Venus Transit Brings Major Changes In These Zodiac Signs’ Lives!

In Astrology, Venus is considered to be the benefactor of happiness, and it is also related to happiness, comfort, and luxuries. The direct relation of Venus is believed to be related to all the material things, good luck, wealth, love, and splendor. Venus, which is related to all the amenities and facilities, is going to transit in Taurus on 18 June.

Today through this special blog, we will let you know which zodiac signs will benefit from this transit of Venus in Taurus. Also, about the zodiac signs that need to be aware of this transit. Apart from this, zodiac-based remedies are to be considered to get the auspicious results. All such details and information will be provided in this blog.

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Venus Transit: Date & Timing

If we talk about the Taurus sign and Venus planet, then planet Venus will bring fruitful outcomes for self-strength, immunity, health, competition, and debt-related concerns to the Taurus natives. The time of Venus transit will be around 8:06 am on 18 June, and it will then enter the Taurus sign.

Transit of Venus in its own Zodiac sign, Taurus, has a unique significance and this will create a positive and negative impact on all the natives of 12 signs. Let’s move ahead and understand the impact of Venus transit on all the 12 zodiac signs. Moreover, we will discuss the astrological remedies that are easy to follow with all the complete information.

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Planet Venus: Impact & Remedies

Before we discuss the Transit outcomes, you should understand that according to the Vedic Astrology, when Venus is strongly present in a horoscope, then there will be an increase in the luxuries and materialistic things in one’s life.

On the other hand, if the planet is weak in the horoscope then the natives can face failure in love relations, issues in married life, and problems related to eyes. In such a situation, the astrologer’s advice taking some remedies related to Planet Venus. Let’s understand what these remedies are:

Astrological Remedies for Venus

  • If Venus is weak, the natives are recommended to observe fast on Fridays. For this, you can observe a fast for 21 or 31 Fridays. After this, do the Parana of the fast.
  • Apart from this, on Friday wear white clothes and chant Venus Mantra. Try to chant these mantras about 5, 11, or 21 times.
  • To make Planet Venus stronger, donate Venus-related things such as Rice, Sugar, etc.
  • Respect every woman in life, this also makes the planet Venus stronger.
  • Keep cleanliness around you and use attar.

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Venus transit in Taurus: Impact & Remedies For 12 Zodiac Signs


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