Venus Transit In Sagittarius, These Zodiac Signs Need To Stay Alert!

In accordance with astrology and its scriptures, the planet Venus is considered to be of feminine qualities. The greater effect of this planet falls on the lives of natives in areas related to love and marriage. The harbinger of the love factor, the planet Venus is going to transit in Sagittarius. Its effect will definitely shed upon different areas in the lives of natives. Other than that, there might be indications of major changes in the love life of many zodiac signs. 

In this detailed blog, we will know about the date and time of Venus transit in Sagittarius and all its fine points. With that, we will also know what are the effects of a weakened Venus in the horoscope. Besides this, we’ll also find out about the remedies according to the zodiac signs. With these radiant remedies, you will be able to receive the graceful blessings of the planet Venus. 

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The Astrological Relevance Of Venus, The Planet Of Love

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is known to be a prosperous and auspicious planet. Through the effects of Venus the natives face prosperity in their health life, marriage life and receive materialistic pleasure. Venus is the factor and harbinger of marital prosperity, wealth, art, talent, and romance. The planet Venus is the ruling lord of the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. The higher zodiac of Venus is Pisces and similarly, its lower zodiac is Virgo. 

If we talk about the transit of Venus, then, the period of the transit consists of 23 days. Venus stays for a period of 23 days in each zodiac, and then, after completing its period; it transits in another zodiac sign. Venus has friendly relations with the planet Mercury and Saturn and Sun and Moon are considered its enemies. It is clear that due to the weakened state of the planet of love, Venus we see its different effects in our lives. There are many benefits of a strong Venus as well, so, let’s understand them a bit better!

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Advantages Of Strong Venus

We have discussed above how the planet Venus is considered to be the factor of love, and marital prosperity. Those natives with strong Venus receive peace and delight in their marital life. With its blissful effects, the relationship between married people becomes strong and profound. The natives who are having strong Venus in their horoscope will be able to receive immense materialistic pleasures. On the other hand, Venus and its positive influences on natives will also stimulate their curiosity and interest in literature and the arts.

Effects Of Weakened Venus

The natives who have weak Venus in their horoscope experience issues in their marital relationships. The natives might face differences in their marital life. The materialistic pleasure is depleted from the life of such people and they sometimes have to suffer from poverty. Due to its side effects you might have to face financial, mental, and societal problems and difficulties. In astrology there are subtle remedies available through which you can strengthen Venus in your horoscope.  

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Remedies To Strengthen Venus

  • Donate rice, silver, Jowar, curd, and Kheer on Friday to strengthen Venus.
  • To make Venus stronger, wear a diamond.
  • To reinforce Venus you could also own 6 or 13 faced Rudraksha. 
  • Recite this Mantra, om śuṃ śukrāya namah:
  • Observe fast and do worship according to all the rituals on Friday. 

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Date And Time

The planet Venus will transit in Sagittarius on 5th December 2022, on Monday at 05:39 pm. Venus is moving in the zodiac sign of Jupiter, and according to astrology, these planets do not have cordial relations. The effect of this transit will be seen on religious leaders, speakers, and teachers. Apart from this, all other zodiac signs will face its effect differently. So, let’s read about its effects and remedies according to each zodiac sign. 

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Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Zodiac Based Remedies

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