Venus Transit In Scorpio (11 Nov): Know Impact On Your Love Life, Health & More!

Venus, the planet of love and material pleasure, is going to enter Scorpio soon. This transit will bring many changes in various sectors like investment, health, love life, etc. This blog by AstroSage will cover all these topics for you. So read till the end to find out more!

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Venus Impact On The Horoscope

Venus, the planet of love, harmony, romance, luxuries, etc. is going to transit in the sign of Scorpio, the natural 8th house of this zodiac, which represents the lust, deep desire and hidden secret, sudden uncertainties etc. Despite being so extremely opposite in nature, these two energies have many things in common. So let’s see what Venus transit in Scorpio will bring for us.

Time Duration Of Venus Transit

Planet Venus takes 23 days to complete its one transit, which means Venus takes 23 days to move from one sign to another. And now on 11 November 2022 at 19:52, Venus is transiting to Scorpio from its own sign Libra. It’s not a very comfortable position for Venus. However, it could bring positive results for the natives like doctors and research students in the medical field.

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Impact Of Venus Transit 

  • This transit is not favorable for investment- This transit of Venus is not favorable for speculation and taking risk in business or making new investments, as the placement of Venus is not positive for these sectors. It’s the time to wait, watch and research and then invest. Even if it is mandatory to do the investment, it’s better to do joint investment with your partner.
  • This transit will prove to be a savior in the health sector- We all know that planet Venus is the Guru Shukracharya who has the Sanjivani Vidya that can cure anybody and bring back to life from death. That’s the power planet Venus holds, especially in the 8th house or Scorpio sign because it’s the house of secrecy. Sanjivni Vidya is the hidden knowledge to cure someone. So with the transit of Venus in Scorpio, many people will get the right cure of the disease they are suffering from. Even the doctors and people in the medical sector will have a good time.   

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  • Inclination toward Occult Science Will Increase- During this time people will be more inclined towards occult science and secret knowledge. So if you were planning to start learning something in occult science like vedic astrology or Tarot reading, it’s a very good time for that.
  • This transit will be a testing time for committed couples- The transit of Venus in Scorpio is a testing time in relationships for most people, so you are advised to be conscious about the needs and feelings of your partner. Don’t take them for granted, ignore them, or have flirtatious nature with others; some allegations can tarnish your image. So avoid secret affairs/extramarital affairs; otherwise there would be serious repercussions. Hence, married natives are suggested to stay away from such activities in order to avoid such allegations and keep a low profile to bypass this period successfully. 

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Problems Due To The Inauspicious Position Of Venus

  • People may get highly emotional and sensitive during the transit of Venus in Scorpio regarding their relationship matters.
  • There is a risk of secret disease related to semen and many other similar types of sexual disorders or problem related to private part.
  • Skin diseases can also occur. So you are advised to maintain hygiene during Venus Transit in Scorpio.
  • Women may also face some problems related to hormones or menopause.
  • Overindulgence in consuming greasy and sweet food and drinks and crash lifestyle can lead to health issues like diabetes.

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Easy-To-Follow Remedies

  • Chant ‘Om Shukraya Namah’ 108 times a day.
  • Keep a rose quartz stone in your bedroom if you are facing marriage problems.
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer her five red flowers on Fridays.
  • After consulting an astrologer, wear good quality opal or diamond crafted in gold in your right hand little finger to gain auspicious results of planet Venus.
  • Wear cream or pink clothes on Fridays.
  • Donate white sweets to female priests in the temple on Fridays. 

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