Venus Transit In Pisces (April 27, 2022), These Signs Need To Be Careful!

The curtain raiser for the transit of Venus in Pisces is here and in this blog, we are presenting the movement of Venus in Pisces, which is the exalted sign for this romantic planet. This transit is going to take place on April 27, 2022.

Venus In Astrology

Venus is the indicator of romance, love, and beauty. Without the favourable position of the planet Venus, one cannot attain quick results in terms of love and marriage. If Venus is placed well in a native’s horoscope, then he/she will be able to lead a happy and healthy life. Natives with strong Venus have good creative skills and develop the same with more determination and professionalism. 

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On the other hand, if Venus is placed in a weak position, there will be cascading effects in the relationship.

Let us negate the bad results and welcome Venus to confer efficient results. In this blog, we will find out, which zodiac signs will be receiving favourable and unfavourable results fur to this transit.

Venus Transit in Pisces: What to Expect?

Pisces is an exalted sign for Venus and due to this, there will be scope for financial abundance, satisfaction and a cordial atmosphere. This is the beginning of auspicious occasions. The natives will be developing more creative powers and will be able to exhibit their full potential. Venus in Pisces will enable the natives to assess their abilities and discharge the same. Natives will develop more passion in them during this transit in Pisces.

Impact Of the Venus Transit On India and the World 

  • There will be good results possible in India and the entire world by means of increased outsourcing.
  • Good profits will be earned via sales of diamonds, silver, etc.
  • Textile industries, entertainment sector industries, and multimedia and graphics industries will be getting a boost in India and all over the world.

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Impact of the Venus Transit on Natives

  • Natives will be in a position to create an impact that will enable them to be successful in business and thereby earn good profits.
  • Financial abundance will be available for the natives during the transit.
  • Natives will also be in a position to do multi-level business and earn good profits.

Venus Transit in Pisces: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?



During this time, natives born under this zodiac sign may be in a position to earn good money and enhance their potential. Getting new job chances is possible for these natives and such openings may enable them to fulfil their targets. More service mindedness and professionalism for these natives. Those who are in love and those who are about to enter into wedlock will find their favourable time during this transit.


These natives may face luck during this transit in terms of high monetary gains and savings.  Chances for promotion in the job due to the hard and efficient efforts where these natives will be imparting will be possible. Natives who are doing business and those who are yet to start a new business will be able to flourish well. These natives will also be able to see auspicious occasions in their family and will have casual outings with their life partners.


During this time, these natives will develop well based on their self-efforts. More travel abroad will be possible with respect to their career/business and such travel may be shaping up their fortunes. There will be an increase in money flow for these natives. If these natives are in love then there are high chances to meet with marriage. 

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During this period, you may face obstacles in gaining money. There will be more expenses that may keep you locked during this course of time. Natives who are in business may face troubles in the form of loss and problems in partnership during this time. Problems in relationships may be possible with a lack of harmony which may arise due to less understanding.


During this period, these natives may be facing delays in development and problems in career growth. These natives may not get the desired happiness in jobs and their skills may not get due recognition. Financial problems may exist during this time.


During this period, these natives may be facing delays in development and the desired satisfaction may not be easily possible. They may not be favoured by Luck and there may be relationship problems with elders and fathers for these natives.


  • Light oil lamp for Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays.
  • Chant ‘Om Shukraya Namaha’ daily 42 times.
  • Do Homa for planet Venus on Fridays.

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