Venus Transit In Scorpio Bestows The World & The Zodiacs With Luxury And Wealth!

Venus Transit, 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus will enter the sign of Scorpio on the 25th of December, 2023. Let’s find out what impacts Venus Transit In Scorpio will have on the country, world and the zodiac signs.

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Venus, also known as Shukra in Vedic astrology, is often seen as a planet that symbolizes charm, beauty, happiness, luxury, romance, love, physical attraction, creativity, and aesthetics. It holds influence over various aspects of life and is often regarded as the Lord that bestows luxury, wealth and happiness upon an individual. 

Venus Transit In Scorpio: Timing 

Venus transit in one zodiac sign lasts for about 30-36 days roughly and within this time period every month planet Venus transits to another zodiac and takes about a year roughly to complete one revolution around the celestial sphere of all 12 zodiac signs. This time around planet Venus will transit to Scorpio on 25th December, 2023 at 06:33 AM.

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Venus Transit In Scorpio: Characteristics 

Individuals who have their Venus in Scorpio in their natal charts are very determined and straightforward. They are quite clear about what they want from life. In love matters however, they tend to be quite secretive about what they feel. They are romantic nonetheless, and can be seriously possessive and jealous at times. There is no fooling around with those having Venus in Scorpio. They want serious commitment. These natives can be quite dominating and demanding in nature. There is also a tendency to start arguments. They are proud of themselves. However, their relationship with brothers often sours. 

Venus In Scorpio: Worldwide Impacts

Travel & Transportation 

  • Venus transit in Scorpio will support the water related transportation sector. We may see some major positive changes happening in the water transport sector within the country during this time period.
  • The travel industry may flourish during this transit.

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Banking & Finance 

  • The Banking & finance industry will flourish during this transit.
  • The Banking sector and the people working in it may experience immense growth during this transit.
  • The financial sector may experience growth in multiple domains as businesses may grow exponentially.

Creative Careers & Business 

  • We may see steps being taken to revive a lot of extinct art forms in India and Indian art forms may shine in the new found glory abroad. 
  • Venus in Scorpio gives a creative touch to the natives with this placement. The fashion industry and the textile industries globally may experience a boom and the demands for fashion items may increase.
  • People involved in journalism, media, and public relations would excel and grow in their career as of now.
  • Writers and singers across the country and the world may also flourish during this time. 
  • Designers, web designers, people engaged in fine arts, etc may flourish too during this Venus transit in Scorpio.

Venus Transit In Scorpio: Stock Market Report

Planet Venus will now transit in the zodiac sign of Leo from the 25th of December, 2023 and like every other event in the country it will also impact the stock market. Astrosage presents to you the Stock Market predictions  as Venus transits into Scorpio and what changes it may bring in each and every industry related to Venus.

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  • The Banking & Finance sector will experience an upward growth in their profit graphs.
  • The textile industry and textile related companies may also benefit from this transit of Venus in Leo. 
  • The Perfumeries and the garments industry as well as the fashion accessories industry may experience a boom during this transit. 
  • Journalism or Public Relations related firms and all big names in the print, telecommunication & broadcasting industry may experience positive outcomes. 

Venus Transit In Scorpio: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit 


Venus rules the 1st house and the 6th house for Taurus natives and will now transit to the 7th house. This transit is very favorable for the natives who are freelancer, self-employed, or in business and are looking for any sort of partnership, they will be able to find a partner or investor for the business. Taurus natives who were facing issues in their married life, with the blessing of this Venus Transit In Scorpio they will get the time and opportunity to resolve the issues and increase the compatibility and  love in their relationship.

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Venus rules the 4th house and the 11th house for Cancer natives. Both these houses are positive houses and now Venus will transit into the 5th house. Therefore, this Venus Transit In Scorpio can be considered as a favorable transit for you. Cancer natives during this period your creativity will be very high due to this transit of venus. Cancer individuals may spend quality time with their loved ones in a quest to make their bond stronger. Students in the creative field like designing, arts or fashion will have a favorable time. Students in the medical field as well as the creative fields may perform well. 


Venus rules the 3rd house and the 10th house for Leo natives and as Venus Transits into Scorpio it will now be placed in the 4th house. This is a good placement for many reasons but the most important is that Venus gets ‘Digbala’ in the 4th house. It is a favorable time for increasing luxury in your home, by buying a new home or vehicle or any other luxury item, or by renovating your existing home. Now moving further and talking about the aspect of Venus from the fourth house, it is aspecting your tenth house of profession. So, this is a favorable time for the people in show business like film business, theater or drama, or even in the luxury business like beauty, decore will have a profitable period for their business. Leo natives, you will also be inclined towards working from home, or to start anything in professional life like some sort of business from home.

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Venus rules the 1st house and the 8th house for Libra natives and will now transit to the 2nd house of family, speech and earnings. During this time you will spend quality time with your family and cherish lovely moments. But because it is the eighth lord as well and if the Dasha you are going through is not favorable can bring a lot of uncertainties in your family life, you may even get over possessive about your family. You will also be inclined towards increasing your bank balance, or you will also be totally driven towards reinforcing your financial inflow and this transit in the second house will increase your finances. Presence of Venus in the second house will make your voice very pleasant which is favorable for singers, commentators, dubbing artist, but on the negative side the second house also represents your eating habits so you may indulge in consuming a lot of exotic, greasy food and liquor which is not good for your health and it will also increase your expenses. 


Venus has the ownership of the 5th house as well as the 10th house for Capricorn natives and will transit to the 11th house now. So Capricorn natives, this Venus Transit In Scorpio in your 11th house is going to be very favorable for you because it is a yogakaraka planet for you. You will get the result of your professional hard work and can expect a monetary hike but this could come with some professional changes. Capricorn natives who have the desire to have kids can come true and Capricorn parents can become responsible and make a lot of investment for the secure future of their children. You will also get the monetary gains from your past investment. Your materialistic desires will also come true. You will also spend a lot of time socializing and parting with your friends or professional network circle. 

Venus Transit In Scorpio: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Negatively Impacted 


Venus is a functional benefic planet for Gemini natives as it rules the 5th house and the 12th house and will now transit to the 6th house. Therefore this is not a very favorable time for these individuals as the presence of Venus in the 6th house is not considered good because according to Kalpurush Kundli it gets debilitated in the 6th house. Gemini natives, this is not a favorable time for lending money to anyone. You have to be very consistent and disciplined in your daily schedule in your daily lifestyle. You are advised to have strong character and high morality as involving in any sort of secretive illegitimate relationship can get you in trouble. You are also advised to avoid any sort of causal approach or pleasurable approach at work place as it could bring defame to you, because your hidden enemies will try to backstab you.

Venus Transit In Scorpio: Impactful Remedies 

  • Keep a square shaped silver block in your wallet or locker on a Friday.
  • Offer red flowers to Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi and observe fasts on Friday.
  • Offer Kheer to goddess Lakshmi every Friday and distribute it to young girls as well.
  • Recite the Kanakdhara Stotram everyday.
  • Offer 5 red flowers to goddess Lakshmi every Friday.
  • Chant the Shukra Beej Mantra every Friday.
  • Wear the color white and pink often.
  • Keep fasts on Friday. 
  • Install and worship the Shukra Yantra in your homes and workplace.

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