Venus Transit In Sagittarius (18 January): Happiness & Luxury For Zodiacs!

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: In the ancient science of Vedic astrology, the study of planetary transits holds a significant place, offering valuable insights into the unfolding cosmic energies that influence human life. Planetary transits occur when celestial bodies move through the zodiac, interacting with the positions of planets in an individual’s natal chart, thereby shaping the course of events. 

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Let’s delve into the upcoming Venus transit scheduled for January 18, taking place at the end of this month. As Venus enters the Sagittarius sign during this period, it becomes crucial to comprehend the impact of this transit on your life. Explore insights on remedies to mitigate potential negative effects, understand how the strength or weakness of Venus in your horoscope can influence your life, grasp the astrological significance of Venus, and learn effective methods to fortify Venus in your horoscope by reading our specialized blog that covers all these aspects.

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Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Date & Time

The Venus Transit of 2024 is scheduled for January 18, and as we delve into the specifics of its time and date, this celestial occurrence is set to take place at precisely 8:46 PM on the night of January 18, 2024, as Venus, the planet associated with prosperity, transits into the Sagittarius sign.

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Significance & Influence of Venus Transit In Sagittarius

In the realm of astrology, Venus holds the status of a benefic planet, also known as Venus and the Morning Star in English. This celestial body is deemed favorable, playing a role in matters related to beauty, happiness, vehicles, travel, fine arts, and business relationships. Moreover, Venus is recognized as a celestial entity possessing knowledge spanning both the physical and spiritual realms.

When Venus moves from one zodiac sign to another, it is termed Venus Transit. The effects of Venus Transit manifest in various aspects such as progeny, relationships, finances, and marriage. Notably, the impact varies among zodiac signs, with some experiencing positive outcomes while others may contend with negative influences. The ultimate result is significantly influenced by the position of Venus in your birth chart.

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Venus in Vedic Astrology: Significance and Associations

In astrology, Venus holds the status of a benefic planet, governing Taurus and Libra, with Pisces being its exalted sign and Virgo its debilitated sign. From a religious perspective, Venus is acknowledged as the Teacher of the Demons or the Asuras, known as Shukracharya.

The Bhagavata Purana mentions Venus as the son of the sage Bhrigu. Furthermore, its association with the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, is recognized. This connection is underscored by the observance of Friday fasting, aimed at seeking prosperity and abundance.

Astronomically, Venus is a luminous celestial body, situated closest to Earth both in terms of size and distance. This proximity has earned it the nickname of the “sister of Earth.” Notably, Venus exhibits its brightest illumination just before sunrise and after sunset, leading to its designation as both the Morning Star and the Evening Star.

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Remedies To Strengthen Venus in the Birth Chart

According to astrology, individuals with a robust placement of Venus in their birth charts tend to enjoy happiness, wealth, attractiveness, and beauty in their lives. Conversely, those with a weaker positioning of Venus may face challenges and negative outcomes in these aspects. As a solution, remedies are suggested to alleviate the potential adverse effects associated with a less influential Venus.

Let’s move forward and learn about some remedies.

  • If Venus is weak in your birth chart, consider initiating a Friday fast and contribute white items such as milk, yogurt, pearls, sugar, flour, and ghee based on your capacity.
  • To fortify a debilitated Venus in your birth chart, engage in reciting the Venus mantra on Fridays and full moon days.
  • If Venus holds a weak position, support it by feeding ants a mixture of sugar and wheat flour.
  • In addition, reinforcing your Venus can be achieved by regularly donating white clothing, rice, ghee, and sugar to an unmarried girl.
  • Enhance the efficacy of your Venus strengthening routine by adding cardamom to your bathing water, considered an effective remedy.
  • Wearing a silver or platinum ring is considered auspicious for strengthening Venus. Alternatively, adorning a chain around your neck can also be a suitable option instead of a ring.
  • Furthermore, you may opt to wear a silver ring on your thumb to maintain serenity in your mind and intellect, thereby strengthening Venus.
  • Consistent worship of Goddess Lakshmi is recommended. It is believed that Guru Shukracharya regarded Goddess Lakshmi as his sister, making regular worship an effective method to attain favorable results from Venus or strengthen Venus in the birth chart.

Note: The upcoming planetary transit for this month is the last one. The subsequent transit is scheduled for February, when Mercury will transit into Capricorn on February 1st, 2024.

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