Venus Transit In Pisces 2024: Unlucky Period For 3 Zodiac Signs!

Venus Transit In Pisces 2024: On 31 March 2024, Sunday, Venus transits into Jupiter‘s zodiac sign Pisces at 04:31 pm. Venus will remain in the Aquarius sign till 31 March, 16:31 pm, and then enters the Pisces sign. Till 24 April 2024, Pisces, the exalted sign of Venus will remain here till the time 23:44 pm. After this, Venus will enter the Aries zodiac sign. 

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If we talk about the importance of Venus in astrology, the planet is the lord of love, pleasures, happiness, and prosperity. The auspicious influence of Venus results in love and affection in the lives of natives. After Mercury, Venus is the fastest planet in the entire solar system. The planet takes around 23 days to move from one zodiac sign to another. The Venus transit in the exalted sign Pisces is considered one of the vital astrological events. 

With Venus transit in Pisces, all the zodiac signs get affected due to it. But there are some zodiac signs which should be taken care of in this period. 

This AstroSage blog contains details about zodiac signs that need to be cautious with their health and finances during the Venus transit in Pisces 2024. 

Venus Transit In Pisces 2024: List Of Zodiacs That Will Get The Bad Effects 


The ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, will have a strong friendly relationship with Venus, but the Venus transit won’t prove very auspicious for the natives. For your zodiac sign, Venus is the lord of the twelfth and fifth house and now Venus will transit in the tenth house from your zodiac sign in Pisces. 

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The Venus transit in Pisces will result in facing some troubles at the workplace. The employed natives need to stay careful in their work, or else they might make mistakes in their job. Avoid talking with people at your office and concentrate on relevant tasks at work. There are chances of someone getting hurt by your words or behavior. In a love relationship, there are chances of multiple ups and downs. For business persons, the period will prove less fruitful and there are fewer chances of success. The natives need to make the right efforts to make profits at work. 

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Venus, the lord of the fourth center house and the ninth triangle house, will be the yoga karaka for the Aquarius natives. The Venus transit in Pisces will happen in the second house of your zodiac. During this period, the Pisces natives can experience different negative effects on their lives. Many guests will be arriving at your place and the time will be consumed in their entertainment. It will be crucial to have control over the speech to avoid the negative effects. Avoid the use of harsh words in your conversations or else the relationships can deteriorate. Other than that, avoid any kind of show-off. The Venus transit in Pisces won’t be very good for the health of the natives. 

There are chances of health troubles during this period and thus the Pisces natives need to stay cautious. Avoid the consumption of any kind of unbalanced food. In case of carelessness with your health, there are chances of toothache and sore throat complaints. There can also be concerns related to mouth ulcers. This transit will be favorable for the natives, but they need to stay cautious about the things mentioned above. 

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For Libra natives, Venus will be the lord of their zodiac along with the eighth house. During Venus transit in Pisces, Venus will be positioned in the sixth house of the zodiac. The expenses will rise significantly in this period. They need to make a lot of effort to achieve success. The natives will achieve something only after a bit of struggle in life. However, there are chances of some worries in the minds of Libra business persons. If they work calmly, the situation can be turned in their favor too. 

The natives also need to stay careful with their health during this Venus transit. Diabetic students need to be careful about their eating habits, otherwise, health-related troubles can arise in this period. Other than that, avoid investments in property, etc. in this period as the chances of loss are very prominent. The Libra natives need to stay careful with their health and finances during this transit period. 

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