Venus Transit In Gemini Soon: Impact On Nation-World & Zodiac Signs

Venus is the indicator of Love, Marriage, Beauty, and Pleasure, and bestows enjoyment on a native. Venus gives excitement and is one of the most vital planets in Vedic Astrology. If you wish to get into dynamic creative thinking, then Venus is the planet that may give you the answer. Without the strong position of planet Venus, one cannot attain happiness, love, and money in personal life. If Venus is placed well in a native’s horoscope, then he/she will get the desired life satisfaction, high amount of money, good bank balance, etc. If placed otherwise, then he/she may not succeed in life and may not find the essential satisfaction in personal or married life.

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Venus Transit in Gemini : What to Expect?

Venus is set to transit in Gemini soon, which is owned by planet Mercury, on 13 July 2022 at 10:41 AM. Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury which is a planet for intelligence and learning. Both Venus and Mercury are friendly in nature. The natives may be cheerful and positive. These natives create fun around and possess a sense of excitement, eagerness in their mind. 

When it comes to love and romance, these natives may be more happy to be in love and carry forward the same. They may be emotional when it comes to romance and stick onto the same. 

These natives may have more eagerness for traveling and they possess curiosity with respect to the same.

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Impact Of Venus Transit On Natives:

  • Natives tend to be more energetic and passionate.
  • Natives may possess more interest and enthusiasm towards learning.
  • Natives may be more curious about their future and may craft a well designed plan for the same.

Impact Of Venus Transit On India & The World 

  • Increase in prices of silver and diamond may be possible in India and the rest of the world.
  • Entertainment, music industries and jewelry businesses may be witnessing good profits.
  • Business globally may have a grand opening and pick up well during this course of transit.
  • Bilateral ties may see good improvement on the part of India with the rest of the world.
  • There may be an increase in import/export of jewelry around the world.
  • Business with respect to Shares may pick up gradually and grow at a rapid rate at a later stage.

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Venus Transit in Gemini: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?



During this transit period, you will be in a position to witness good money gains and chances to save will also be possible. You will get rising chances to travel abroad with respect to your career. You will be in a position to gain benefits in your work as you deserve the same for the dedication that you are putting in your job. You may be able to get new job chances too, that will provide you with satisfaction. There will be much charm with respect to the work that you are doing. You will be in a position to create several milestones with your favorable communication and thereby impress your superiors at work.


During this time, you will be in a position to gain luck and such luck will guide you towards development. You may meet with new career opportunities that will lead to success. You may derive more interest towards spiritual progress and enhance the same. You  might go on a trip with your family for casual purposes and enjoy the same. Children will add good moments and make you proud. You may meet with fortunes with respect to your career in the form of promotion that will give you much delight. 


During this time, you will be in a good position to gain satisfaction and witness happiness in a divine manner. You will be proud to know about the development of your children as they will prove their skills. You may also be able to gain money, benefits and satisfaction. There may be increasing interest towards indulging in share practices on your part and by doing so, you will be in a position to gain profits from the same. If you are in business, then you may witness your heydays and earn good profits. During this time, you may also possess interest towards creativity, artistic pursuits and you may be in a position to develop the same.

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During this transit, you could not be in a comfortable position to gain much money and even if you are able to gain, you will not be in a condition to utilize the same. Expenses may be on the increasing side and this may give you worries. Job pressure may be more for you during this course of time or you may not get the requisite recognition for the hard work that you are putting in.  On the positive side, you may be in a position to gain via inheritance. On a personal front, this transit may not be a favorable one for you.


During this transit, you could have money related problems and lack of comforts. You might have problems in the family due to lack of bonding and issues. There may be some health problems like skin related issues and due to this, you will need to take care. During this time, your confidence may go down and thereby, you may not be in a position to make suitable decisions for your future. On the money side, you may be having more expenses due to increasing commitments in the family.


During this time, you might facie money problems and uncontrollable expenses. You may also have some less moments with your life partner and this could be due to a lack of adjusting attitude that may be prevailing with your life partner. To avoid arguments, it will be essential for you to stick to the above so that merry and happy moments are possible. You will need to take care of health also, as there may be chances for pain in shoulders and neck related problems.

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Venus During this Period

  • Chant “Om Shukraya Namaha” daily 42 times.
  • Perform Homa for planet Venus on Friday.
  • Donate food to poor women on Fridays.
  • Light an oil lamp for Goddess Lakshmi in the temple on Friday.
  • Chant the Beej Mantra of Shukra ‘Om Dram Drim Draum Sah Shukraya Namah’. 

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