Venus Transit In Moola Nakshatra & Its Impacts On These 3 Zodiacs!

Mercury Transit, 2024: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus will enter the nakshatra of Jyeshtha on 18th January, 2024 at 21:05. Let’s find out what impacts Venus Transit In Moola Nakshatra on the relationships of these 3 zodiac signs. 

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In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony and luxury. Venus gains digbala in the 4th house and owns two signs namely Taurus and Libra. It is deeply exalted at 27 degrees in Pisces zodiac and is considered debilitated in Virgo sign owned by Mercury. Its Mooltrikona is in Libra. In the planetary Cabinet of Astrology Venus is also a minister along with Jupiter. 

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Moola Nakshatra In Astrology

According to the Vedic astrological beliefs, Moola (Mula) nakshatra is the 19th nakshatra or lunar mansion among the 27 nakshatras, and it ranges from degrees 0°00 to 13°20′ in the Sagittarius sign. The meaning of ‘Moola’ is the root and its symbol is a group of a bunch of roots that are tied together. Moola nakshatra is ruled by the Goddess of destruction, i.e. Goddess Maha Kali. 

Moola Nakshatra has a very amiable nature and prefers to stay in a peaceful atmosphere. This native has his own set of values and lives strictly by them. It is observed that there is a fear about the male native of the Moola Nakshatra that he may sometimes be vulnerable, but he is strong from within and can tide over any obstacles by the sheer grit of his willpower, and achieve all his ambitious goals. He does not care about tomorrow and is happy to live in the present. He is god-fearing and knows that God will take care of him in any adverse situation, which makes him an optimistic person.

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Venus in Moola Nakshatra

If there is Venus in Moola Nakshatra, then the person is an excellent scholar, knows religion from the root, has wealth and vehicles, is inquisitive, is an investigator, and calms down after telling someone’s words to everyone. If there is only Venus, then the person will be poor and without happiness. The downside is however, that your personal life will be uprooted as the ruling planet of Moola nakshatra is Ketu and is known to be a spiritual planet who knows nothing about love, romance and relationships. Ketu seeks salvation from all worldly and material pleasures. 

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Venus on the other hand is very social, loves all things bring and bling and loves being involved in relationships and romance. Venus is bound to be troubled in this nakshatra. Now we will look at how this transit of Venus in Moola nakshatra impacts the personal lives of different zodiac signs. 

Venus Transit In Moola Nakshatra: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Impacted Negatively


Geminis! Venus being the 5th house lord and the 12th house lord will be placed in the 7th house of Sagittarius in Mula nakshatra. Venus in the 7th house will spoil the married life of the native and create conflicts between you and your partner. Venus being in Ketu’s nakshatra is a bad sign for the married life of anyone. It can even create delays in getting married. This would also create problems in your business and strike a cord with your business partners. You would have to face a lot of adversities. 

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Venus is the lord of the 7th house and the 12th house for Scorpio natives and will transit to the 2nd house now. Venus in the Moola nakshatra will impact your married life negatively and also lower your income sources. You may not be able to earn what you deserve and may not be able to coordinate well with your spouse and other family members. Venus in moola can create circumstances where you may feel misunderstood by your partner and others close to you even when your intentions were pure. This position of Venus can be quite hurtful. 


Aquarius! Venus governs the 4th house and the 9th house and now will transit in the 11th house. Venus in the 11th house will aspect the 5th house of love and romance. During this period, your love relationship will suffer and create conflicts between you and your partner. Ketu is a planet that does not understand relationships and love and Venus being the planet of love is unable to adjust in Ketu’s nakshatra. This position of Venus can create issues in business and inheritance as well. Be cautious of making any risky investments during this period. 

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