Venus Transit In Libra Will Form Triyuti With Two Major Planets. Know Its Impact On Your Life!

Venus enters Libra on October 18, 2022, bringing with it the karaka element of beauty, art, lavishness, material pleasures, luxury, and sensual feelings. Venus is considered as one of the most auspicious planets of all. In addition to this they affect a person’s ability to have a successful marriage. For this reason, if Venus is in a favourable and strong position in a person’s horoscope they will always have enough money and food in their lives. He has a really happy marriage.

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On the other hand, if Venus is placed in an unfavourable or weak position in a horoscope, the person may have to deal with poverty in his life as a result. These people also miss out on financial security and marital fulfillment. It can be calculated how fatal the unfavourable influence of Venus is and that if Venus is weak in a woman’s horoscope, that condition can also result in any issues relating to abortion. Therefore, if you are experiencing similar issues, you can follow Astrology Advice   to remove any and all Venus flaws from your horoscope so that Venus can live in peace. 

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Venus Planet In Astrology

Because Venus is the brightest planet, it is also known as the morning star. Regarding the signs of the zodiac, Venus rules Taurus and Libra whereas Pisces is their exalted sign and Virgo is their weakened sign. Bharani, Poorva Phalguni, and Poorvashada are believed to be the constellations that Venus rules out of all the others. Mercury and Saturn are Venus’s friendly planets according to the planetary friendship, however they feel hostile toward the Sun and the Moon. As a result, anytime Venus forms a conjunction with a friendly planet somewhere, the effects of Venus are amplified because Venus is in a powerful state at the time. Venus’s conjunction with the adversary planet weakens them.

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Astrologer’s Viewpoint On Impact Of Venus Transit In Libra

  • Impact Of Venus On Libra  

Venus has the most impact on Libra. Venus is the original triangle sign of Venus, and it also rules the first house and the eighth house of this zodiac. The Venus transit in this zodiac will give the natives financial stability in such a situation. Since Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, the transit of Venus in Libra first house would directly improve compatibility in married couples’ lives. Because Venus will be in a fortunate position during this time any issues that could be present in a married couple’s relationship will be resolved.

  • Venus-Sun Conjunction In Libra

Venus will be in conjunction with the Sun there when it transits into its own sign of Libra on October 18. Venus and the Sun are considered to be hostile in astrology therefore their conjunction might cause some disruption in the natives’ lives owing to rising conflict in their personal and professional lives. In addition, your ego will grow. 

  • Formation Of Triyuti Of Venus-Sun-Ketu

While transiting in Libra, Venus will make its conjunction with the Sun and Ketu. This triune of these three planets could cause problems for married people in such a situation. Some students may be distracted from studying by romantic relationships due to Ketu. But Venus would continue to warn them periodically forcing them to acknowledge their obligations.

  • Special Vision Of Saturn On Venus 

Venus and Saturn continue to feel friendly toward one another. Saturn is regarded as exalted in Libra, which is Venus’ original triangle sign. Saturn will have the tenth view of the native in this case while Venus transits in Libra, making him more obedient and truthful during this time. The favour of both planets will elevate their status and assist them in achieving their goals.

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  • Venus Transit Effect On India

The natal chart of an independent India is believed to have a Cancer ascendant, and Venus will soon enter the fourth house from Cancer while transiting in Libra. People from all around the nation will consequently buy ferociously while upgrading their comforts. The majority of industrial regions will grow as a result. Additionally, there is a probability that the nation’s currency reserves will rise.

However, because of the Sun-Venus conjunction, there will be turmoil in the nation regarding some of the government’s policies. As a result the state government will have to deal with public outrage.

  • Venus Transit Impact On Share Market 

While Venus is in Libra, the stock market will also be impacted. This transit is anticipated to lead to an increase in crude oil, software, and IT sector equities. There is a probability that the cost of silver, cotton, Sugar, and jaggery will rise at the same time. As a result it would be better for you to make money. 

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Easy Remedies For The Peace Of Venus 

  • Observe the fast every Friday.
  • You must recite Sri Sukta and Sri Lakshmi Sukta every Friday to end the financial crisis.
  • Always dress neatly and properly and never under any conditions wear torn clothing.
  • Offer Maa Durga some cosmetics.
  • Serving a cow with a calf would also help you to attract Venus’ good fortune.
  • Flow Ghee, curd, camphor, and ginger into running water to cleanse the horoscope’s troubled Venus.
  • Offer Maa Durga offerings composed of white substances like milk, curd, sugar, flour, milk, and ghee.
  • Every day recite at least one rosary of any Shukra Dev Mantra.
  • Every day, feed the cow the first roti you make at home.
  • Don’t make fun of women and be there for them when they need you.
  • On Friday stay away from eating anything sour.
  • You will benefit by worshipping Lakshmi Maa, Santoshi Maa, and Goddess Durga.
  • Ask little girls for their blessings by offering them with Batash and Kheer.
  • Use only light colours if you can.
  • A pink handkerchief should always be kept in your pocket.
  • Apply perfume.
  • Only leave the house after receiving your mother’s blessing.
  • Your married life will be enjoyable if you do Kanyadaan for a poor girl.
  • To correct Venus’ flaws, you can also wear a diamond gemstone on your finger.
  • Speak with our astrologer by phone or chat if you want to strengthen Venus’ position in your horoscope. 
  • It will also be advantageous for you to worship the planet Venus online in order to comfort the effected Venus.

Mantras To Receive Auspicious Results From Venus Planet 

  • Venus Planet Vedic Mantra 

“oṃ annātparistruto rasaṃ brahmaṇā vyapibata kṣatraṃ paya: somaṃ prajāpati:।

ṛtena satyamindiyaṃ vipānaṃ śukramandhasa indrasyendriyamidaṃ payo’mṛtaṃ madhu।।”

  • Venus Planet Tantrik Mantra

“oṃ śuṃ śukrāya namaḥ”

  • Venus Planet Beej Mantra

“oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”

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