Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Fortunate Time For These Lucky Zodiacs!

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: The date of Venus transit in Sagittarius is 18 January 2024, at 08:46 pm. The change in position of the Venus planet brings good luck for some zodiacs, while the natives of some signs will face difficulties. This AstroSage blog contains details of lucky zodiac signs due to Venus transit in Sagittarius. 

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Let us first know about the importance of Venus in astrology, its effects, and the benefits availed by lucky zodiacs due to Venus transit in Sagittarius. 

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Effects Of Venus In Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of fire element and Jupiter is the lord of this zodiac. This Venus transit will result in the rise of excitement and love will enter in the lives of people. The communication skills of natives also improve due to it. The Venus transit in Sagittarius ensures that the person follows the path of truth and will perform their respective duties with full devotion. Other than that, individuals are able to express all their feelings openly. 

Let us know further about the zodiac signs that will have fortune time due to Venus transit in Sagittarius sign. 

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Venus Transit In Sagittarius: List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


In the Aries zodiac, Venus transits in the ninth house and thus it will support the luck of the natives. They will follow the path of spirituality and travel long distances during this period. In the workplace, your hard work will bear the right fruits and no one will be able to stop you from being successful. There are chances for Aries natives to travel abroad for various work. The time is also favorable for the love life of Aries natives. There will be the chance to spend quality time with the partner. Both partners will be able to understand each other’s feelings in a better way. For students, creativity will increase and learning ability also rises significantly. 

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For the Gemini zodiac, the Venus transit will take place in the seventh house. The business persons will be able to make huge profits due to Venus transit in Sagittarius. The natives need to be a little careful in the business area. They will perform well in professional life and other than that, there will be chances to travel abroad. These opportunities will pave the path to progress in your career. In case of troubles with your spouse, it will end in this period and both the partners will get the opportunity to come together. Whereas, single individuals will get the chance to marry someone special. 

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In the Leo zodiac, the Venus transit will transit in the fifth house. There will be beautiful opportunities in your professional life due to Venus transit in Sagittarius. The work done by the employed people will get a new identity and the period will be very auspicious for the business persons. There will be full support of colleagues at the workplace. The natives will get good profits from the share market investments. 

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For the Virgo natives, the transit will happen in the fourth house. They will get success and prosperity in different fields across life. There are clear indications that business persons will get positive results. For the employed people, there are chances of promotions. This transit will also make the natives financially strong. The natives will try to change their thoughts and also the source of income will also increase. 

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For the Scorpio natives, the transit will take place in the second house. The Venus transit in Sagittarius will result in different types of financial gains and prosperity. It is also the best period to start a new business and the persons involved in business partnerships will get all the benefits. Your repute in society will rise and can achieve financial prosperity. The relationship with the family members will get stronger and the love will increase within the family. In professional life, there are chances of great progress and there will be wonderful opportunities for progress in the field of work. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, the transit is going to transit in the lagna house. There will be many positive changes in the lives of people and there will be ample chances to improve themselves. The natives need to perform yoga and meditation to stay healthy. For the employed people and business persons, there are chances of huge profits. There are chances of sudden success in life due to the transit. In this period, the natives will get all the luck by their side to complete various tasks. 

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For the Aquarius natives, the transit will take place in the eleventh house. This results in positive outcomes in the lives of natives. In the workplace, you can expect the right amount of progress and get all the desired material comforts. There are chances of huge profits from the right investments. The family members will appreciate you for your career progress. The natives also get the opportunity to spend quality time with their spouses. 

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