Venus Transit: Know the Effects on All Twelve Zodiac Signs!

The planet Venus is considered to be quite auspicious in the realm of Vedic astrology. Shukra goes by the name Venus in English and is also called the significator of beauty. This feminine planet, Venus is also the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. In addition to this, the planet is also acknowledged to be the brightest planet.

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Now, talking about the transit of Venus then, the planet Venus will leave Cancer at 00:50 hours and enter Leo on September 28, 2020. Further, Venus will remain posited in the same zodiac sign i.e. Leo till October 23, 2020 upto 10:44 hours. The planet Venus is considered to be the significator of profits too. Where the Venus planet remains exalted in Pisces, on the other hand , it is considered to be debilitated in Virgo.

Besides this, the relation of Venus with Saturn, Mercury and Ketu is pleasant but the same planet i.e. Venus has weak relations with Sun, Moon and Rahu. In addition to this, its relationship with Mars and Jupiter is neutral. If the planet Venus is in a favorable position in horoscope, then a person is blessed with all kinds of worldly pleasures and if the same planet is in a weak position, then a person may face challenges financially and disorders related to kidney diseases.

Let us read the horoscope as per zodiac signs and know at what level this transit of Venus impacts our lives. 

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Venus, the deity of beauty, will move through the fifth house of Aries natives, which signifies your progeny, education, and love…Read More


The Venus transit in Leo will take place through the fourth house of comforts of Taurus natives. The significator of beauty is the Lord of your sign, as well as of your sixth house…Read More 


The Lord of your fifth and twelfth houses, Venus will be making its transit through the third house of Gemini natives…Read More 


Venus is the Lord of the fourth and eleventh houses of Cancer natives, and during its transit, it will get posited in their second house…Read More

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Venus transit in Leo will cause the planet to get posited in the ascendant of the natives. The first house of any kundli signifies one’s body, character, nature, health and intellect…Read More 


Virgo natives will host the Venus transit in Leo through their twelfth house. The house of losses signifies upcoming problems in life, expenses, and your relations to foreign countries…Read More 

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Venus is the Lord of Libra and also of their eighth house. As it changes places across the zodiac plane, it will get positioned in their eleventh house…Read More 


The zodiac sign of Mars, Scorpio will host the transit of Venus through their tenth house, which signifies your karma, leadership skills, and business…Read More


The Lord of your sixth and eleventh houses, Venus is making its transit through the ninth house of Sagittarius natives…Read More


The tenth sign of the zodiac cycle, Capricorn will host the transit of Venus through their eighth house…Read More

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Aquarius natives will host the transit of Venus through their seventh house of partnership and spouse…Read More


The Venus transit in Leo will take place through the sixth house of Pisces natives. This house of enemies signifies your opponents, debts, debates, and subordinates…Read More

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