Venus Transit In Capricorn (29 Dec) Will Create Trouble For These Zodiacs!

With the blessings of the planet Venus, the natives receive prosperous and a flourishing love life. December, the last month of the year 2022, is coming across a transit. This transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to bring many major changes for all the zodiac signs and will significantly have an impact on all aspects of their lives. The planet Venus is the benefactor of material pleasures and the natives who have Venus presence in their  horoscope and it is situated in a strong position; receives abundance in their personal life and love life. Similarly, those natives who have Venus in a weakened position have a jinxed love life, and such star-crossed lovers continue to face problems in their love life. 

When planets are having their transit, there are certain changes which take place. These changes put a direct effect on all aspects of our lives and accordingly their outcomes come in variations in whether it’s our love life, work life, finance, or any other. There isn’t a single aspect of our lives that stays unaffected by it. In this specific blog, we will talk about these in detail, and besides this, we will also talk about the positive and negative aspects this transit will have on all the zodiac signs! 

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Venus Transit In Capricorn: Date And Time

The planet Venus will transit in Capricorn on 29th December 2022, Thursday at 03:45 pm. The blessed natives of Capricorn might get the positive effects of this transit in their work-related fields. The effect of this transit will fall on all the twelve zodiac signs, differently. For some, the effects will be auspicious and progressive and for some, it might come with difficulties and challenges. 

Venus Transit In Capricorn: Benefits For These Zodiac Signs


For the natives of Aries, the planet Venus is the ruling lord of the second house and the seventh house. During this transit, the planet Venus will be situated in your tenth house, which is the house of profession, workfield, and career. If we talk about the finances, this period will be prosperous for you. You might be able to earn good money during this time. Your social circle will expand and you will be able to make new contacts and acquaintances. 

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For the natives of Taurus, the planet Venus is the ruling lord of the Ascendant and sixth house. During this transit, Venus will come into your ninth house, the house which signifies your luck and religion. Due to this, you will find yourself highly engaged in and devoted to religion and spirituality. You might also travel to religious places during such times. In regards to the career, you will get opportune circumstances to make progress. You might even get the chance to travel overseas, and this chance might be beneficial for you. 

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The planet Venus rules the first house and eighth house of the zodiac sign of Libra. For the natives of Libra, Venus will transit in their fourth house. With this transit, your family life will prosper and all your needs will be fulfilled and all comforts are taken care of. This time will bring progress and improvement in your career, and you will come across a favorable environment in your work field. New job opportunities might also come your way. 

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Venus Transit In Capricorn: Caution For These Zodiac Signs


For the natives of Gemini, the planet Venus is the ruling lord of your fifth house and twelfth house. During this transit, Venus will be situated in your eighth house, and with its effect, you might get worried about your children. On the other hand, if we look at the positive effects of this transit , then, the natives might face progress in their field related to confidential and secret undertakings. This will bring progress in your life as well. 

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Venus rules the fourth house and eleventh house of the zodiac sign of Cancer. The planet Venus will be in their seventh house because of this transit. The natives of Cancer might face difficulties and challenges in making new friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, the natives must be careful and stay vigilant while traveling as they might lose something precious. The natives might also see obstacles and impediments in their careers and its related field. 

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For the natives of Scorpio, the planet Venus is the ruling lord of the seventh and twelfth house. Venus during this transit will come into your third house. This time might prove to be difficult if considering your financial conditions and perspectives. The natives might also face variations and fluctuations in their work field and with such conditions they might lose the enthusiasm to work and might get unsatisfied with their job. Under such circumstances, you can make a plan to change your job. 

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Strengthen Venus With These Effective Remedies

We have talked about both the positive and negative effects of the planet of material pleasures and love, Venus. Now we will peek into the remedies that have been stated in astrology and its scriptures, so through them, we can easily receive its progressive blessings. With its favorable effects, we come to see many changes taking place in our lives. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these simple yet effective remedies!

  • In the Hindu religion, every day of the week is dedicated to a God or a planet. Friday is the day which is dedicated to the planet Venus, and in order to strengthen Venus in your horoscope, the natives can observe a fast on Friday.
  • There is also an exalted importance given to donation in the Sanatan religion. To make Venus dominant in their horoscope, the natives could donate white things like milk, curd, sugar, and ghee, on Friday. 
  • Recite the Venus Mantra: śuṃ śukrāya nama: daily for 108 times. 
  • Feed chapatis to a cow every morning. 
  • The gem of the planet Venus is the Diamond, the king of all gems. To increase the dominance of the planet Venus, the natives could also possess this stone. Before wearing any stone, do take consultations from an expert astrologer. 

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