administration and the government may be concerned about the public’s mood becoming worse. In addition, there was a temporary breach between India and some of its allies, although over time, things seemed to get better.

  • Venus Transit Impact On Share Market 

Venus will have a significant impact on the stock market during its transit through Virgo. Shares of Venus-related companies, particularly those engaged in the production of clothing, furniture, musical instruments, cosmetics, rice, cotton, and silk, can have significant initial momentum in such a scenario. Prices for watches, glasses, mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, automobiles, and real estate will all show a modest slowdown. 

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Fortunate Zodiac Signs During Venus Transit  

  1. Taurus: During its transit in Virgo, Venus will be located in your zodiac’s fifth house. Because of this, the majority of married individuals will be able to receive appropriate respect and affection from their kids. By doing this, you will appear to be having fun while enjoying being with your kids. In addition to this, your financial situation will improve and you’ll suddenly be able to earn money in new ways. Many people will also make plans to travel with friends or family at the same time.
  2. Gemini: During this transit, Venus will be located in the fourth house of your horoscope. Your comfort will therefore improve. Additionally, certain natives will be able to receive any advantage relating to their land or property at this time. Particularly those who had intended to acquire their own home will also have a chance to succeed thanks to Venus’s favor. Your financial condition will improve, and you’ll see a boost in your bank account balance. Your wishes, if any, that have been unmet for a while are also likely to come true now.
  3. Leo: Venus will be in your zodiac’s second house throughout this transit. As a result, you’ll be able to profit financially in a variety of ways. You will enjoy your time with family and the environment in your home will also improve. If you have difficulty making a decision, family members can assist you in solving that issue as well. Additionally, many individuals can be observed enhancing their furnishings or facilities.
  4. Sagittarius: During this time, Venus will be positioned in your zodiac’s eleventh house. As a result, colleagues at work will treat you with respect and give you the respect you deserve. During this time in your profession, your efforts will pay off, and you will be able to earn money. You are currently encouraged to consult your family members before making any decisions on the house.

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Unfavorable Impact Of Venus Transit On These Zodiac Signs 

  1. Aries: During this time, Venus will transit in your zodiac’s sixth house. You will therefore need to exercise caution from the outset. It will be best for you to be cautious around your opponents during this period because they will be active. Those who operate a business in partnership may, on the other hand, find themselves in a disagreement with their partner for a variety of reasons. You should therefore proceed with greater caution while making any business-related decisions at this time. Additionally, this time frame could be quite adverse for health.
  2. Virgo: For you, this Venus transit will be quite significant. Venus will be positioned in your ascendant house at this time. In this case, your focus will be more on luxury and satisfaction, making it difficult for you to pay attention to other vital aspects of your life. In order to seem nice during this time, many people will spend more money than they make, which can cause them to experience financial hardship later. Receiving proposals for more than one marriage may cause some confusion for those unmarried persons who are eligible for marriage.
  3. Capricorn: Venus will transit in your ninth house during this time. You will receive luck’s backing during this period thanks to Venus’s favour in such a situation. However, you will feel so strongly about getting what you want and how comfortable you are, and people will perceive you as being willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. This will also have an impact on how you interact with your loved ones. Additionally, this attitude of yours might cause significant reputational damage. Your mind may continue to be anxious and restless in terms of your health.
  4. Pisces: At this time, Venus will move into your zodiac’s seventh house. You are therefore advised to exercise some caution at this time. Therefore, it would be best if you avoided doing any work that would irritate your partner. You will also need to be more cautious when making every significant decision at the same time. During this time, Venus can potentially cause some health-related issues for you. In such a situation, you should take good care of your health and, if necessary, visit a reputable doctor right away.  

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Easy Remedies For Peace Of Venus Planet 

  • Every Friday, you should observe the fast.
  • On Friday, avoid eating anything sour, even mistakenly.
  • Each Friday, devotees should worship Lakshmi Maa, Santoshi Maa, and Goddess Durga.
  • Wear only light colors, especially on Fridays, like white or cream.
  • Keep a pink handkerchief in your pocket or handbag at all times.
  • Every Friday, recite at least one rosary of mantras associated with the planet Venus.
  • According to their reverence, provide poor and needy girls white clothing, wheat, sugar, rice, milk, curd, and ghee, among other things.
  • Donate to married women cosmetics, camphor, sugar candies, curd, and other sweets.
  • Additionally, if you follow the criteria, you can enhance Venus’ position in your horoscope by wearing a diamond in your finger. Connect With Our Astrologers Through Call Or Chat to learn more about this and receive astrology guidance.
  • Do not ever disrespect women, not even mistakenly.
  • When leaving the house, make sure you wear perfume. 
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Venus Planet Mantras 

  • Venus Planet Vedic Mantra

“oṃ annātparistruto rasaṃ brahmaṇā vyapibata kṣatraṃ paya: somaṃ prajāpati:।

ṛtena satyamindiyaṃ vipānaṃ śukramandhasa indrasyendriyamidaṃ payo’mṛtaṃ madhu।।”

  • Venus Planet Tantrik Mantra

“oṃ śuṃ śukrāya namaḥ”

  • Venus Planet Beej Mantra

“oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”

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