Venus Transit In Cancer: Beware Of Impact Of This Tranist On 4 Zodiacs

Venus Transit In Cancer: In the realm of astrology, the planet Venus is associated with art, beauty, marriage, vehicles, love, and material pleasures. It is considered the significator of wealth, luxury, physical comfort, and affluence. 

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Therefore, when Venus transits through different zodiac signs, it exerts both positive and negative influences on individuals belonging to each sign. Currently, Venus is preparing to enter the Cancer sign, and this transit may have significant implications for the natives of four zodiac signs. Let’s take a closer look at the potential effects of this transit. 

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Venus Transit In Cancer: These Zodiacs Might Have To Suffer


During the Venus Transit in Cancer, it is crucial for the natives of Virgo to proceed cautiously and thoughtfully, as they might face some challenges. Students may encounter academic hurdles, while health issues related to the throat could cause distress. There might also be concerns regarding children. 

Financially, expenses could rise, and savings might decrease, so large-scale investments should be avoided. Moreover, conflicts with close ones are possible, and disputes may arise within the family. Job seekers should be wary, as this transit might have repercussions on their careers and personal lives due to the negative effects of Ketu’s conjunction with Venus during this time.

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The transit of Venus in Cancer is likely to be inauspicious for those born under the Cancer zodiac sign. They may face financial difficulties and family conflicts during this period. Caution is advised while making any investments, as losses may be incurred. 

There may be tensions in marital relationships and misunderstandings could escalate. Additionally, the negative impact of the inauspicious Yoga of Khapar could affect the career and personal life of Cancer natives during this time.

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Leos should be prepared for fluctuations in their careers during this period. Financial losses and family disputes might occur, leading to potential strains on relationships. Avoid lending money to anyone. 

Foreign travel may be on the horizon, but cautious decisions should be made. Health issues related to the abdomen, hormones, or chest may arise. Interest in artistic pursuits like singing, dancing, or acting might increase, but be careful not to engage in unethical activities that could tarnish your image.

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Those born under Aquarius should be cautious during this transit. There could be conflicts in business partnerships, and disagreements with business associates are possible. Health issues may emerge, particularly concerning the stomach. 

Miscommunication could lead to misunderstandings and worsen relationships with others. The transit’s Nakshatra effect may also lead to health-related problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What to avoid during Venus retrograde?

Ans: You advised not to invest money during this period.

Q2. Who gets affected by Venus retrograde?

Ans: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Q3. Is Venus planet responsible for break up?

Ans: No, Venus is the planet of beauty and romance.

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