Venus Transit In Sravana Nakshatra: Exciting Time for 4 Zodiac Signs!

Venus Transit in Sravana Nakshatra: There is great importance given to the movement of planets across different zodiacs and nakshatras in Vedic astrology. In February, some crucial transits are going to take place that will leave an impact on all the zodiacs. With the blessing of the Venus transit, natives will be able to complete various unfinished tasks timely. On 20th February, Venus transits in Sravana Nakshatra and it leaves a lasting impact on the lives of different zodiac signs. This special AstroSage blog contains accurate details related to blessed or lucky zodiacs due to Venus Transit in Sravana Nakshatra. 

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The role of Venus planet: In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered the factor of love, beauty, passion, and pleasure. It is also believed to govern different aspects of natives like finances, aesthetics, and pleasure. The strong position of Venus in the horoscope results in love and romance in the lives of natives. 

The role of Sravana Nakshatra: This Nakshatra is the 22nd one on the list and represents the culmination of lunar energy as it is ruled by the Moon. The Nakshatra is associated with Ma Saraswati and the right effects of the Nakshatra on natives will make them experts in various art forms like music, dance, acting, and more. 

Venus Transit In Sravana Nakshatra: List Of 4 Lucky Zodiac Signs 


For Aries natives, Venus will be in the 10th house of Sravana Nakshatra. They will be focused on career achievements and success. The right efforts will ensure optimal outcomes across various activities. You can develop values that will lead to success across different verticals. According to Venus Transit In Sravana Nakshatra, there will be love and compassion in your relationship. You can also spend quality time with your partner and enhance the understanding between the two. The natives will be able to overpower others with the right moves. For business persons, there are chances of success across various operations. There are possibilities to start a new work and the chances of success are prominent. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, Venus will be in the 2nd house of Sravana Nakshatra. This will result in ‘Dhan Yoga’ for the natives and they will be able to earn good profits. Their financial condition will improve and they can accumulate the right amount of wealth. The Venus Transit In Sravana Nakshatra indicates that the natives will get all kinds of comforts in their lives. They can participate safely across different activities successfully. 

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For the Aquarius natives, Venus will be in the 12th house of Sravana Nakshatra. There are chances of foreign trips during this period and they will gain interest in spiritual activities. According to Venus Transit In Sravana Nakshatra, the natives will also be able to earn profits and wealth from foreign engagements. They might marry a foreign national and thus will introduce the person in the family. For your corporate and business career, foreign trips or engagements will be very successful. There will be peace and harmony in family life. 

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For the Pisces natives, Venus will be in the 11th house of the Sravana Nakshatra. This will result in benefits for the natives from their colleagues or different networks. They can get the opportunity to work for a big organization and thus will be able to take their careers in the right direction. The natives will have an attractive personality and will be able to impress others with their speech. As per Venus Transit In Sravana Nakshatra, they will be able to make the right decisions in their careers that will uplift their entire profile. There are also chances of making huge profits from different sources. 

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Q1. What does the Venus transit signify for Gemini?

Ans. The love life of Gemini natives will go through significant changes and they need to stay prepared for it. 

Q2. How will the transit be for Libra natives?

Ans. There will be stability and calmness in the careers and lives of Libra natives. 

Q3. What does Venus transit indicate to the Capricorn natives?

Ans. The Venus natives will get attracted to their partners and will be able to drive success. 

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