Venus Transit In Magha Nakshatra: Note Major Impact On 3 Zodiacs!

Venus Nakshatra Transit 2023: Venus, the planet of romance, love, arts and beauty is set to transit to the Magha Nakshatra on 07th of July, 2023 at 4: 28 AM. The planet ruling the Magha nakshatra is the ‘loner’, Ketu and the ruling deity of this nakshatra is Pitris- The Ancestral Fathers. It is the 10th nakshatra in the list of 27 Nakshatras. It ranges from 0 degrees 0’ to 13 degrees 20’ within the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun. As the name suggests Magha Nakshatra imparts royal and respectable positions to its natives. It is the symbol of reputation, domination, authoritative status, and high social respect. The individuals belonging to Magha Nakshatra are considered to be born leaders in their respective fields.

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If Venus is in Magha Nakshatra, then the person is captivating, stubborn, an excellent scholar, mathematician, respects ancestors, loves to travel, wealthy, and concerned about the mother’s health. Venus in Magha nakshatra gives an authoritative position in career but it may disturb your relationships to a certain extent. In many cases it is seen giving multiple marriages to natives with this placement of Venus in their horoscopes. Venus is once again set to transit into Magha nakshatra. The impacts would be felt more by people who already have their natal Venus placed in Magha nakshatra in their horoscopes. Please note that the zodiac wise predictions are based on the ascendant sign. To know your ascendant or the rising sign click on the link. 

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Venus Transit In Magha Nakshatra: 3 Zodiacs Will Be Impacted


Taurus natives will benefit greatly from this transit and any project, work or venture started on this day will pay you back immensely. You  may experience money or wealth coming their way on this day. If you’re a business owner you may get higher returns as Venus transits to Magha nakshatra or you could make a transition from a regular job to starting your own business during this yoga. You may receive unexpected money and have financial gains. However, Venus coming in this nakshatra in the zodiac sign of Leo will disturb your romantic life and your married life and conflicts with the partner may arise due to difference of opinions or thoughts.

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Leo natives may feel positivity on the whole. If you’re a business owner, this transit of Venus can give you loads of money and abundance . Everything that you lay your hands on you will succeed or gain something out of it. This is a golden opportunity so be careful while you try and plan or utilize your day in any way. There are high chances of you gaining a higher position, a promotion or an increment in salary. Your relationships could suffer here as Venus aspects your 7th house and the ‘Karako Nashaya Bhava’ rule comes into play. Venus is for sure going to create tensions and a bit of ups and downs in your relationship. 

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Libra natives engaged in business may be able to earn huge returns in business as your ascendant lord moves to the 11th house of gains. You may get in touch with affluent people during this time through your social networks and get benefits in your profession. A business owner may be able to strike great deals during this transit. This is a great duration for financial gains. If your money is stuck somewhere then there are chances you may get it back. If you have been facing a financial crunch, you may be able to find a new financial source or unexpected money on this day. Like the other two zodiacs mentioned above, you will too feel a disturbance in your married life. However, singles might get lucky and find a new love or a love interest during this transit. 

Venus Transit In Magha Nakshatra: Impactful Remedies

  • Offer Kheer to goddess Lakshmi every Friday and distribute it to young girls as well.
  • Recite the Kanakdhara Stotram everyday.
  • Feed the stray dogs and the stray cows for Ketu to lessen its negative impact.
  • Offer 5 red flowers to goddess Lakshmi every Friday.
  • Chant the Shukra Beej Mantra every Friday.
  • Wear the color white and pink often.
  • Keep fasts on Friday. 
  • Install and worship the Shukra Yantra in your homes and workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which planet rules this Nakshatra?

Ans. Ketu is the planet which rules over this nakshatra

Which Deity rules this nakshatra?

Ans. Pitris is the deity that rules this nakshatra.

Is it an auspicious nakshatra?

Ans. No, Magha is an inauspicious nakshatra.

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