Venus Transit In Gemini Soon: Impact On the Zodiacs & Worldwide Events!

Venus Transit 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus will transit the sign of Gemini on 2nd May, 2023 at 13:46 hrs. Let’s find out what impact Venus Transit In Gemini will have on all these zodiac signs of the astrological sphere.

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Venus, the planet of love, beauty and romance, is transiting into the zodiac sign of Gemini, its friend Mercury’s sign. Even though Venus stays in one zodiac for a period of mere 28 days and that’s quite quick as compared to a few others like Jupiter and Saturn which take years to transit from one zodiac to the other, it is still a very important transit and can be a deciding factor in many of your life events. 

Gemini is an airy, dual sign ruled by the talkative Mercury. Venus enjoys the Gemini energy and enjoys its stay in this zodiac. Venus in Gemini may provide quick wit, fame, name, logic and all things bright and sparkly. Many celebrities and well known personalities around the globe have their Venus in Gemini. This is a good placement and often blesses an individual with material luxury as well as a heightened intellect. Let us now see what positive impacts Venus Transit in Gemini would have on these 6 zodiac signs. We will shed light on the love life and finances of these zodiac signs. 

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Venus Transit In Gemini: These 6 Zodiac Signs Will Benefit 

Aries: Venus will now transit to your 3rd house. The Aries natives will be more social during this time. You will be busy attending parties and get togethers. Your younger siblings will be helpful during this transit and your bond will strengthen for sure. Your love relationships will blossom and you may get to spend quality time with your partner. 

The individuals involved in business would excel, especially if it’s a business related to fashion accessories, clothing, etc. These businesses would generate huge profits. People engaged in regular jobs may find bonuses and praises coming their way for exceptional work and ideas. 

Taurus: Venus will transit through the 2nd house of income for Taurus natives and will bring favorable outcomes related to financial security and comfort for you. Your assets such as house, car, etc may increase and you will get monetary benefits as well. This transit particularly will benefit business owners and artists.

As Venus is a planet of love, transiting through the 2nd house it may definitely improve the relationship between you and your spouse or depending upon the other Yogas forming in your horoscope may even get you married during its transit in Gemini. Love and romance may be on the top of your priority list during this transit.

Gemini: This Venus transit in the 1st house will prove to be beneficial for Gemini natives. You may appear more confident during this time and may gain popularity. Being the 5th house lord it will transit to the 1st house so you may be surrounded by many proposals and your love life will be smooth during this time. 

You will get love and support from your children, and may deal in foreign currency, meaning you may either move abroad or make international contacts and expand your business overseas. Your finances will stabilize and you will be content. 

Leo: The 10th house lord is going to the 11th house and this Venus Transit In Gemini will increase the earnings for Leo natives. You could get promoted, receive higher remuneration or salary hike or just earn good hefty bonuses. Your ambitions and desires will be fulfilled.

Your love life will definitely be impacted positively as Venus will directly aspect the 5th house of love and relationships. You will live the best of your romantic life.

Virgo: Your 9th house lord is moving to the 10th house. This transit of Venus in Gemini will bring growth in finances and luck will be on your side. You will perform very well at work and will receive good monetary gains in return. Virgo natives engaged in business will get high returns for sure.

You will get to spend loads of time with your family and your spouse and enjoy home comforts as Venus will directly aspect your 4th house. 

Aquarius: Venus will now transit through your 5th house being a Yogakaraka for your Lagna Aquarius . This transit will come as a boon for your love relationships. If you are facing bad times or having issues in your personal life then this transit will come in as a breath of fresh air and put things right between you and your partner. 

This transit will bring in financial abundance as well. You will get financial gains in one way or the other. You may buy property during this transit and will gain immensely in terms of money. Your investments may also pay you back wisely now. 

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Venus Transit In Gemini: Worldwide Impacts

  • This is the time when countries towards the south or the south-west of India may extend support to India and build stronger political and economic ties with us.
  • Art and artists from different parts of the world may flourish during this phase.
  • Air travel fares may be reduced to a certain extent
  • Dealers and manufacturers of dairy products such as milk, curd, etc and packaged food may make huge profits during this transit.
  • Our economic state as a country may become stable and Inflation may reduce to a certain extent.
  • Agricultural production, development, research and other activities related to agriculture may experience a boost during this time.
  • People owning perfumeries, and perfume dealers may see an upsurge in business worldwide.
  • The fashion industry, the entertainment industry and the media worldwide will generate high profits. 

Venus Transit In Gemini: Impactful Remedies 

  • Worship goddess Lakshmi and recite the Mahalakshmi Stotram.
  • Fast on Fridays and recite the Devi Kavach.
  • Wear a Diamond or an Opal gemstone depending upon the placement of Venus in an individual horoscope.
  • Wear white and shades of pink more often.
  • Perform Rudrabhishek everyday.
  • Feed Jaggery and wheat to the cows.
  • Install and worship the Shukra Yantra

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