Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Inauspicious Time For These Zodiac Signs!

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: On 18 January 2024, Sun transits in Sagittarius sign, at 08:46 pm. Due to Venus transit, natives of some zodiacs will face losses and they need to stay cautious during this period. As per astrology, when Venus enters the Sagittarius zodiac, it marks the start of an inauspicious period for some zodiacs. This AstroSage blog contains details of zodiac signs that will face difficulties due to Sun transit in Sagittarius.

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Effects Of Venus Transit In Sagittarius 

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius sign and it is the factor of fire element. Whereas, Venus is considered the factor of love, beauty, attraction, and material pleasures. The auspicious influence of Venus planet results in happiness in the lives of people and the inauspicious effect of the planet leads to unhappiness or bad results in their lives. As Venus transits in Sagittarius, there will be a rise of love and adventure in the lives of people. You are able to influence others with your words and the relationship with your love partner or wife gets stronger. 

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: List Of Unlucky Zodiacs Due To It 


Venus transits in the eighth house of the Sagittarius sign. This transit will provide average results to the Taurus natives. It also results in the occurrence of sudden events in your life and will encounter ups & downs at the emotional level. The natives will get more emotional than before and they will try to make their relationship with their partner stronger. In this period, your focus will be on investment. 

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Venus transits in your sixth house in the Sagittarius sign. Due to this, the Cancer natives will face different challenges in their lives. Only a good amount of hard work will provide you the best results and there will be different problems at your workplace. The colleagues at work will be jealous of you and thus the level of competition will rise hugely. On the other hand, there will be many good opportunities in this period, if you are thinking of changing jobs. Pay the right kind of attention to your physical and mental health as it can deteriorate during this transit period. 

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Venus transit in Sagittarius will take place in your twelfth house. The income levels of natives will increase due to it, but the expenses also rise with it.  The natives need to control their expenses if they want to save money. Take care of your money during this period and make the right decisions only after careful consideration. The expenses of natives will increase suddenly due to the transit and you are advised to make the plans accordingly. Avoid spending too much money on luxury items and wasteful expenditures need to be prevented. 

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