Venus Transit In Libra: Planet Venus Bestows Its Blessings On Zodiacs!

AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus transits the sign of Libra on 30th November, 2023. Let’s find out what impact Venus Transit In Libra will bring for different events in different zodiac signs lives. This blog also includes zodiac wise predictions for the zodiacs which will benefit from this transit.

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Venus is regarded as the goddess of love, marriage, beauty, and comfort in our Vedic Astrology. It is known as Mahalakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s wife. Venus is likewise thought to have one eye. It governs our horoscope’s aspects of beauty, creativity, and luxury. Venus is referred to as a feminine planet that governs touch perception. 

Venus is associated with all that is related to the higher qualities of the mind, including acting, drama, opera, music, poetry, art, singing, and all elegant entertainment and accessories. Venus’s influence manifests as being giving, compassionate, witty, and loving. Venus specifically denotes the wife, older sister, and older females connected to the native, sexual happiness, youth, and valor in a man’s horoscope. Venus is a symbol for potential celebrity in a person’s life. Venus also provides insight into the person’s level of passion in addition to this. It stands for sexual customs. It stands for both happiness and gratification of the senses.  

Venus Transit In Libra: These Zodiac Signs Would Be Impacted Positively


Aries natives, Venus, the planet that rules your second and seventh houses, is currently in your seventh house of marriage, life partner, and business relationship. Therefore, my dear Aries individuals, this Venus transit in Libra is really beneficial for your married life.

 It will strengthen the love and warmth in your partnership, and you might even get to go out to dinner with your spouse and spend quality time together. Additionally, residents who are still unmarried and eager to be married can locate a compatible partner, and those who are already committed to a relationship can set a wedding date or tie the knot during Venus’s transit through Libra.

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Venus is currently transiting through your fifth house of education, romantic relationships, and children on November 30, Gemini locals. Venus is the lord of your twelfth and fifth houses. 

Therefore, my dear Gemini natives, the results of Venus’s transit in Libra are not entirely clear. During this transit, Gemini pupils who are interested in design, the arts, or creativity will find that their poetry and creative writing are abundant. They will also have the chance to study foreign art with a foreign teacher. 


Dear Cancer natives, Venus is currently transiting through your fourth house, which is symbolic of your mother, domestic life, home, automobile, and property. Venus is the lord of both your fourth and eleventh houses. For those of you who are Cancerian, this Venus transit in Libra may be the most auspicious of the year in terms of bringing happiness into your home. 

Your home life will be excellent during Venus’s transit through Libra, and you will have a wonderful relationship with your mother. If your older sibling is far away, they are welcome to come see you. Venus is currently aspecting your tenth house from its aspect in the fourth house. Venus transit in Libra is advantageous for Cancer residents who work from home or in luxury businesses. 


Dear Leos! Venus, the planet that rules your tenth and third houses, is currently transiting your third house, which means that you’ll have a wonderful relationship with your younger siblings and advisors. You’ll spend a lot of money on your interests and pastimes.

Additionally beneficial to your career is this transit. Because of their inventiveness, Leo natives who work in communication, art, theater, entertainment journalism, acting, or other entertainment-related fields will excel in their careers. 


Dear Virgos, Venus, the planet that rules your second and ninth houses, is currently transiting through your second house, which is responsible for speech, savings, and family. Therefore, my dear Virgos, you will benefit greatly from this Venus transit in Libra. You will speak softly and with an extra sweetness in your voice, which will help you finish all of your job. 

You will have a close and loving relationship with a member of your immediate family. Both your bank balance and savings will increase. Your father, a guru, or another fatherly figure may also give you a financial gift or profit. 

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Dear natives of Libra: On November 30, planet Venus will be transiting over your body and personality-related Lagna, which is ruled by Langa and the eighth house for you. Therefore, dear inhabitants of Libra, you will be gifted with a charming personality as a result of your Lagna lord Venus’s blessing during Venus Transit in Libra. 

Your attention to personal hygiene and improving your health will contribute to your pleasant demeanor. People will find your personality fascinating. A pleasant life filled with luxury is also in store for you.


Hello Sagis! Venus, the planet that rules your sixth and eleventh houses, is currently transiting through your eleventh house, which is ruled by desire, older siblings, and your paternal uncle. Due to Venus’s inherent animosity towards your Lagna lord Jupiter, Sagittarius residents will see a range of outcomes from this Venusian transit. 

Venus is in the eleventh house, which means that you will live in more luxury and comfort and that your materialistic goals will be fulfilled. Your older sibling, paternal uncle, will support you if the eleventh lord is in the eleventh house. Additionally, you will socialize with people in your network circle. Venus Transit in Libra is also a good moment to work out your differences with your adversaries and gain the upper hand.

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Venus Transit In Libra: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted


Hello Taurus natives, Venus is your Lagna lord and the 6th house lord and is transiting through your 6th house, which is under your natal sign’s authority. The house of rivals, health, maternal uncle, and adversaries. Therefore, my dear Taurus residents, while the Lagna lord coming to the sixth house is generally not auspicious, in this instance it is transiting in its own sign, so it won’t be too bad. Nevertheless, you should still be aware of your health because ignorance can lead to problems.

Maintain a high standard of morality and refrain from engaging in any immoral actions, such as extramarital or covert affairs. Betraying a spouse might lead to a romantic breakup and harm your reputation in the community. The bright side is that your maternal uncle will back you. Venus’s transit through Libra will be very beneficial for Taurus locals who work in the beauty or luxury services industries.

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Greetings, Pisces! Venus is currently transiting through your eighth house, which is associated with unexpected events, secrecy, and occult studies. Venus is the lord of your third and eighth houses. 

Therefore, Pisces residents, while Venus’s position in the eighth house is generally not seen to be very favorable, since it is currently transiting through your sign, it won’t be too bad for you. Your partner’s and your combined assets will rise during Venus’s transit through Libra. You will have a wonderful relationship with your in-laws. 

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Venus Transit In Libra: Impactful Remedies

  • Worship Goddess Laxmi every Friday or keep fasts on Fridays
  • Wear a diamond gemstone in your ring or index finger or the right hand, 
  • Grooming oneself and maintaining good hygiene helps improve a weak Venus.
  • Wearing white clothes often impacts the planet Venus positively
  • Using fragrances and perfumes on a daily basis is another easy remedy to ward off the negative effects of Venus
  • Install and worship the Shukra yantra in your homes or offices.
  • Wear Six Mukhi Rudraksha. 

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