Venus Transit In Scorpio (2 October 2021): How It Is Set To Impact Your Sign!

The planet Venus indicates love, beauty, luxury, pleasures, etc. It is also a representative of one’s financial status and material possessions. On 2nd October 2021, Venus is changing its sign and transiting in Scorpio, which will impact the lives of the natives on a big scale. Go ahead and know about the time and detailed impact.

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How is your love life or married life going to be or will it be full of ups and downs? What is affecting your financial status? To this, Venus plays a pivotal role. People with Venus prominent in their horoscope are peace-loving and harmonious and therefore, they respect others and love to be praised. If it is posited in a favourable position in one’s horoscope, they lead a pleasant married or love life. In addition to this, they also intend to have a luxurious life. On the other hand, if the same planet is in an unfavourable position, it creates problems in love life or married life and affects health adversely. 

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October 02, Saturday, Venus Transit In Scorpio: The planet Venus will transit in Scorpio on October 02, 2021, at 09:35 AM and will reside in the same zodiac sign till October 30, 2021, upto 3:56 PM. After this, it will move into the Sagittarius zodiac sign. 

However, on the same day, i.e. 2 October, the planet Mercury will also turn retrograde and transit in Virgo at 03:23 AM and remain in the same zodiac sign till November 02, 2021, at 09:43 AM. After this, it will move back into the zodiac sign Libra. Read about this planetary event by clicking here and know how two planetary events on the same day can transform your life.

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Now, let us now read and know how the transit of Venus in Scorpio is going to impact your life.


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