Have A Booming Love Life With This Venus Transit In Capricorn!

In astrology, the planet Venus, symbolizes love, beauty, material pleasure, and harmony. A person’s love life is constructed and progressed according to the planet Venus as its effects are highly seen in this particular area and in others as well. The planet Venus stays for a total of 23 days in a single zodiac sign and then transits into another. The planet which exudes romance rules over three Nakshatras and they are Bharani Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and Purvashada Nakshatra. The exalted zodiac sign of Venus is Pisces and its lower zodiac sign is Virgo. It shares cordial relations with Mercury and Saturn, and the Sun and the moon are its rivals.

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The Effects Of Venus Can Be Seen On Various Fields

Those natives who have a strengthened Venus in their horoscopes not only receive a prosperous and joyous love life, but they also receive endless material pleasures. The nature of such natives is known to be pleasant and charming, and they are filled with high spirits to pursue creative works. On the other hand, those forlorn natives who have a weak Venus suffer its ill effects in multiple areas of their respective lives. 

Love Life Will Be Affected By A Weak Venus

We clearly understand the positive effects that are granted to those natives who have a strong Venus in their horoscope, so, now let’s focus on those negative effects that one receives when Venus is in a frail position in their horoscopes. A feeble Venus affects the marital life of a person, and their love life often remains unstable. This planet is the benefactor of material pleasures and due to its weak position, the natives often go through a lack of material pleasure, and they are not able to enjoy them to their fullest. Not only this, but such natives also go through physical and mental problems, and come across financial instability. 

For the rescue of such natives, AstroSage has provided you with these deft and powerful remedies, and we have extracted these brilliant cures from astrology and its scriptures. Following them, you will be able to increase the dominance of Venus and enjoy its positive effects in your respective lives!

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Increase The Strength Of Venus With These Remedies

  • The weekday of Friday is dedicated to the planet Venus, so, on this day one can donate curd, Kheer, Jowar, and Rice. 
  • It is said that to reinforce Venus one can wear a Diamond, but before wearing any stone, it would be beneficial if the wearer takes proper consultation from a knowledgeable astrologer.
  • By possessing 6 faced Rudraksha and 13 faced Rudraksha, one can increase the superiority of Venus. 
  • One can also recite this Mantra: oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ:
  • The native can also worship Venus Yantra, to obtain benefits from the planet and to increase monetary gains. 

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Venus Transit In Capricorn: Date And Time

The planet of art and attraction Venus will transit in the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 29th December 2022, on Thursday at 03:45. The natives of Capricorn are going to get favorable outcomes from this transit. The effects of transit will be dispersed on all the zodiac signs, and below we will find out about these effects according to each zodiac sign!

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Venus Transit In Capricorn: Forecast And Remedies For All Zodiac Signs


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