Venus Transit In Taurus 2023: Note Worldwide Impact Of Sensuous & Stubborn Venus’ Transit!

Venus Transit 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus will transit the sign of Taurus on 6th April, 2023. Let’s find out what impact Venus Transit In Taurus will have on the world altogether.  

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Venus As A Planet In Astrology

Venus or Shukra is often touted as the planet of love, beauty, art and romance.  Venus signifies material happiness. Venus as an astronomical planet is closer to the Sun than the earth and has a dense gaseous atmosphere. This dense atmosphere is the reason why the planet Venus reflects light and shines as a bright star in space. 

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Venus in astrology is the ruler of two zodiacs, Taurus and Libra. It gets exalted in Pisces at 27 degrees and is considered debilitated in Virgo at 27 degrees. Venus is a karaka, or indicator, of your spouse, love, marriage, luxury, attractiveness, wealth, happiness, all modes of transportation, art, dance, music, acting, passion, healing, and reciting mantras. Venus’s beneficence favors accumulating wealth, jewelry, landed estates, a contented family life, professional success, and managing obesity. Venus gains ‘Digbala’ or Directional Strength in the 4th house and enjoys being placed even in the 1st, 5th and the 9th house. Its element is Water and Venus’s stone is Diamond or Opal. 

Impact Of Planet Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus is comfortable as it is in its own sign. Venus bestows such natives with high intelligence and decent, charming personalities. Such people often lead a healthy, wealthy and luxurious life. They are responsible and honest and never really intend to hurt anyone in life. Such individuals are materialistic in nature but never compete with or hurt their loved ones. 

Venus in Taurus is hardworking and they always try to move ahead of others with the help of their sharp intellect and quick thinking. They mostly do well in business as they need diversity in work. They do not like repetitive work and get bored easily. They have an excellent eye for detail and do extremely well in creative careers such as designing, architecture, interiors, etc. They do well in the fashion industry, entertainment industry or in the media. Most of the people working in these sectors have this placement of Venus. Such a person will also be romantic in nature and love human companionship. They value friends and family and believe greatly in the institution of marriage and always keep a positive attitude towards their relationships.

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Venus Transit in Taurus: Timing

Venus will transit into Taurus on the 6th of April, 2023 at 10:50 AM. Positive placement of Venus in an individual’s horoscope bestows a person with material happiness, luxuries, fame and romance in life. In Vedic astrology, the transit of Venus is considered important even though Venus is a fast moving planet and transits from one sign to the other in about a month. Venus being a benefic planet mostly gives positive results but can give negative results too if it is under malefic influence in an individual’s horoscope.

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Venus Transit in Taurus: Worldwide Impacts

  • This is the time when countries towards the south or the south-east of India may extend support to India and build stronger political and economic ties with us.
  • According to India’s birth horoscope India has Taurus ascendant and its lord Venus will be placed in the 1st house during this transit, which means that during this phase luck will favor India and India may see stability coming in many of the internal as well as external matters that may affect our country and the countrymen directly. 
  • Agricultural production, development and research and other activities related to agriculture may experience a boost during this time.
  • Farmers and people engaged in activities related to farming may benefit during this time.
  • People owning perfumeries, and perfume dealers may see an upsurge in business worldwide.
  • Flower businesses and people engaged in event management, wedding planning,etc will benefit from this transit.
  • The fashion industry, the entertainment industry and the media worldwide will generate high profits. 
  • Art and artists from different parts of the world may flourish during this phase. 
  • The economic state of the country as well as the world may improve as the planet of luxury is transiting in its own sign
  • Dealers and manufacturers of dairy products such as milk, curd, etc and packaged food may make huge profits during this transit.

Venus Transit in Taurus: Effective Remedies

  • Observe fasts on Friday and donate items like kheer, rice, milk, silver, etc in temples and to the poor as an effective remedy for Venus.
  • Offer sweets made of milk to young girls and widowed women.
  • Offer red flowers and itar to goddess Lakshmi on every friday
  • Maintain personal hygiene and donate makeup items to young girls and women.
  • Worship Shukra Yantra on every Friday or daily

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