Dhan Yoga On 30 May Will Bring Riches For These Zodiacs!

Venus Transit 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus will transit the sign of Cancer on 30th May, 2023. Let’s find out what other benefits will Venus Transit In Cancer bring in for these 3 zodiac signs of the astrological sphere. 

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Venus transit in Cancer will bring in financial success and prosperity for a few zodiac signs. Venus, the planet of luxury, prosperity and financial stability. It governs your relationship with money, aesthetics and your idea of lavishness and luxury. This transit of Venus will allow many zodiacs to be multifaceted and versatile. Venus will bestow these zodiacs with financial abundance and the Goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi will bless them with wealth, riches and opulence. Though Venus and Moon are inimical to each other but still Venus will shower luxuries on these 3 zodiacs. Now, let us shed light on which zodiacs will benefit from this transit. A point to remember is that Mars will already be present in the state of debility in Cancer when Venus joins in on the 30th May, 2023.

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Venus Transit In Cancer: Financial Abundance Showered On These Zodiacs

Gemini: Venus becomes the lord of the 5th house and the 12th house for Geminis and will transit through the 2nd house of earnings and family. Venus in your 2nd house will make you think cleverly and acquire wealth through intelligence.

You can accumulate a lot of wealth and assets during this transit if an individual has a well placed Venus in their horoscope. If you’re involved in family business or a business partnership then you earn immense wealth during this time. Anyone having a Gemini moon sign and  doing business in partnership will earn huge profits.

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Cancer: Venus rules two very important houses related to luxury and gains for Cancer natives. The crabs can certainly rejoice when Venus transits to their 1st house being the lord of the 4th house and the 11th house. It will be safe to say that Cancer natives may feel like money magnets as maa lakshmi, the goddess of wealth will be kind towards them. 

This is the time when you may acquire assets and inherit huge sums of money. Money may come in from unexpected sources too. Your relationship with your seniors at your workplace may become better and you will benefit in multiple ways. This transit will bring in significant growth in your business or any profession that you are in. 

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Virgo: Venus becomes the lord of the 2nd and the 9th house for Virgo natives and will transit through the 11th house forming a type of ‘Dhan Yoga’ for Virgos. This will be an extremely rewarding time financially and maa lakshmi will shower her blessings on you. The people who are engaged in business will have their profits increased manifolds. 

The people involved in private sectors may also receive salary increments, bonuses or promotions. This will be a time when you will be able to accumulate wealth and gain prestige in society. Your position, respect and reputation at the workplace will also increase. Promotions and achieving important positions at work are on the cards. 

Venus Transit In Cancer: Impactful Remedies

  • Wear white colored clothes often.
  • Respect your partner or spouse.
  • Offer sweets to little girls or widowed women.
  • Maintain good character to achieve favorable results from Venus.
  • Attain blessings of Venus by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Offer red flowers to maa Lakshmi.
  • Install and worship the Kuber Yantra in your homes and workplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How does Venus transit in Cancer affect our relationships?

Ans. It brings in a lot more nurturing and sensitivity to relationships .

Q2: Why is Venus called the planet of beauty?

Ans. Venus, was named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite as the elements of Venus are closely related to the significations of her Roman counterpart. 

Q3: What does Venus in Cancer need to have stable and peaceful relationships?

Ans: Venus in Cancer needs loyalty, reassurance, respect and it has a great need for its partner to understand them on an emotional level. 

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